martes, 12 de marzo de 2013


The fraudsters increasingly made more internet crimes because peolple believe evrything that they see. They scammers creating fakes logos or using false identities. Some of the numerous scams are these:

-Auction scams
Sets a price for an object, after put it you receiving an object thet has nothing to do with laying auctionerd, with a much small value.

-Credit card abuse
Initially requested the credit card to know your age, but after they use the number of the card to make card cahrges.

-Get rich quick
 Promises of safe investments that make money very quickly, but finally are fraudulent.

To not be a victim of fraud the best is no give your personal information online, and not believe anything.

-Here you have a video where the FBI disclosed the main scams:

Pedro Martínez Muñoz 

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