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     The famous island of Alcatraz, the best prison of the World,  it is the place where the serie develops. Alcatraz belongs to the genre of science fiction and suspense.

     On March 21, 1963, more than one hundred prisoners and forty guards dissappeared. To hide the dissapeared, the government thought a history with the prison closed because was unsafe and all the prisoners were moved.

     The federal agent Emerson Hauser discovered that prisoners were missing. In the present, those of 63 (this is the number of the prisoner missing) back without age. To follow and capture, Hauser meets the detective Rebecca Madsen and the doctor Diego. Those of 63, returned out of memory and where have been obsessed to find some items.

     Emerson is an agent of FBI and ex officer to department of police of San Francisco. Rebecca Madsen is a detective to department of police of San Francisco. Dr. Soto, doctor in criminal justice and history of Civil War.

By: Álvaro Romero Martínez

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