miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Some football league comments

     Now the Spanish league is to the Real Madrid, because the team is playing very well and it wins all the football games, but the FC Barcelona can win the Spanish league because his form to play football is better than the Real Madrid football, Barcelona has eliminated Real Madrid in “La Copa del Rey”, and Real Madrid only gets 4 points more than FC Barcelona because Barcelona is going to win Real Madrid in the second round and this is all, a Atletico of Madrid has won this week vs Osasuna 1-0, is good for this team.
Barcelona’s football is nice and Real Madrid’s football is dirty.

Written by Fran Guillamón.

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Adele, one of the best singer.

     I think Adele is one of the best singers I have never listened. It's incredible the voice that she has, when I hear it makes my hair stand on end.
     She was born on May, 8th 1988, and her first album released in 2008, but really with the album wich she has triumphed and with she won more awards has been her last album released in 2011. She was the singer who more triumphed in the Grammy awards in 2012, because she won 6 awards. Besides, she won 2 Brit Awards too. This year, Adele has won more awards than other singers as Cristina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna or Katy Perry among others
The song that have more awards is Rolling in the Deep

     Many people gossip and they refuse to listen to her only for his physical appearance, and for this I ask: Is it only physical matter? As she said:" I do music for the ears, not for the eyes ", And if it really so, if you really listen the music for who sings I feel sorry for those people who do it, because they are going to lose singers as good as her, and they aren't going to enjoy one of the pleasures of the life as it is the music.

Carmen Vera Torres. 

miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

One of the best spanish comedian: José Mota.

Jose Mota Sanchez was born on June 30, 1965 in Montiel, Ciudad Real.                                              Known as Jose Mota, a spanish comedian and actor, member, along with Juan Antonio Muñoz,the comedy duo Cruz y Raya between 1989 and 2007.                                        Would then work on Telecinco with Tutti Frutti, to return to TVE to replace Tuesday and Thirteen in special end of the year.                                                                                                         In 2005 he married the actress Patricia Rivas, who participated in Cruz y Raya, and in 2007 had her first daughter, Daniela. They separated in 2010, but now they are together.In November 2007 confirmed the news of the definitive separation of the popular dúo.In 2009 starts his career individually in television with its own program of humor, The Time of Jose Mota, on Friday night in TVE. A program defined as "something different and new, with no set, halfway between fiction and sketches." It is also "a vision of how I see the world and how it sees me with my virtues and qualities, but also with my faults and miseries." This show has been awarded with the best program of entertainment in 2010. To make this program has its regular collaborators Cruz y Rayasuch as Paco Collado, Jaime Ordonez, or Patricia Rivas and incorporates some new, as the presenter and actor Luis Larrodera. Here I leave you with one of his videos.
Made by Encarna Collados González

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

     This Tuesday Real Madrid tie surprisingly versus CSKA Moscu the match knockout of the Champions League. Everyone thought that Real Madrid would win but in the las minute Wernbloom  the defense of CSKA scored the goal that served to tie the game for CSKA. In 28 minute Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Real Madrid in the match. The starters of the match are the next.
                                                               Real Madrid



                                       CSKA Moscu

      6.A.Berezoutski 24.V.Berezoutski 4.Ignashevich 42.Shennikov

                                     22. Aldonin 3.Wernbloom

                                 21.Tosic 10.Dzagoev 18.Musa


min.15 Benzema --> Higuain
min.74 Callejón--> Kaka'
min.83 Özil--> Albiol

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

Real Madrid Baloncesto takes home the King's Cup.

Yesterday, Sunday, the 19th February 2012, Rigal Barça FC played against Real Madrid Baloncesto in the final of the Basketball King's Cup at Palau Sant Jordi. The match was led by RMB all the time and Reyes could rise the cup at the end of the game. The last time that RMB won this cup was 19 years ago. Now, Pablo Laso's Real Madrid is the owner of the 23rd King's Cup of the team.

