lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

UCAM Murcia resources from darkness.

Yesterday, Sunday, 5th of January, UCAM Murcia played against FIATC Mutua Joventut. Joventut is above Murcia in ACB, but Murcia had changed trainer because of the bad results at Liga Endesa, so the strategy could be completely different and anything could have happened.

UCAM Murcia started playing with: Franch as 1, Miso as 2, Udoka as 3, Barlow as 4, and Augustine as 5.
FIATC Mutua Joventut initial players were: Oliver as 1, Van Lacke as 2, Jelinek as 3, Williams as 4, and Llovet as 5.

The beginning was the only part of the game where Joventut led the match with an advantage of 4 points, because Murcia started being stronger defending and more agressive when they had the ball. Murcia reached an advantage of 10 points thanks to David Barlow and his three-pointer. But Murcia finished the first quarter 7 points over Joventut with the score of 21-14.

At the first part of the second quarter it looked like it was only one team playing because Joventut didn't score until there were four minutes and a half left and the score was 29-14. But Joventut woke up and the score at the end of this quarter was 32-29 thanks to Jelinek.

The third quarter was more like NBA style, both teams scored many points. Augustin played magnificently for UCAM Murcia and Jelinek kept playing well. The quarter finished 55-44.

In the last quarter, Quintana (Murcia's coach) decided that Grimau and Udoka should play and the team played so well as in the first quarter. The final score was 76-54. Murcia won deservedly, escaping from the last position, and Quintana could celebrate his first victory at UCAM Murcia.

The best player of Joventut was Báez, but the MVP of the game was Augustine with 13 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block, 0 fouls, and 23 points of rating in only 19 minutes of game.

David Pender Villalvilla. 6/2/2012.

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  1. This could be the beggining of our "resurrection". I hope it