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I´m going to talk about how I planned a trip to Cardiff for a family:
The trip begins on April 9.  First, a friend will take them to Alicante’s Airport from Murcia in his car, where they are going to take a flight to Cardiff that lasts about two hours and a half. They will leave Murcia at 7:30 a.m to get there about 8:30. They will take the flight to Cardiff at 9:30, and the estimated arrival time is about 11:00.
Once in Cardiff’s Airport, they will pick up a rental car previously reserved. It’s a Ford Fiesta which will be used for 6 days for the prize of 117€.
They are going to drive to their hotel, called Noward Backpack and located in the city outskirts, 5 minutes by car.
The hotel consists of a quadruple room for 5 nights that will cost 370€, including breakfast only.
After a rest at the hotel, they’ll go to a nearby McDonalds to have lunch about 13:00. Once they have eaten, about 14:00 hours, they are going to visit the Cardiff Museum, which is free.
After finishing their visit to the Museum at 16:00, they are going to take  a walk through the center.    They will visit “Capitol Shopping Centre·.
At 18:30, they are going to their hotel, where they will change their clothes.
Later, about 19:30, they will go out to have dinner in a pizzeria called “City Pizza”, placed near downtown.
Around 21:00 dinner will be over, so they will go to the hotel to rest because this day will be exhausting, due to the trip in plane and car.

The second day is also quite busy. They will get up at 8:45 ,have breakfast and dress to confront with energy the day ahead.
This day, the family are going to have a visit programmed to Cardiff's Castle, one of the most spectacular, popular and famous monuments of the city.  The visit will start at 10:00, time in which the doors of entry will open. The price per person will be 41 pounds.
After visiting the castle, they are going to eat at some restaurant near the hotel. They are going to go at 14:00 at a restaurant called “Prince of Wales”, placed in the center of the city. The menu per person will be about 8 pounds
 .After lunch, about 15:30, they are going to go for a walk downtown, and then, they are going to visit another mall, The Globe Centre, located about 5  minutes away
About 17:30, as they will be tired, they will go to the hotel to rest before dinner.
Later, at 20:00  they will go to an Italian restaurant called Giovanni restaurant, with a price about 10 pounds for person. People says  that the service is impeccable and their treat is very well.
Once they finish dinner, they will go straight to the hotel to sleep to meet the next day with strength.
They will get up around 9:00. They will have breakfast at the hotel and they will prepare for the next activity. In this day they have programmed a visit to “Alphabet Zoo”, located just 10 minutes away from the downtown by car.
 They will enter the zoo at 10:15, and they will see the gorillas, the elephants, lions, etc… At 12:00 a dolphins’ show will start.
At 13:00 the show will end, so they will have luch and keep on watching the animals.
The estimated price of the tour is 15 for adults and 12 for children.
Their visit to the zoo will end at 17:00. As they have free time until dinner, they will go to the cinema to see a movie.
They will see Parker, of Jason Statham, that will start at 18:15 and it will end at 19:45.
After the movie, they will go to a nearby “Burger King”. Once they have finished dinner, they will go straight to the hotel.
They will get up at 10:00 in the morning, they will have breakfast at the hotel and they will go to visit Cardiff’s Bay.
They will reach the bay around 11:30, 5 minutes away from the heart of city by car. Once there, around 12:30, they will visit “Techniquest Museum”, a children’s museum where kids will play and have  fun.
At 14:00, they will leave the museum and they will go to have lunch to a restaurant placed in the bay. This restaurant is called “Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant”, and they will pay around 40 libras in total.
At 15:30, after finishing lunch, they will continue walking along the bay, where they will stop in a shop to buy souvenirs.
Aftershopping, they will go to the port to take a walk and to enjoy the landscape.
As soon as they have ended their tour to Cardiff’s Bay, they will go to dinner in a restaurant.
About 20:00 they will go to enter a restaurant called “Las Iguanas”, also in Cardiff’s Bay. This restaurant has reputation of being a good place to have dinner.
When they have finished dinner, they will come back to the hotel to rest.

This will be the last day. They will have breakfast in the hotel about 9:30, and later make their bags, collect their things from the hotel and then go to Cardiff’s Airport by car.
There they will take the Cardiff-Barcelona flight at 12:45. At 15:45 they will arrive to Barcelona, and they will have to wait there until 19:55, when they will catch Barcelona- Alicante flight.
They will reach Alicante at 21:05.
Once in Alicante, they will take a taxi that will cost around 80 euros.
Finally, they will come to Murcia about 22:00, they will go home and their trip to Cardiff will have ended.


