domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013


Elán Swan Fernández known as Swam Fyahbwoy born in Madrid in 1979. He is one of the best dancehall artists. Their music was based on Jamaican music (reggae) and is heard by millions of people around the world. He has made three albums: Ni Chance Ny Try, Innadiflames and Extremely Flammable. Along with the last album, he has released a documentary about his life and how did this latest album.

Ny Chance Ny Try created in 2006 is composed by five themes: 

1.Alianza no trata 
2.Por fumar 
3.Los bwoys 
4.Nuh real shotta
5.Avecina tormenta.

Innadiflames created in 2009 is composed by 14 themes:

3.Reggae liphe
5.Fuma weed 
6.A veces
7.Fashion victims 
8.alianza no trata
10.Ya te avise
12.No estamos creyendo
13.Nuestros dias 
14.Politics dem. 

Extremely Flammable is composed by of 16 items: 
1.Peso pesao 
2.Por si querias aprender 
3.Sin anesthesia 
4.Am a warrior 
5.Luv dem ting 
6.Forget and Forgive 
7.Pongo como hongo 
8.High profile 
9.Reggae vybz 
10.A gritos 
11.Porcion de amor 
12.Guerras del odio 
13.Cara a Cara 
14.Siempre hablando de mas 
15.This way 
16.Spanish revolution

                                                         Here I leave the documentary


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