lunes, 23 de enero de 2012


                                                        DESESPERATE FAMILIES
The police continue looking for  the missing people in the sea  . A boat sank   next to the coast the last Saturday ,  which facilitated the rescue of a lot of people . In the boat there were 4129 passengers , eleven of them are dead and the rest are missing people and suvirvor .
The groups of rescue go on looking for .

 The captain is arrested , maybe he drank alcohol  the night of the accident,even he didn´t follow the route  and he moved the boat next to the coast , this is ilegal according to the rules .
Other rule : The captain can´t leave the boat in case of  an accident if all the passegers haven´t come out of this and he didn´t obey this.

There are differents versions of the accident and we don´t know which is true also we know that the captain is the guilty   .
 In my opinion I think  that this person  should be the rest of his life in the prison because he has killed a lot of people and he has destroyed families and the loss of a person is very painful
and  it´s difficult forget the death of a loved one.


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  1. Poor captain!! I am sure he didn't want to. Are you afraid of ships now?

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