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The Bando de la Huerta is one of the most important days of Murcia.Is celebrated on Easter tuesday,in the spring festivals one week later of the Holy week. In this day murcians wear the traditional costume of these day.This event is considerated `the world´s largest botellon´.Is the only day that allows do `botellón´. Traditionally this day start with a Mass in front of the baroque facade of the cathedral, followed by a procession.Parks and squares are filled with people from different places dressed with their best costumes. In the most important gardens are placed different shacks that are given to prove the typical food of Murcia like pasparajotes, michirones,crumbs(migas), sausages...
In the afternoon take place the Bando de la Huerta´s parade form by floats, horses and people dancing jotas(Murcia typical dance).

There are two types of costumes the male costume and the female costume:

   The male costume is formed by:

     -Zaragüelles: are baggy pants, generally made of linen.It´s very comfortable.

     -Shirt: generally white, passed from parents to children and is comfortable too.

     -Girlde:is a tissue that covers the waist used to secure the zaragüeles. There are different colours.

     -Vest: Is a garment open, without sleeves. The back was dark, the front is adorned with more vivid colors.

     -Socks: Never exceed the knee, are white. Was used to keep warm in winter.

     -Esparteñas: are made of straw and is the oldest footwear Spain.

   The female costume is formed by:

       -Refajo: Is a skirt. There are different types: lists petticoat, woolen petticoat, sequined underskirt and petticoat of the cuts.

       -The bodice: a corset, is sleeveless and placed on her blouse.

       -Shirt: is white and has long sleeves.

       -Apron: is placed above the underskirt and ornate.

       -Faltriquera: small bag placed at the waist where the money was kept.

       -Manton: is a decorative piece and you can find the shawl, the manila and the gunwale.

       -Petticoat: white inner skirt.

       -Hairstyles: bow handle, and hairstyle round. Often accompany of one or two carnations.


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The fraudsters increasingly made more internet crimes because peolple believe evrything that they see. They scammers creating fakes logos or using false identities. Some of the numerous scams are these:

-Auction scams
Sets a price for an object, after put it you receiving an object thet has nothing to do with laying auctionerd, with a much small value.

-Credit card abuse
Initially requested the credit card to know your age, but after they use the number of the card to make card cahrges.

-Get rich quick
 Promises of safe investments that make money very quickly, but finally are fraudulent.

To not be a victim of fraud the best is no give your personal information online, and not believe anything.

-Here you have a video where the FBI disclosed the main scams:

Pedro Martínez Muñoz 

The Quidditch , a magic sport

This sport born in the frst book oh Harry Potter that wrote J.K. Rowling.
In this type of sport there are seven players in each team. There are a seeker that tries to catch a very small , yellow and a fly ball that he is very fast named snitch , an exemple of a seeker is Harry Potter , three chasers that they catch the principal ball named quaffle and pass to her peers to score the goals , an exemple of chaser is Katie Bell , two beaters that hit a small ball but very hard named bludger and they trie to hit the people of the other team , an exemple of beaters are the twins Fread and George Weasly and a keeper that tries to keep the shoots of the other team preventing a score a goal . This type of sport play in Hogwarts the school of the magic . The players are mounted in flying broom and they trie to score more goals putting the ball in a three differents rings . In this sport the seeker tries to catch the snitch to win the match . There are four differents teams that trie to win the trophy play between with each other , her names are Griffindor , Ravenclaw , Hufflepuff and Slytherin .

The photo of the rigth we want to see the three rings where the chaser (in green , a player of Slytherin ) has to score the goals with the quaffle the principal ball and the keeper (in red , a player of Griffindor ) tries to krrp thre ball.
In the distance of the photo we can see Hogwarts the school of the magic.

It's very difficult to forget.