The initial players of Rigal Barça were:
  1. Huertas
  2. Mickeal
  3. Eidson
  4. Lorbek
  5. N'Dong
 The initial players of Real Madrid were:
  1. Llull
  2. Suárez
  3. Singler
  4. Mirotic
  5. Tomic

The first quarter was matched but RMB started leading the game and its score was always a few points in front of Regal Barça's. Barça wanted tall Madrid players to make fouls and Tomic did the fisrt two fouls of the game, so he was substituted him by Begic. Both teams scored some points and the result was 17-22 at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was like the first quarter and Real Madrid was 6 points above Rigal Barça when there were two seconds left, but Llull and his magic hand got a 3-pointer just before the bell rang and the crowd went bananas and shouted ''¡ MVP, MVP!''. So the first part finished 33-42.

The third quarter was a bit different. Madrid's atacks stopped being as effective as before and Barça started to play well and they reduced the difference to 1 point. But RMB didn´t give up and their advantage rose to 6 points thanks to Jaycee Carroll and his first 8 points of the game. And, again, ''Magic Llull'' scored his 4th 3-pointer of the match in the last second of this quarter, that finished with the score of 56-65.

In the last quarter, it looked like Jaycee Carroll was the only player in the court, he scored 14 points out of the 26 points that Real Madrid got. Thanks to him Madrid was 22 points above Barça, and Barça players couldn't breath properly. When there were 3 minutes to go, Tomic made his 5th foul and he was substituted because if a player makes 5 fouls, he won't play any more. Carroll was also substituted and Barça could only reduce a bit the difference. The final result was 74-91.

Here, the players' top 3 of the game:

In 3rd position: Boniface N'Dong with 19 points, 11 rebouns, 1 block, and 24 points of rating.

In 2nd position: Jaycee Carroll with 22 points, 3 3-pointers out of 3 tries, 5 points out of 5 free shots, and 27 points of rating.

MVP of the match: Sergio Llull with 23 points, 5 3-poiters, 5 assists, and 25 points of rating.

David Pender Villalvilla. 20/2/2012.


     La Fuga is a  spanish band  that started to play music in 1997.  The group is formed by Edu , Rulo , Fito and Iñaky. Two years ago, Iñaky left the group and Rulo also did it.

     The first CD called Mira was a success because the CD did that La Fuga started to be known in many places and they did some concerts in Madrid and in other cities.
The second CD called " A golpes de rock and roll" (they wanted to find a discography and they obtained it)

     "Calles de papel" is the next CD (2003 is the date) , their hard work showed a progress and the results were fantastic because the  CD was bought by a lot of people. In 2003 the group was also invited to an homage and they played music with others bands and in 2004 they also were invited to play in a CD of other band.

      The next years, the band continued working and they launched some albums and they obtain many success. Now the components of the group are different and the last work was launched in 2011.




viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012


     The image of Real Murcia  is very damaged. They got 1 point out of 12 possible ones.Real Murcia needs to win in the next match against Almería. Iván Amaya one of the leaders of this team, said that the attitude of Real Murcia at the last match was terrible, but he believes that they can solve this situation.
The friday, the players of Real Murcia will work hard at the training, (in Cobatillas) to show at the match against Almería that they can be the best team of the category.

     The players who need to work more than the others, are Chando and Sutil. The injuries have damaged the wonderful way of playing of these players.The most strange thing is that Chando is the leader of the attack of the Real Murcia but he has not scored any goal! That is very bad for the team, and he knows that.
But the team don´t have to give up! Maybe this year, they rise of category!

Raúl Iniesta Serrano

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Look at the life of the students in the ESO

     Hi! To all our readers, we are going to say, how we study and live in the ESO.

     Really, It´s a fantastic and excellent life.If you don´t know why, listen to us: First,we wake up early at 7:30!!,we get dress,brush our teeth of course, then quickly we have breakfast, and we take our school bag and we go running to the high school (like superman,yes, just imagine it).

