martes, 31 de enero de 2012


     Firstly, we participated in the GYMKANA, it was very exciting! We liked it so much, because we enjoyed very very much. But one thing, the morning has been very cold!. Rajae forgot her jacket in her house, that´s because she wore a pretty dress with a necklace for the French theatre.

     The first activity was spanish language, it was our best spanish teacher, Mª Ángeles. She is really  a good teacher.Then, we participated in the activity of maths. Do you know who was solving the problems , of course Sihame. Then we participated in more activities of  the GYMKANA, after that we went at the english activity , we won 5 points, thanks to the best teacher Carlos, because he helped us in that.

     Sihame and other girls wanted to sing in the Karaoke but we couldn´t sing it, because we hadn´t got much time. At the end we went to do the theatre, Rajae was representing all the time in French, she didn´t listen the people who acted while she was thinking her paper of the play. And the second thing is, the place wasn´t very crowded Rajae thought that  people were bored because they didn´t undestandad the play,

      Rajae told the thing at our teacher Caty, and she saw a teacher who tell her in french: "Bonjour, je comprend trés bien vos têathres, vous les fait trés bien". Chahida didn´t partipe in the GYMKANA but she acted in the theatre. And we met Ana with her friends and she went with us.The last activity was fun and interesting because we watched how the teachers Carlos and Pedro played basketball, so we were very happy because we discovered one thing: our techer Carlos is a good player.

                                           Done by: Rajae,Ana, Sihame and Chahida.

viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Santo Tomas de Aquino

Last Thursday 26th, the High School celebrated Saint Thomas Aquinas. 
During the morning, there were many activities:
First there was a chess tournament, after a gymkhana with many fun activities in which groups of students of all ages could participate, after the gymkhana, bilingual students did a little theater in French and departments of all the subjects organised workshops with different activities, to finish the teachers engaged the students in a basketball game.
It was a very fun and interesting morning, in which the students could enjoy a different day from what they are use
                                                                                                                     Carmen Vera Torres.       

martes, 24 de enero de 2012

My favourite cake ! ; )

The cheese cake is my favourite dessert. Is the best cake in the world ; )

Here you have the recipe :

Ingredients , to 7 persons :

- 1 liter of whipping cream
- 400 grams of Philadelphia cheese
- 2 sachets of curd
- 1 lemon yogurt
- 100 grams of sugar
- Raspberry or strawberry jam
- Muffins or biscuits

Preparation : 

Mix all the ingredients at the same time and let simmer, stirring occasionally until it starts boiling, about 10 minutes. If the Thermomix, allow 14 min. at 90 º.

On the other hand,take the mold and fill it of muffins, previously made slices the muffins, leaving no unfilled space, about a finger high.
The mixture is poured slowly so the cupcakes don´t move. Let it cool and then gets into the fridge. Before serving, cover it with jam.

Maria Encarnación Collados González

Nick Vujicic, my idol.

     Nick Vujicic isn’t a famous actor, a wonderful singer or a muscular sportsman. He’s an Australian bloke who studied “Accounting and Financial Planning”, and maybe you’re asking why he is my idol. It’s very easy. One day, while I was watching for good music on Youtube, I saw a video that attracted my attention, about this guy. When I clicked on it, I was very surprised, because Nick Vuijicic hasn’t got any arms or legs! Despite of it, he was talking to some teenagers about problems. “Sometimes, the life isn’t easy, and when you fall, you maybe can think that you can’t raise up, but it isn’t true; if you fall 100 times, you must raise up other 100 times, and if you fail, don’t give up, because it is not the end”, this is the message that Nick tried to send to those teens.

     When the video ended, I was crying, because many times, when a stupid thing occurs or when I feel very badly, I think that life isn’t beautiful, but after watching that video, this idea seems me very stupid. Nick’s video helps me to beat bad situations and to be a positive person in everything, and when the sentence “Life is a present” disappears, I watched it and I feel much better. I don’t know where he gets the strength to carry on despite of his disability, because perhaps me in his situation I would give up easily, but for that reason, I admire him.

This is the video.

María Cabezas González.

lunes, 23 de enero de 2012


                                                        DESESPERATE FAMILIES
The police continue looking for  the missing people in the sea  . A boat sank   next to the coast the last Saturday ,  which facilitated the rescue of a lot of people . In the boat there were 4129 passengers , eleven of them are dead and the rest are missing people and suvirvor .
The groups of rescue go on looking for .

 The captain is arrested , maybe he drank alcohol  the night of the accident,even he didn´t follow the route  and he moved the boat next to the coast , this is ilegal according to the rules .
Other rule : The captain can´t leave the boat in case of  an accident if all the passegers haven´t come out of this and he didn´t obey this.

There are differents versions of the accident and we don´t know which is true also we know that the captain is the guilty   .
 In my opinion I think  that this person  should be the rest of his life in the prison because he has killed a lot of people and he has destroyed families and the loss of a person is very painful
and  it´s difficult forget the death of a loved one.


viernes, 13 de enero de 2012


      Welcome to one of the most exciting, funny and interesting blogs you will find in the whole universe. We are a group of students from El Palmar, Murcia and we are probably the best classroom which has never existed and by this reason we have decided to create this digital magazine in order to show the world all our little but fantastic universe. You will find things related to videogames, music, cinema, fashion, enterntainment, books, comics or sports together with a lot of surprises which we will offer to our fantastic audience.
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