When Sara woke up in a hospital it took her a while to know where she was and why she was there. As she tried moving her leg all comes flooding back to her. 
She'd been skiing down the mountain when the fog had come down suddenly. Sara didn't know what was happening. She was confused, she was thinking about her son. They were skiing when the fog appeared and now she didn't know where her little son was. Suddenly, something hit her leg, she screamed and cried, she thought rescuers wouldn't find her in time and she was going to die in the middle of the avalanche. She lost consciousness and she woke up in the hospital.
Lucy opened her eyes and saw the doctor next to her. She asked him 'Where is my son?' 'Where is my little son?’ The doctor didn't hear her and she started to get nervous. She shouted to the doctor but he didn't look at her. She touched him and finally he realizes that Sara was talking to him, but it wasn't the doctor, it was a cleaner which was listening to music with the headphones. The cleaner went to look for the doctor. Sara waited but no one appeared in the room. She got tired of waiting and she decided to leave the room.
The hospital was very big, with white walls and black doors. There was no noise, all was in silence.
She found the doctor in a little room. He was sitting on a table drinking coffee and doing something which seemed to be important. He was very tired; by looking at his eyes you could know it. Sara interrupted him. She said ‘My name is Sara, I had an accident while I was skiing with my son, I lost consciousness and I woke up here. Do you know where my little son is?’ The doctor sighed. He started to talk very slow ‘Sara I know who you are, I was here when you and your son arrived. You only broke your leg but… something injure the head of your son, I operated on him and we did all we could but… he didn’t survive. I’m very sorry’ ‘It’s a joke’ she thought ‘it can’t be possible’. She started to run screaming his name ‘¡Danieeeel, Danieeeeel!’ ‘Where are you?’ Suddenly she stopped, ‘Daniel is dead’. This thought resounded in her head ‘Daniel is dead’.
When she arrived at her house all things remembered him. She couldn’t think about anything. His son was always there. If she had got a husband it would have been easier to get over the death of his son, but she was alone in a huge house. Months pass and she wasn’t better. She got mad. No one thought she would be the same. The old Sara died with Daniel. Finally, one day, her neighbour found her hanging on the roof with a rope on the neck.
                                                                              Laura Vera Costa.
Explanation and ingredients:
Preparation time:
50 minutes, but the time of cooling the cream.
250 g of cream,
250 g of mascarpone cheese,
50 g of sugar,
2 egg yolks.
for wet:
200 g of espresso,
10 g of sugar,
1 cup amaretto liqueur d',
chocolate powder for garnish.

How to prepare:
to make the custard, boil the cream and sugar to
86 degrees. then beat the egg yolks in a bowl. when starting to boil custard, incorporate the bowl as you go stirring. Then put the cheese in a bowl and pour the custard over. stir and let stand
24 hours in the fridge. retire when the cream from the fridge, mount until it becomes creamy.
to the wet mix with brown sugar and add the liqueur d'amaretto. We then cut the sponge fingers with a pastry cutter, soak them well in the mixture and place them on a plate.
and finally, putting
3 tablespoons mascarpone cream in a cup and add the soaked sponge fingers. add another layer of cream and a melindros. Finally, add a tablespoon of cream and leave in the fridge for about
2 hours, when serving sprinkle with powdered chocolate above.


our best idol

MAHER ZAIN, our idol

I  have chosen this songwriter because of his meaningful and amazing songs. He is from the lebanese origin, and he is a muslim swedish singer.He released two successful albums which are "thank you Allah" and "forgive me".The important thing that catched my attention was that he got a Aeronautical Engineering, and  his musical inspiration came from his father.His songs has fascinated me, because he talk about subjects that i am intrested in it.

Well, nowaday he is 29 years old, and he lived in sweden since he had 8 years old. To have a professional level he went to NewYork with the help of the Redone, and he wants to meet the famous musicians. He loved music since he was studing at the school.Thanks to him and her songs which make me thinking about my future and also don't worry about the things that the people say. so my future is so clear which is "AIM"

A-Allah    I-Islam      M-Muhammad  of course i will try to understand how this world works, and i will study the lenguages that i can.

Finally, you have here a video of Maher Zain , and sorry if you don't like it. MADE BY SIHAME AND RAJAE.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20th, 1988, in Saint Michael, Barbados.
Her childhood was deeply affected by her father’s addiction to crack cocaine and parent’s rocky marriage, which ended when she was 14. During her pre-teen and teenage years, she sang to friends and family only for amusement purposes. Rihanna won a beauty pageant and performed Mariah Carey’s “Hero” in a school talent show. She formed a girl group with two classmates; when they were 15 years old. Evan Rogers was awed by the  beautiful talented Rihanna, to the unfortunate detriment of her two friends.

