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The serie started with the “Polar Star”  sailing to what would be the biggest adventure of their lives when a mysterious storm caused by the march of a particle accelerator in the middle of the night, then all the crew discovered that the earth as they know it had disappeared, that 99% of the surface is water.
The captain,Ricardo Montero and the first officer, Julian De la Cuadra, were now responsibles of the lives of the students of the school-ship, and they had to make difficult decisions in extreme situations like giant fish, bird strikes, rebellions on board, poisonous mists, among others, they had got the Dr.Julia Wilson´s aide.
Ramiro discovered on their own that there was 1% of land on the planet, so the Star decided to go in search of this surface.

Ulises,the De la Cuadra´s son and Ainhoa, the captain´s daughter formed a love-hate relation, she was attracted by her teacher,Ernesto Gamboa, because of this Ulises also began a relation with Dr. Julia Wilson, who also did not last long, they decided to end their relations for be together, but that appeared impossible when Gamboa threatened to Ainhoa with kill her father and her sister, so she told Ulises that she would not want anything with he.
Vilma and Piti, began a relation, when Piti told Vilma that he would be the father of her child.
Salome and De la Cuadra began a relation, after much time, they now that they felt in love.

While all this happens, Valeria, the captain´s daughter and Burbuja lived intenses adventures. Then the crew of the Polar Star received a message from outer space, some astronauts asked they for help before die.

Continues when the captain decided to help astronauts, while a cyclone was approaching, which endangered their lives, and after passed the complications and rescued the space´s nave, the crew discovered that the astronauts didn´t were , they had went and the crew did not know where, they were feeling that someone had taken them, they came in search of a black box that Ulises had found.
After the crew fell off a huge cliff , they confronted a storm wich resurrected Palomares, found a duck that came the land and a Russian ship, the captain and the doctor decided to destroy the black box.

Vilma and Piti continued their relation, but it became a love triangle when Palomares left to be pastor and Vilma felt something for he, but the both relations end.
De la Cuadra and Burbuja were kidnapped and when they returned to the Star,De la Cuadra was cured of cancer, Salome left he for hidden his desease and she said that she was pregnant.

While they were searching land they saw a skyscraper where was Max, who known the coordinates of land.
Then came to an agreement in which the captain would go to land, the condition was that Ainhoa would stay in the skyscraper, while the captain would move the crew of the ship to land, and so they made sure that he returned to the skyscraper .

Ulises did not allow it and prefered stayed he in the skyscraper. The crew arrived of land, and established there the most of they, the captain with the rest of the crew returned to the skyscraper that they had discovered to pick up these people and return to land.

But when the crew arrived to skyscraper there was no one , the crew decided to come back to land. When they arrived the crew wich was on land were kidnapped by the persons that need the black box´s information.
They obtained to scape but the kidnappers rapted a Burbuja who was the inventor of the particle accelerator.

The serie ends with the preparation of Ainhoa and Ulises´ wedding.

                                            VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

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