lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Miami Heat are on fire

Last 26th April, Miami Heat went to Milwaukee to play the 3rd game of the first round of Playoffs against the Bucks. They arrived there with an advantage of 2-0 and they wanted to make it bigger. But Milwaukee Bucks wanted to take their revenge and stay alive in the competition.

The game started and Miami were defending very hard, but their offensive plays didn’t work very well, they were slow and not very effective.  Milwaukee knew that and they started scoring more points than the Heat mainly thanks to Brandon Jennings and Larry Sanders.  Miami hardly score a point in the first minutes and the Bucks set a distance of around 10 points. At the end of the quarter, Milwaukee was leading 21-30.

In the 2nd quarter Miami realized they had to work harder if they wanted to lead the game, and so they did. LeBron,  Allen and Bosh started attacking seriously and at the end of the quarter they had approached to the Bucks and the score was 48-50. Milwaukee was leading then, but not for long.

Miami Heat definitely woke up and the next 12 minutes were amazing. Ray Allen scored many 3-pointers, LeBron kept assisting and scoring as usual, and Chris Andersen the “Birdman” did nice playing and also very good dunks. The 3rd quarter finished and the score was 78-68. There were another 12 minutes left, but the game was already sentenced.

Miami used the last quarter to extend their advantage to 17 points and Ray Allen used it to score a few 3-pointers and become the man with most 3-pointers in Playoffs: 322. Miami relaxed a bit and Milwaukee cut a little bit of distance, but it was too late. The game finished and the score was 104-91 for Miami Heat.

Now, Miami confidently waits the next game knowing it’s very sure they will pass the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

David Pender Villalvilla

domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

This is my opinion

When I was child I loved do things without sens, do crazy things... but now, I think that I´m making me old.
There are more obligations than yersterday but less than tomorrow, I am thinking as an adult,
think in the future, because now, the things in Spain are very difficult to the youngs and we must study hard to get a good job in 10 years more or less.
In summary, I would have prefered live in other situation, in other time.

                                                                        Marina López Manzanera 4ºAX

A comparison between Iphone 5 and S3

 Im going to start whit Iphone 5:

The Iphone 5  is a smartphone  made by Apple Inc. Iphone 5 is the  6th generation of  iphone and it was submitted  in september of 2012. It  submitted the operating system   IOS 6. It has a touch screen of 4 pixels , a processor Apple A6 of  double core of 1GHz, a digital  camera of 8  Mpx memory Ram of 1 Gb and an internal memory of 16 , 32 , 64 Gb.
Also  the Iphone 5 has a resolution of  3364*2448 pixels, the best wi-fi conection, the FaceTime that is an APP exclusive of Apple and also it has the Siri that  is the best voice recognition that there and finally it has a desing very attractive.

The Samsung Galaxy S3:
The S3 is a  smartphone made by Samsung. I dont know what is the generation of  the S3 because samsung takes too many phones on the market, but i know that that his predecessor is the S2. It has a processor of  four cores Eynos 4412 (quand-core) of 1 GHz. It has a touch screen  Super Amoled HD of 4,8 inch and it has a resolution of 720*1280 pixels. The S3  has a internal memory of  16 or 32 Gb. The S3 has a digital camera of  8 Mpx  and his operating system  is Android Ice Cream or Android Jelly Bean. 

I think that these two smartphones are the best smartphones in the world but  are too expensive.
I prefer the Iphone 5 because is much better than the S3. Some people say that the S3 is far better than the Iphone 5 because the S3  has 4 cores and the Iphone 5  has 2 cores, but 4 cores is a lot of power and  not going to use all, so you'll be paying for something that you will not use. Finally I would stress that the S3 is more delicate than the Iphone 5 and it breaks more easily as you can see in the video below.