It is known around the world since 2005 through his hit "Pon de Replay", "SOS", "Unfaithful", "Do not Stop The Music", "Disturbia" Take a bow, "Russian Roulette", "Rude Boy "," I Love You "and especially" Umbrella "with which awarded its first" Grammy "for best rap collaboration with rapper Jay-Z. Rihanna leads around the world more than 20 million copies sold in its four productions, "Music of the Sun", "A Girl Like Me", "Good Girl Gone Bad" and "Rated R", which makes it one of the most successful artists of the decade.
 According to Billboard magazine number 17 was the artist of the decade and the artist with the highest digital sales. Rihanna also collaborated with rapper T.I. in topic number 1 "Live Your Life" and a triple collaboration on "Run This Town" with Jay-Z and Kanye West with Rihanna which won two Grammy's in 2010. Another key point of his career was when the pre-Grammy party in 2009 was attacked by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna is the recipient of many major awards as the "Grammy", "American Music Awards", "World Music Awards" and "MTV Video Music Awards", "NRJ Music Awards", among other prestigious awards. He has sold over 20 million albums and 40 million singles, which makes it one of the most successful artists of the century XXI.


                                                                         NEREA GIL ALCÁZAR 4ºAX  

The ballet.

The ballet, nowadays, is considered an alternative sport, but many people don't think so.
In my opinion, the ballet is a very hard sport and also a discipline because it helps you to have an appropriate  physical condition and it is very strict, it's very difficult to dance it.
A person who wants to learn how to dance ballet very good, or a person who wants to be a professional ballet danser must spend many years learning it in dance academies or in schools of music.
The people who practice this type of dance must wear some specific clothes (this is one of the most important aspects, because if you don't wear those things you can not make all the movements correctly)
The clothes are: a "maillot", some tights, some ballet slippers and sometimes a "tutú" (but this is something optional).
The girls must always wear her hair in a bun, the hair can never be loose. 
The first years, a ballet dancer can only use some ordinal ballet slippers, but when the bones of the ankles and of the feet are enough strong, then they can use the "pointe shoes".
The ballet is based on a set of movements and positions that are always accompanied of classical music. 
Each dancing step has a proper name, all the names are in french. The following names are some examples of them:

Battements tendus.
Battements dégagés.
Battements fondus.
Ronds de jambe.
Petits battements sur le cou-de-pied.
Ronds de jambe 
Grands battements


Those movements are some of the main movements of ballet, and also, the first movements that are taught to a ballet dancer by a teacher.

I am learning ballet and I think that it is a sport, because a ballet dancer can have the same endurance as a football player or a basketball player, but I also think that it is not only a physical act, it is also a beautiful art in which you can express a lot of feelings with your body.

Natalia Valera Iniesta.


Tupac Shakur was one of the most famous american gangsta rappers, but he was also a very good poet .In the ranking of the most important musicians in history, is in the position nº 86. In his lyrics he talk about of the poverty of the ghettos in all over EEUU, and also about the violence of these ghettos. He was also a very good dancer, he danced in a group of hip-hop called Digital Underground. Tupac had some problems with others rappers, and beacause of this he recived 5 shoots, but he survive. This problems with other rappers was beacause of the rivaliry between the rappers of the East Coast and the rappers of the West Coast.

He was born in 1971, in Manhattan. He beggins with his rappers carreer in the nineteens, doing some songs that appeared, in the film Nothing But Trouble. In 1993 he did a group called Thug Life with some friends, like Big Syke. They only did one album, but it was very successful!

In 1996 he recived a shoot in confrontation between different groups of rap, in Nevada. He died six days later in the Universitary Hospital of Las Vegas.

Raúl Iniesta Serrano


The serie started with the “Polar Star”  sailing to what would be the biggest adventure of their lives when a mysterious storm caused by the march of a particle accelerator in the middle of the night, then all the crew discovered that the earth as they know it had disappeared, that 99% of the surface is water.
The captain,Ricardo Montero and the first officer, Julian De la Cuadra, were now responsibles of the lives of the students of the school-ship, and they had to make difficult decisions in extreme situations like giant fish, bird strikes, rebellions on board, poisonous mists, among others, they had got the Dr.Julia Wilson´s aide.
Ramiro discovered on their own that there was 1% of land on the planet, so the Star decided to go in search of this surface.

Ulises,the De la Cuadra´s son and Ainhoa, the captain´s daughter formed a love-hate relation, she was attracted by her teacher,Ernesto Gamboa, because of this Ulises also began a relation with Dr. Julia Wilson, who also did not last long, they decided to end their relations for be together, but that appeared impossible when Gamboa threatened to Ainhoa with kill her father and her sister, so she told Ulises that she would not want anything with he.
Vilma and Piti, began a relation, when Piti told Vilma that he would be the father of her child.
Salome and De la Cuadra began a relation, after much time, they now that they felt in love.

