lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Miami Heat are on fire

Last 26th April, Miami Heat went to Milwaukee to play the 3rd game of the first round of Playoffs against the Bucks. They arrived there with an advantage of 2-0 and they wanted to make it bigger. But Milwaukee Bucks wanted to take their revenge and stay alive in the competition.

The game started and Miami were defending very hard, but their offensive plays didn’t work very well, they were slow and not very effective.  Milwaukee knew that and they started scoring more points than the Heat mainly thanks to Brandon Jennings and Larry Sanders.  Miami hardly score a point in the first minutes and the Bucks set a distance of around 10 points. At the end of the quarter, Milwaukee was leading 21-30.

In the 2nd quarter Miami realized they had to work harder if they wanted to lead the game, and so they did. LeBron,  Allen and Bosh started attacking seriously and at the end of the quarter they had approached to the Bucks and the score was 48-50. Milwaukee was leading then, but not for long.

Miami Heat definitely woke up and the next 12 minutes were amazing. Ray Allen scored many 3-pointers, LeBron kept assisting and scoring as usual, and Chris Andersen the “Birdman” did nice playing and also very good dunks. The 3rd quarter finished and the score was 78-68. There were another 12 minutes left, but the game was already sentenced.

Miami used the last quarter to extend their advantage to 17 points and Ray Allen used it to score a few 3-pointers and become the man with most 3-pointers in Playoffs: 322. Miami relaxed a bit and Milwaukee cut a little bit of distance, but it was too late. The game finished and the score was 104-91 for Miami Heat.

Now, Miami confidently waits the next game knowing it’s very sure they will pass the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

David Pender Villalvilla

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