     The first lesson we are so happy and we don´t speak a lot with our partners. The second, we work and listen to the teacher and the third lesson we study very hard. Great!! we have a breakime, we buy something to eat, and we speak with our friends about the lessons, the future,.... everything. Oh my god! one more time to study again, ok we go to study the rest of the lessons, but in the last hour we don´t study, so guess it, What activity we do at the last hour? Of course, we don´t do anything. well, the teacher read to us a big "story", we don´t know how is the story because we are sleeping that´s the funniest and most interesting activity we have seen in our life specially if we are dreaming

Chahida Hadini,Ana Ros Vivancos, Rajae Aguili and Sihame Fartate.

jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

Ferrero Rocher.

Cake of Ferrero Rocher


-A package of cookies

-30gr of butter (room temperature)

-15 Ferrero rocher chocolates

-100gr of sugar

-500gr of whipping cream

-A packet of custard 4 servings


     Crush the biscuits to create the base and add butter. We return to mix. We overturn this mass in the mold and press with a spoon.

     Crush the 15 chocolates and then we take the cream, creme caramel and sugar  to mix

     Heat the mixture about 15 minutes at temperature of 100 ° .

     Finally, tip the mixture into the pan and let it cool.We put in the fridge and let it sets about three or four hours. Then we can decorate it withcream and some chocolate.

Cristina Rodríguez González.

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012



     Sherlock is a TV program from BBC. It is a contemporary update of the adventures of the detective, created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock solves the mysteries with his ability and by looking in elements usually left by the assassin, the thief or carry the corpse. 
  Dr. Watson, was a soldier in Afghanistan. Causing him a false limp. He overcame his trauma when he forgot his crutch in a race to catch a person. 
There are many characters: Sherlock, Dr Watson, is a ex-serviceman of Afghanistan's war, Mynecroft, the brother of Sherlock, Sally Donovan is the sergeant, Mrs Hudson and James Moriarty the nemesis of Sherlock.

Episode 1: A Study in Pink.
The police investigates the death of a number of pepole that seem died by a poison pill.

Episode 2: The Blind Banker.
Sherlock is hired by an old friend to study mysterious theft. He discovered some symbols painted with spray in the office wall.

Episode 3: The Great Game.
Mycrof order to Sherlock investigate the death of an employee who worked in a defense project. After, Sherlock begin to be mocked by a siniester criminal that puts its victims bombs vests and force Sherlock to resolve events

Create by Álvaro Romero Martínez

UCAM Murcia resources from darkness.

Yesterday, Sunday, 5th of January, UCAM Murcia played against FIATC Mutua Joventut. Joventut is above Murcia in ACB, but Murcia had changed trainer because of the bad results at Liga Endesa, so the strategy could be completely different and anything could have happened.

UCAM Murcia started playing with: Franch as 1, Miso as 2, Udoka as 3, Barlow as 4, and Augustine as 5.
FIATC Mutua Joventut initial players were: Oliver as 1, Van Lacke as 2, Jelinek as 3, Williams as 4, and Llovet as 5.

The beginning was the only part of the game where Joventut led the match with an advantage of 4 points, because Murcia started being stronger defending and more agressive when they had the ball. Murcia reached an advantage of 10 points thanks to David Barlow and his three-pointer. But Murcia finished the first quarter 7 points over Joventut with the score of 21-14.

At the first part of the second quarter it looked like it was only one team playing because Joventut didn't score until there were four minutes and a half left and the score was 29-14. But Joventut woke up and the score at the end of this quarter was 32-29 thanks to Jelinek.

The third quarter was more like NBA style, both teams scored many points. Augustin played magnificently for UCAM Murcia and Jelinek kept playing well. The quarter finished 55-44.

In the last quarter, Quintana (Murcia's coach) decided that Grimau and Udoka should play and the team played so well as in the first quarter. The final score was 76-54. Murcia won deservedly, escaping from the last position, and Quintana could celebrate his first victory at UCAM Murcia.

The best player of Joventut was Báez, but the MVP of the game was Augustine with 13 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block, 0 fouls, and 23 points of rating in only 19 minutes of game.