While all this happens, Valeria, the captain´s daughter and Burbuja lived intenses adventures. Then the crew of the Polar Star received a message from outer space, some astronauts asked they for help before die.

Continues when the captain decided to help astronauts, while a cyclone was approaching, which endangered their lives, and after passed the complications and rescued the space´s nave, the crew discovered that the astronauts didn´t were , they had went and the crew did not know where, they were feeling that someone had taken them, they came in search of a black box that Ulises had found.
After the crew fell off a huge cliff , they confronted a storm wich resurrected Palomares, found a duck that came the land and a Russian ship, the captain and the doctor decided to destroy the black box.

Vilma and Piti continued their relation, but it became a love triangle when Palomares left to be pastor and Vilma felt something for he, but the both relations end.
De la Cuadra and Burbuja were kidnapped and when they returned to the Star,De la Cuadra was cured of cancer, Salome left he for hidden his desease and she said that she was pregnant.

While they were searching land they saw a skyscraper where was Max, who known the coordinates of land.
Then came to an agreement in which the captain would go to land, the condition was that Ainhoa would stay in the skyscraper, while the captain would move the crew of the ship to land, and so they made sure that he returned to the skyscraper .

Ulises did not allow it and prefered stayed he in the skyscraper. The crew arrived of land, and established there the most of they, the captain with the rest of the crew returned to the skyscraper that they had discovered to pick up these people and return to land.

But when the crew arrived to skyscraper there was no one , the crew decided to come back to land. When they arrived the crew wich was on land were kidnapped by the persons that need the black box´s information.
They obtained to scape but the kidnappers rapted a Burbuja who was the inventor of the particle accelerator.

The serie ends with the preparation of Ainhoa and Ulises´ wedding.

                                            VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

The Shadow of the Wind.

Summer of 1945. At sunrise. Daniel Sempere is 10 years old, he has got a nightmare because he doesn’t remember his mother face. His father decide to take him to a magic place, The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books, a huge library with lots and lots of books that people don't want. No one knows about it. When they arrive Mr. Sempere, his father, tell him to choose a book. Daniel is surprised because he has never seen this amount of books together. He starts to look for a book and when he is going to give up he see a book that caught his eye. It is The Shadow of the Wind by Julián Carax. He doesn’t know that that decision would change his life.
He reads the book and wants to investigate about the author, Julián Carax. Suprisingly, no one knows Julián, it's like he has never born. He discovers that someone set fire to Julián's books, someone called Laín Coubert who is the devil in The Shadow of the Wind.
With the help of his friend Fermín Romero de Torres, he is going to remove the past and find out things that would have been better not to know. 

This book is called the Shadow of the Wind. It was written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It’s a part of a series of books, The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books, which is composed by four books. The Shadow of the Wind was published on 2001. It’s a mix of history, intrigue, love and suspense. It has won so many prizes. It is set at Barcelona, in the years after the Spanish Revolution.

Well, this book has been so strange for me. When I started it I thought it was going to be the best book I’ve never read because I saw the critics and they said that it was fantastic, that Carlos Ruiz Zafón wrote a masterpiece, that it was going to be difficult to create a book like that, etc. But while I was reading the beginning I was bored, the book didn’t make me feel anything. It’s true that once the story advanced I was a little intrigued because it had lots of mysteries. The end surprises me a lot; I was reading it and in my mind I was thinking the possibilities that it could had, so I really enjoyed it.
In general the book is very good; it has got love, intrigue, a little bit of action… I think there are books better than that but it’s a great book and if you want to read something you can try with it, maybe you will like it more than me. 

                                                                                       Laura Vera Costa.

