domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Are we alone?

Are we alone?

     During the last decades, the human beings have been investigating on the existence of  a intelligent life in another place of the universe, but the results don’t say nothing, scientists have done all types of experiments, from send photos, sounds, materials to the exterior, to do an especial machine that could identificate a body by this external composition.

     Since the creation of  the NASA in 1958, some of its pilots and astronauts have said that they saw UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) during theirs travels to the Moon.
The American people, are the most exagerating people talking about this theme, they have built a especial zone in wich they have almacened all the anormal thigs that they had. I’m talking about the Area 51, but what about the aliens in our country?

There are mysteries that cannot be solved.

Events that cannot be explained.

And a truth that cannot be ignored.

Edu Espinosa 3ºA


      The history of messi continues. If against the Granada he broke the record of "El Pelucas", yesterday, with 34 goals in league he broke the record of Ronaldo. With the goal of yesterday, he has 18 goals in the last 8 matchs. Thanks a Messi his team won yestarday, and the Barça is a six points behinds of the Real Madrid.
      Messi hopes to win the King's cup and the champions, because the league is for the Real Madrid, and in my opinion the champions also. The F.C.Barcelona and messi also are sad with the scary news of Abidal, he needs a lliver transplant and he can't play football. I ended with a phrase: Messi is simply the best player in the universe.

                                                                                                Pedro Martínez Muñoz 3ºA

The Big Bang Theory

     The Big Bang Theory is a television series that tells about the life of three physicist, an engineer and her friend. All start when Penny, an aspirant actress arrive at the building of Leonard and Seldon, two physicist that works at the California Institute of Technology.
In the course of the serie, it is shown the dificulty leading men to interact with people outside their environmen, mainly female, leading to funny situations.

Main characters

  • Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, a theoretical physicist. He is completely incapable of lying and keeping secrets. He is logical of all the situations happening around him forces him to draw conclusions strictly scientificand therefore do not agree with the lies. It is completely chaste and has no interest in sex. It is usually dressed in a sweater over a shirt with logos of superheroes. 

  • Dr. Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, an experimental physicist. He obtained his doctorateat at the age of 24. While much more sociable than Sheldon, like Rajesh and Howard, has never had success with women, although of the four is the only one who has had stable girlfriends  throughout the chapters of the series, including Sheldon's nemesis, Leslie Winkle. 
  • Mr. Howard Wolowitz Joel, an aerospace engineer, has worked on a secret projectof NASA waste disposal, or as his teammates call "a space vater." It looks old-fashioned Jew of his time: always wears tight clothes and psychedelic, it is alsoallergic to peanuts. His best friend is Raj and still lives with his mother, although healways says "my mother lives with me." 
  • Dr. Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali, an astrophysicist. This character represents the stereotype of an Indian living in America. His family is rich and who would havefewer problems in the group if it were not suffering from a rare disorder (selective mutism) preventing him from talking with women except his mother and sister, orwith effeminate men in appearance, only communicates with them if you are drunk(or think you might). 
  • Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress. She is a friend of the four only by accidentwhen Sheldon and Leonard's neighbor and during the first few seasons is the only friend of the opposite sex of the group. It is a waitress at the restaurant "The cheesecake factory". It was Leonard's crush during the first few seasons, until they started an affair desired in the third season. 

Manuel Pérez Fernández

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Soziedad Alkoholika

Soziedad Alkoholika:
             It´s a rock band, which started in 1988 in Vitoria. They first decided to be  called Amonal . Its record Rats was a golden álbum. They have sold 350.000 records along its career in Spain. They created their own discography called “Mil A Gritos Records.”
Because of their political ideas they haven´t been allowed to perform in some places of Spain.Stop censura is a song of the band Boikot. In this song, singers from different bands sing in the video clip and some actors appear in the video clip too.The lyrics of the song is about the censorship  that  soziedad alkoholika suffers.
             One of their songs:
    •  Juan - Vocals
    • Jimmy - Guitar
    • Iñigo - Guitar
    • Pirulo - Bass
    • Roberto - Drums
1991 Soziedad Alkoholika
1990 Intoxikazión etílika
1992 Feliz Falsedad
1993 Y ese que tanto habla, está totalmente hueco, ya sabéis que el cántaro vacío es el que más  
1995 Ratas (disco de oro),(más vendido)
1996 Diversiones...?
1997 ¡No intente hacer esto en su casa!
1999 Directo
2000 Polvo en los ojos
2003 Tiempos oscuros
2008 Mala Sangre
2009 Sesion#2
Last:2011 Cadenas de odio


official Wepsite:
Some videos than I like:   (Piedra contra tijera.)    (Polvo en los ojos.)

Víctor Manuel Gómez Ros