domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

A comparison between Iphone 5 and S3

 Im going to start whit Iphone 5:

The Iphone 5  is a smartphone  made by Apple Inc. Iphone 5 is the  6th generation of  iphone and it was submitted  in september of 2012. It  submitted the operating system   IOS 6. It has a touch screen of 4 pixels , a processor Apple A6 of  double core of 1GHz, a digital  camera of 8  Mpx memory Ram of 1 Gb and an internal memory of 16 , 32 , 64 Gb.
Also  the Iphone 5 has a resolution of  3364*2448 pixels, the best wi-fi conection, the FaceTime that is an APP exclusive of Apple and also it has the Siri that  is the best voice recognition that there and finally it has a desing very attractive.

The Samsung Galaxy S3:
The S3 is a  smartphone made by Samsung. I dont know what is the generation of  the S3 because samsung takes too many phones on the market, but i know that that his predecessor is the S2. It has a processor of  four cores Eynos 4412 (quand-core) of 1 GHz. It has a touch screen  Super Amoled HD of 4,8 inch and it has a resolution of 720*1280 pixels. The S3  has a internal memory of  16 or 32 Gb. The S3 has a digital camera of  8 Mpx  and his operating system  is Android Ice Cream or Android Jelly Bean. 

I think that these two smartphones are the best smartphones in the world but  are too expensive.
I prefer the Iphone 5 because is much better than the S3. Some people say that the S3 is far better than the Iphone 5 because the S3  has 4 cores and the Iphone 5  has 2 cores, but 4 cores is a lot of power and  not going to use all, so you'll be paying for something that you will not use. Finally I would stress that the S3 is more delicate than the Iphone 5 and it breaks more easily as you can see in the video below.

Francisco Miguel Calatrava Nicolás.

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