martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

It's very difficult to forget.

When Sara woke up in a hospital it took her a while to know where she was and why she was there. As she tried moving her leg all comes flooding back to her. 
She'd been skiing down the mountain when the fog had come down suddenly. Sara didn't know what was happening. She was confused, she was thinking about her son. They were skiing when the fog appeared and now she didn't know where her little son was. Suddenly, something hit her leg, she screamed and cried, she thought rescuers wouldn't find her in time and she was going to die in the middle of the avalanche. She lost consciousness and she woke up in the hospital.
Lucy opened her eyes and saw the doctor next to her. She asked him 'Where is my son?' 'Where is my little son?’ The doctor didn't hear her and she started to get nervous. She shouted to the doctor but he didn't look at her. She touched him and finally he realizes that Sara was talking to him, but it wasn't the doctor, it was a cleaner which was listening to music with the headphones. The cleaner went to look for the doctor. Sara waited but no one appeared in the room. She got tired of waiting and she decided to leave the room.
The hospital was very big, with white walls and black doors. There was no noise, all was in silence.
She found the doctor in a little room. He was sitting on a table drinking coffee and doing something which seemed to be important. He was very tired; by looking at his eyes you could know it. Sara interrupted him. She said ‘My name is Sara, I had an accident while I was skiing with my son, I lost consciousness and I woke up here. Do you know where my little son is?’ The doctor sighed. He started to talk very slow ‘Sara I know who you are, I was here when you and your son arrived. You only broke your leg but… something injure the head of your son, I operated on him and we did all we could but… he didn’t survive. I’m very sorry’ ‘It’s a joke’ she thought ‘it can’t be possible’. She started to run screaming his name ‘¡Danieeeel, Danieeeeel!’ ‘Where are you?’ Suddenly she stopped, ‘Daniel is dead’. This thought resounded in her head ‘Daniel is dead’.
When she arrived at her house all things remembered him. She couldn’t think about anything. His son was always there. If she had got a husband it would have been easier to get over the death of his son, but she was alone in a huge house. Months pass and she wasn’t better. She got mad. No one thought she would be the same. The old Sara died with Daniel. Finally, one day, her neighbour found her hanging on the roof with a rope on the neck.
                                                                              Laura Vera Costa.

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