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The Bando de la Huerta is one of the most important days of Murcia.Is celebrated on Easter tuesday,in the spring festivals one week later of the Holy week. In this day murcians wear the traditional costume of these day.This event is considerated `the world´s largest botellon´.Is the only day that allows do `botellón´. Traditionally this day start with a Mass in front of the baroque facade of the cathedral, followed by a procession.Parks and squares are filled with people from different places dressed with their best costumes. In the most important gardens are placed different shacks that are given to prove the typical food of Murcia like pasparajotes, michirones,crumbs(migas), sausages...
In the afternoon take place the Bando de la Huerta´s parade form by floats, horses and people dancing jotas(Murcia typical dance).

There are two types of costumes the male costume and the female costume:

   The male costume is formed by:

     -Zaragüelles: are baggy pants, generally made of linen.It´s very comfortable.

     -Shirt: generally white, passed from parents to children and is comfortable too.

     -Girlde:is a tissue that covers the waist used to secure the zaragüeles. There are different colours.

     -Vest: Is a garment open, without sleeves. The back was dark, the front is adorned with more vivid colors.

     -Socks: Never exceed the knee, are white. Was used to keep warm in winter.

     -Esparteñas: are made of straw and is the oldest footwear Spain.

   The female costume is formed by:

       -Refajo: Is a skirt. There are different types: lists petticoat, woolen petticoat, sequined underskirt and petticoat of the cuts.

       -The bodice: a corset, is sleeveless and placed on her blouse.

       -Shirt: is white and has long sleeves.

       -Apron: is placed above the underskirt and ornate.

       -Faltriquera: small bag placed at the waist where the money was kept.

       -Manton: is a decorative piece and you can find the shawl, the manila and the gunwale.

       -Petticoat: white inner skirt.

       -Hairstyles: bow handle, and hairstyle round. Often accompany of one or two carnations.


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