David Pender Villalvilla. 6/2/2012.

domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012


      John Joseph Vesely was born in San Francisco in a musicians' family. He was the son of a professional Jazz musician and he learned to play the bass-guitar and later the acoustic guitar.

      Vesely began to write songs when it knew his wife Candince Vesely. After that, John formed Secondhand Serenade, a project that  started in California, United States, in the year 2004 . In this group he became famous as vocalist and guitarist. The nickname Secondhand Serenade is a reference to the way in which his songs are 'serenades' to his wife Candince. He had two small children with his wife but in 2008 he divorced his wife Candince, the second album that he has created is related with his divorced. He has created 3 albums Awake, A Twist in My Story and recently Hear me now.

      I think that John sings better than Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears...  some songs of singers like them don't express anything. I sometimes have the feeling  that some singers like them, just sing to be famous for their physical. I really like John by the way he expresses their feelings and opinions. He feels the music and I like how he sings and... "Maybe he is not handsome enough; ... but he sings well." 

     One of the songs that I like about him is this:

María Hernández Galván.

viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012



3 yoghurts

200g OF white cheese to spread
6 spoonfuls OF sugar
200 ml whipped cream
100 ml of milk
4 leaves of gelatin
250g of strawberrys
1 orange

Soak the leaves of gelatin with cold 
water for a few minutes.
Dissolve the gelatin in the hot milk a
low heat and add the sugar.
Then add the cheese and the yoghurts. 
To finish, add the whipped cream. 
Putt the mousse in individuals molds.

Add to the strawberrys two spoonfuls of sugar and the orange juice.Let gently until the orange juice takes a color of strawberry. Let it cool and decorate the mousse with this cold mixing.

                                                                                                 VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

Novak Djokovic.

    Hello! I am going to speak about the tennis player  number 1, called Novak Djokovic.
Novak Djokovic is a professional Serbian born tennis player on May 22, 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia, Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. It is the current number one of the world after his participation in Wimbledon 2011.
    In the Open  of Australia 2008, Novak Djokovic won his first Grand Slam's title, he turned into the first tennis player representing Serbia in winning a Grand Slam, and the fourth youngest player in winning the Open  of Australia. He returned to win the Open  of Australia in 2011 and the Open  of Australia in 2012, the latter against the Spanish Rafael Nadal, disputing this way the longest final of the history of the Grand Slam.

     The remarkable winning streak also included the distinction of being, along with Federer, the only two players to beat Rafael Nadal in the final on clay, it is also the only one to beat Rafael Nadal in Masters 1000 final four on different surfaces consecutively.

      At the start of the tournament at Roland Garros,he had remained in second place in the ATP rankings and only 405 points to reach number one, a fact especially remarkable considering that in the next six weeks, Rafael Nadal had to revalidate their title at Roland Garros and Novak Wimbledon without reaching the final to retain that position. However, Djokovic reached the semifinals losing to Roger Federer 7-6, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 and so his incredible streak came to an end finishing in 43 straight wins.

And here ends my story!
Greetings, I hope you liked it. (:

jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012


     Last weekend I went to the cinema and I saw Change-Up.  Change-Up is the typical comedy that is supposed to be funny but it's not funny. The main figures are Ryan Reynolds (Mitch) and Jason Bateman (Dave).

      Dave is a lawyer. He has got a wife and three children, two are babies. Mitch hasn't got any children or a wife. He lives alone. Dave and Mitch are friends since they went to the school, but now they have their own life and they have separated.

      One day they meet at a bar and they drink too much alcohol. They wish to have the life of the other in front of a fountain. When they wake up they see that they are other person. They have changed their bodies. They go to the fountain but it isn't there so they have to wait.
The time they are in the other body occurred things that change their ideas. When they found the fountain they decided to stay a little more in the other body.

     Finally they realize that they are making a mistake, so they go to the fountain and they recover their lifes. Maybe you think it is a good film but I don't recommend it.

The trailer.

Laura Vera.