Francisco Miguel Calatrava Nicolás.

viernes, 26 de abril de 2013


"A strange case of murder and corruption in the year in which the man reached The Moon." This is how Jerónimo Tristante, the author of 1969, describes his book. After I had read the book, I have checked that he is right. 
Jerónimo has created a story where there are characters that belong in different types of classes, with very different ways of thinking but all are limited by the Regime, because in those moments Spain were in a dictatorship where Franco had all the power. 
Alsina, a police, whose life wasn't important and spent the hours with a bottle of Licor 43, a strange case of a suicide suddenly changed his life.  He started to investigate the case, and a coincidence after another made him to discover things  that could cost his life and his friends' life.
This investigation made Alsina know new people and as himself said it made him "resurrect", because before this he didn't have ilusion to live, and thanks to it he stopped drinking and began to feel new sensations.
This book places us in a era where there were abundant hypocrisy and corruption. And join in only one story two topics that haven't anything in common like are the murders and the arrived of a man in the Moon.
The best is that the author was born in Murcia and in the book are mentioned a lot of places that I know, and it make me introduce in the story easily.  I think to enjoy a book is necessary introduce you in to the story and understand the characters.
For me, It is a entertaining book and I really have enjoyed it. If you want to have a good time, you should read this book. 

                                                                              Carmen Vera Torres.

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013


This is a tennis tournament played by professional tennis player called ATP in the city of Barcelona (Spain).
This tournament is played on clay surface since 1953, originally called Trofeo Conde Bafalluy after Dr. Ruano.
The tournament takes place in the men's singles and doubles categories male. It is part of the ATP World Tour 500, and gives a million dollars in prizes.
This competition is for sixty years been active since 1953 and has had several winners who have been given a lot of money and a big silver trophy weighs about thirteen kilograms.
The trophy that weighs thirteen kilograms and given the winner is:

We must also say that this tournament has had many winners Spanish during the sixty years but mostly these winners have been Spanish, that in the sixty years of competition, thirty years have won consecutive Spanish among them is Rafael Nadal who has won this title seven times.
Spanish this trophy is played at the end of April and beginning of May, so now is playing.
Now, this week in Barcelona has started the tournament but has been raining and the games have been postponed so the tournament will last longer.
Photos of tennis who have played the tournament and some of its winners:

There are many more but these players and winners today are the most times have won this tournament are:
-Rafael Nadal.
-Andy Murray.
-Nicolas Almagro.
-David Ferrer.
As you can see from the four appointed three of them are Spanish.
In my opinion along with the Madrid tournament is one of the best in Spain and I can say that I went three years ago this tournament and has been one of my best experiences, because you can see the best players in the world playing each them and it's a really good experience and especially who likes tennis.

I hope this year win a Spanish and I think the winner is going to be for the eighth time since this Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals.
I hope you enjoyed this little information about this tournament.

A greeting.


jueves, 4 de abril de 2013

The Second World War

The Second World War was a military global conflict that developed between 1939 and 1945.
In this war  fought most of the nations of the world, which were grouped in two big alliances: the allies and the powers of the axis.
It was the biggest clash of the History, with more than hundred million military men and a condition of total war in which the big powers spent in economy, military and scientific force to the service of the warlike effort, erasing the distinction between civil and military resources.
This war took terrible consequences as the massive death of civilians, the Holocaust and the use, for the first and only time, of nuclear weapon in a military conflict, the Second World war was the most deadly conflict in the history of the humanity, with a final result of between 50 and 70 million victims.
The Second World war began when alemania invaded Poland. The intention of Germany for creating an empire for the whole Europe gave step to the declaration of war on the part of France, the British Empire and the Commonwealth to the Third Reich.
In 1941 the European powers of the Axis began an invasion of the Soviet Union, initiating the most extensive operation of war of the History, in this moment there was used most of the military power of the Axis. In December, 1941 the Empire of the Japan, which had been in war with China since 1937 and was trying to expand his domains in Asia, attacked to The United States and to the European possessions in the Pacific Ocean, Obtaining in this way the most part of the region.
The advance of the Axis was stopped in 1942 after the defeat of Japan in several naval battles and of the European troops of the Axis in the North of Africa and in Stalingrado's decisive battle.
 The war in Europe ended with the capture of Berlin for Soviet and Polish troops and the consequent unconditional German surrender on 8 May 1945.
The Imperial Japanese Navy turned out to be defeated by the United States. After the atomic bombardment on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of the United States, the war in Asia ended on 15 August 1945 when Japan accepted the unconditional surrender.
The war finished with a total victory of the Allies on the Axis in 1945. 

 The United Nations Organization (UNO) was created after the war to promote the international cooperation and to anticipate future conflicts.
The Soviet Union and the United States rivals raised as superpowers, the scene being established for the Cold War, which extended for the following 46 years. 
The majority of the countries which industries had been damaged initiated the economic recovery, whereas the political integration, specially in Europe, emerged as an effort to establish the relations of postwar period.