Formula 1

It is known how maximum category of the automobile, it´s very popular and prestige,each race is called Great prize.
This competition uses a  sigle-seater that is developped with the time thanks the new tecnology.The majority of the circuits where the Great prizes are celebrated are racetrack , in the past they used circuits of the street.
At the beginning the Formula 1 , some motor-racing teams started to participate in this competition , the important , Ferrari , Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Some motor-racing teams have been separated because others have won more awards how , McLaren, Williams,Lotus and Renault.
The creation of the Formula1.
In 1956 , only there were four races.The rules for the Competition of Grand Prix were established before this date, in 1947 the old AIACR was formed other time and it was called with the known name "FIA", its central part is in Paris and it had said that it would have had news race to create the Formula 1, allthough some economics problems in 1952 and 1953 did that they participated with cars of Formula 2. They established a system with points and the first race with a prestige was celebrated in the circuit of Silverstone in the United Kingdom.
Nowadays , a car of Formula 1 has more or less 800 cv and also 2400 cc .
When a car has the soft tyre , it goes faster than when it goes with hard tyre and it goes faster also when it has less petrol in the deposit , because it weighs less and it goes faster.
The principals teams are:
Red Bull
Sahara Force India
The fastest cars of the competition are the Red Bulls , the last winner of the competition was M.Webber.
Fernando Alonso a spanish pilot , he won different awards in Germany,England,Monaco,Italy,Japon and Spain.
The pilots have to be very trained because in each race they can die and they also have to do an important exercise they stop in a dangerous form and they have to do posturals exercises .
Finally is a sport very popular and important , we don´t know the preparation of the pilots and it is a sport that is not only drive a car , the coordination and the strenght is very important.
Paula Hernandez Baño


Robert Nesta Marley Booker most known as Bob Marley was a reggae musician. Bob was born in 1945, in Nine Mile, a little village of Jamaica, near from Kingston. He was the leader of the ska and reggae group Bob Marley and The Wailers. Bob is the most famous reggae musician in the world, his album Legend is the most famous album of reggae in the world, he had also diffused the Rastafarian movement.
Bob have a star in the Hall of Fame, beacause of his fantastic musician career. His mother was from Jamaica and his father was from England, so Bob was not completely nigger. Some jamaican kids in the school laugh of him beacause of his race, but he always ignored the taunts.

He had got married with Rita, but he had many children with other seven women, so in total he had fourteen children! The names of his children are:

  • Nicola Marley 
  • Sharon Marley 
  • Cedella Marley 
  • David "Ziggy" Marley
  • Stephen Marley 
  • Robert "Robbie" Marley 
  • Rohan Marley 
  • Karen Marley 
  • Stephanie Marley 
  • Julian Marley 
  • Ky-Mani Marley 
  • Damian Marley
  • Makeda Marley 
  • Nahum Marley 

His most famous songs are for example: No woman no cry, Buffalo Soldier, One Love, Three Litlle Birds...
In the summer of 1977, some doctors dicovered that Bob had a serious disease. Some people said that this disease appeared when Bob was playing football but is completely fake beacause he had sings of an strage type of cancer. In 1981 he recived the Order of Merit, the third most important award in the country, but Bob couldn´t went to the ceremony. Bob was moved to Miami in an aeroplane to be operated, but he couldn´t survive and he died in the Universitary Hospital of Miami, on 1981. His last words were:" The money can´t buy the life".

Raúl Iniesta Serrano

Ken Follett

Ken Follet is one of the best British writers of novels of suspense and historical. He was born in Cardiff, Wales and lived there until his family moved to London when he was ten years old.
In 1967 Follet London joined in the University College where he studied philosophy. His interest for the statements began one evening when it started writing them, his first success was, La isla de las tormentas, that him made be very famous. 
In addition, all novels have had very much success and have been adapted in some occasions to the cinema.
All his works were of espionage and suspense, also his works are reported in countries as Iran and Afghanistan and epochs as the First World War.

Ken Follet has written many statements, some of them are:
-The man of Saint Petersburg
- The wings of the eagle
- The key is in Rebeca
- The props of the Earth
- Double game
- In the mouth of the dragoon
And his last best seller that are A world without end and The fall of the giants.

In my opinion, one of the best works is The props of the earth, in which it transports us to the Middle Ages, to a world of kings, ladies, magicians, gentlemen, castles and walled cities. The love and the death are very present in this work, which treats of the construction of a Gothic cathedral. The history begins with the public hanging of a innocent person and finishes with the humiliation of a king. Really this work, it constitutes an exceptional image of an epoch of violent passions.


Music more or less perfect but turned into love.

