martes, 31 de enero de 2012


     Firstly, we participated in the GYMKANA, it was very exciting! We liked it so much, because we enjoyed very very much. But one thing, the morning has been very cold!. Rajae forgot her jacket in her house, that´s because she wore a pretty dress with a necklace for the French theatre.

     The first activity was spanish language, it was our best spanish teacher, Mª Ángeles. She is really  a good teacher.Then, we participated in the activity of maths. Do you know who was solving the problems , of course Sihame. Then we participated in more activities of  the GYMKANA, after that we went at the english activity , we won 5 points, thanks to the best teacher Carlos, because he helped us in that.

     Sihame and other girls wanted to sing in the Karaoke but we couldn´t sing it, because we hadn´t got much time. At the end we went to do the theatre, Rajae was representing all the time in French, she didn´t listen the people who acted while she was thinking her paper of the play. And the second thing is, the place wasn´t very crowded Rajae thought that  people were bored because they didn´t undestandad the play,

      Rajae told the thing at our teacher Caty, and she saw a teacher who tell her in french: "Bonjour, je comprend trés bien vos têathres, vous les fait trés bien". Chahida didn´t partipe in the GYMKANA but she acted in the theatre. And we met Ana with her friends and she went with us.The last activity was fun and interesting because we watched how the teachers Carlos and Pedro played basketball, so we were very happy because we discovered one thing: our techer Carlos is a good player.

                                           Done by: Rajae,Ana, Sihame and Chahida.

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  1. I am sure you really enjoyed very much. Believe me, I am not a good basketball player