viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012


     The image of Real Murcia  is very damaged. They got 1 point out of 12 possible ones.Real Murcia needs to win in the next match against Almería. Iván Amaya one of the leaders of this team, said that the attitude of Real Murcia at the last match was terrible, but he believes that they can solve this situation.
The friday, the players of Real Murcia will work hard at the training, (in Cobatillas) to show at the match against Almería that they can be the best team of the category.

     The players who need to work more than the others, are Chando and Sutil. The injuries have damaged the wonderful way of playing of these players.The most strange thing is that Chando is the leader of the attack of the Real Murcia but he has not scored any goal! That is very bad for the team, and he knows that.
But the team don´t have to give up! Maybe this year, they rise of category!

Raúl Iniesta Serrano

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  1. Very important to work very hard in all the aspects of our life. Fortunately they won the last game and the situation has improved