I'll tell you the experience of the last concert I visited. I like the music and I like to hear. I went to a mini-concert of a cellist. I had heard about her life and I had become one of her followers. I read about her, and when she plays, she just wants enjoy with music. She doesn´t mind the result, but she think that if you feel the music, you will make very good. "What does not kill you, make you stronger." is the phrase that she use to be relaxed, but she was playing since very young, and she says that the nervous are always in yours, what you have to is control them. That day, 10 on march, she played with her friends. What she played, was a concert to cello and orchestra, but in that moment she played with a quintet. All the musicians who accompanied her were there with the same goal. The objective was do it the best possible way and enjoy with something that they all were passionate about, the music. The soloist began nervously, I could see that her heart felt like it was going out of his body. I was in the audience and I was watching with envious eyes, healthy envy. I also love music and in that moment I knew how she felt. I watched his eyes, expressing feelings and her courage to play in front of all those people. I felt proud. I was proud to see how the music had become be loved by some. And when the end came, it was as if I could listening her mind. That look saidall. She was thinking the first thing you usually think after a concert, have I done well?
Also something that surprised me was that her brother accompanied her on the viola. Goes it in the genes? Comes the love of music of family? I don´t know but certainly, it was amazing. From the audience, I could see a happy girl because of be making what she loves. Her name is María, She´s fifteen. I forgot say it.
A summary of the concert:


lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

A great big biography of a great big man

Pau Gasol started playing in the NBA in 2001, when he was 21. He had played in FC Barcelona before, until he was given the great opportunity to go to America. This chance was given by the Atlanta Hawks, an ordinary team in the league then. But he suddenly changed team because the Atlanta sold him to Memphis Grizzlies, before the season started. He didn't play very much until his team mate, Stromile Swift got injured, and Pau could get in the first team. He scored 27 points the following match, and since then, the coach didn't leave him out the 1st team. That season, he got an average of 18 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks per match and was chosen the best rookie of the year. His first year would also be remembered because of this spectacular dunk against Kevin Garnett, who had challenged him the play before:
(I could not find a video with English commentaries)

That season and the next one weren't very good for the team: their defeats doubled their victories. But everything changed his 3rd season in the NBA, when Memphis Grizzlies got into the Playoffs. They were defeated in the first round, but that made him improve and learn he had to make an effort to get what he wanted.

On his 4th year, Memphis renewed his contract making it valid until 2011. He passed from receiving 4 to 10 million dollars a year. He also reached 5000 points in the NBA that season. The next one, he was chosen to play the All-Stars game.

But his 6th year in Memphis he decided he wanted to be in a top team. Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and New Jersey Nets wanted him, but he finally went to LA, to play for Los Angeles Lakers.

He started training with his new team mates and after the first match Kobe Bryant declared that Pau Gasol is incredible. The Lakers got in the Playoffs and won the quarter-final and the semi-final, but they lost the final against Boston.

The next year, his 8th in the NBA, was probarbly the most important year in his career in America. He reached a total of 10000 points in the NBA, but the most important event was the victory in the Playoffs final against Orlando Magic. It was also the year when he started playing against his brother Marc, who played for Memphis then (and continues playing nowadays). The next season was another good one. He won another NBA ring against Boston Celtics, the perfect revenge. Here is the moment when he scores his 10000th point, added to a magnificent assist:
(In Spanish again because it's the most complete one)

The next two seasons, LAL kept trying their luck in the Playoffs, but they lost against Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma Thunder.

Now, D'Antoni is Los Angeles Lakers coach and we have just heard they are classified to play the Playoffs.This is the season in which we can say Pau Gasol has scored 15000 points in the NBA and I hope I am right if I say that Pau Gasol will have his 3rd NBA ring. 

David Pender Villalvilla


I read this incredible book and I recommended to Chahida and she read and liked. Chahida and I have decided to summarize and we will recommend for you.This book is by Inma Chacon.

The story is about a girl called Dafne, she is 12 years old, she always go with her friends to the “chino” which is the place where the teenagers stay.
One day Dafne go to the chino to buy some candy and she saw a  handsome boy and she fell in love. The boy called Roberto and he has a nickname “El Rata” he always go with twins their nicknames are “El pichichi” y “El Zamora”. In that day Dafne wanted to know the phonenumber and the email of Roberto, she enlisted to her cousin Paula, She ask the ex girlfriend of Roberto and they know it. Roberto liked Dafne but she thinks that he loves her stepsister Cristina. Dafne and Paula plan make a nick in facebook and impersonate Cristina to annoy him, upload photos of her and so on, Dafne is jealousy, and she and her cousin make this plan in the summer holidays while the real cristina is in London. Many things happen in the story but has a happy ending.

Chahida Hadini and Ana Ros Vivancos