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I´m going to talk a little about the life of this great singer and some of her songs.
Michael Joseph Jackson (1958-2009) was born in Gary, Indiana (United States) and was a singer, dancer, music producer ...
Of all the great performances and fantastic things he has done, has been recognized in the Guinness World Records.
Michael Jackson is known throughout the world as the "King of Pop".
During his childhood he lived in a house in his hometown of Gary, Indiana, with his parents and eight siblings, he grew up in an environment of continuous abuse because of the abuse he suffered from his father, as confirmed by his brother Tito.
From an early age Michael showed interest in music when he sang in the Christmas celebrations of kindergarten I attended. In 1964, he and his brother Marlon joined the Jackson Brothers band formed by his older brothers Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, where they played some small bongos and tambourines. Michael said the rest of his brothers for his ability to sing and dance.
Michael said very young and became one of the best singers and dancers from around the world with its many performances.

His physical changed over time, at first it was like the first picture but later after a series of operations changed and became physical in a way worse.

One of the best performances of this great singer and dancer was:

It was one of the best singers and dancers of this world and will be.
I hope you liked.


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Ordinary mail

The send of information by letters born before 1800 b.c. but in recent times its use has declined because of Internet. Mail service can be private or of the state. On 9 October is World Post Day. In Spain the main company os mail is called Correos. I think that the ordinary mail shouldn’t lose beacause it is safer than internet mail. I also think that the ordinary mail shouldn’t disappear because many people work in regular mail and the disappearance of this tipe of mail will mean the loss of their jobs. While mail lifetime cost money we have to keep it alive to get out of the sapnish’ “crisis”. My father is a postman and i am proud of he.

Pedro Martínez Muñoz.

sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

  Going to  a good  society 

A man aproached to the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, asking him for a charity. But the prophet P.B.U.H instead of giving him the money, he asked him if he had something of value in her house. The man said that he had a beautiful carpet. So the prophet P.B.U.H ordered him to sell the carpet. when he sold his carpet, he bought with the part of money, which he earned, a hoe as the prophet P.B.U.H told him. The  other part of money was spent in his food and clothes as the prophet PBUH said to him. After that, the man returned to the prophet PBUH. Then the prophet PBUH ordered him that he had to work as  woodcutter with the  hoe that he bought, so in that way he could earn  money and keep his family. So the problem of the poor man  was solved, he found a job. finally, thanks to God his life was plenty of happiness.

In that story, we can  learn  many things because sometimes many beggars, they can work, so for that is useful to find them a job instead of giving them the money. Because the charity that we are giving to them, is not too enough to have a life with good conditions . So the solution is  that we have to fight against the poverty by finding a job to everyone. Because i am sure that everyone in this world has something special, and also has a positive thing. That means that everybody knows to do something.  Maybe  this idea can work, just think about it. A chinese metaphor said " teach your brother how to fish, but do not give him the fish"
This metaphor wants to explain us that we must teach the people how to work, but do not give them the money.

It is a honour to me to finish this essay with an advice to all my muslim brothers. This advice consists of the charity that we give once a year, why we do not put together the charities to do something important?. For exemple, to buy a house to the poor family, to allow some people to study by giving them the money...
In that  way we are going to do the useful things, for that our aim in this life is helping people as much as we can.

If the whole world gave the charity, the poverty would not exsist.


Sihame and Rajae

lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

A (stupid) mystery.

Some are born stupid, others achieve the stupid state, and there are a last group of individuals that have adhered the stupidity to mostrate it in some moments in which they are with their friends, or something like that. I think the stupidity is not influenced by their ancestors or their contemporaries. It is the result of a hard personal effort. They make the role of the fool. Fortunately or unfortunately, some stand out and make a perfect fool. The stupidity assumes forms as varied as pride, vanity, gullibility, fear and prejudice.

Well, as in one occasion, a enormous person said, "In a perfect world no one would laugh." It wouldn´t have anything to laugh, and nothing would be ridiculous. Furthermore, the perfection doesn´t exist. Could something be described as a perfect world if there isn´t laughter? On the other hand, are those with enough intelligence to understand that they are stupid (It is not our case). Which is, then, a fool? "The Man". I believe the stupidity of man has no limits.
Those who make "songs" that are really stupid and get succeed, becoming stars of the network ... those! really aren´t stupid.

In summary, don´t listen nor look the fashions. It´s dangerous.


María Hernández Galván. 

viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Without hope.

She woke up with a bad taste in her mouth. She didn't remember anything. She tried to think about. She was at the bar with Clara, Lucy and Dave. She went out with Clara to smoke and they saw a strange boy who was looking at them. The boy's face was familiar to her but she didn't know where she had seen him. She didn't tell anything to her friends and they continued the night as usual. At half past three she was very tired and she decided to go home. By the way she realized that someone was following her. She started to walk faster but it was too late. Someone seized her by the arm. She tried to escape but it was impossible. After that, all was dark. 
She tried to know where she was but the room was too dark and she couldn't see anything. She couldn't move. She had her hands and feet tied to a chair and something in her mouth didn't let her to talk. What had happened?
Suddenly, she heard steps. The door was opened. A man entered the room but she didn't saw his face. He was holding some food and water. He turned on a lamp so she could see him. It was the boy she saw at the bar and now, she knew who he was. She realized that she wouldn't survive.

                                                                                               Laura Vera Costa.

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A bit of mythology: Daedalus and Icarus.

Daedalus was an Athenian artist and inventor who had learned his art with the goddess Athena. However, Daedalus had a nephew, who being still very young he invented the saw, the potter's wheel and  the compass. Daedalus was very jalous and he decided to kill Talos. He threw him from the top of the temple of Athenea.
Daedalus, scared, ran away from Athens and took refuge on the island of Crete in the court of king Minos. There, he had a son (Icarus) with a slave. Poseidon took offense of  this and he offered a bull to Minos. Poseidon wanted Pasiphae (Mino’s wife) to fall in love with the bull, and so it was. Daedalus designed a suit to the queen, at its request, with which he could join with the bull in a romantic evening. And from that meeting was born the Minotaur (bull's head and  human’s body). King Minos asked Daedalus to create a maze to imprison the creature of which he was embarrassed. It took five years to finish it.
Minos didn’t want anyone to know anything about the existence of the labyrinth so he locked them in the maze.
 They tried to escape but it was too complicated, so Daedalus had the idea of ​​making two pairs of wings of feathers and wax to escape flying.
They took flight and when they took off, the son jumped a lot because he felt free. Every time he flew higher so Daedalus told him that if he went much more higher his wings would melt. However, his son was excited and believing he was a bird he flew higher. The wax began to melt and, at last, he fell into the sea and he drowned.
Daedalus arrived safely in Sicily and took refuge in the court of King Cocalus.
 Minos pursued him, but Daedalus died while he was taking a bath in the palace of hot water pipes. Minos killed him with boiling water.

Here I leave some artistic expressions of this myth:

                                                                          Natalia Valera Iniesta 

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013


                                                        ARGAN OIL                                                     

                                                                         Name: Argania
                                                               Surname: Espinosa
                                                                 Age: 80 million years
                                                              Location: West of Morocco
                                                 Status: Endangered Survivor
The argan tree is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 50 ° C.
Argania spinosa, is a species of flowering plant in the family Sapotaceae, being endemic to the calcareous semi-desert of southwestern Morocco, and the province of Tindouf in western Algeria. It is the only species in the genus Argania.

Argan grows to 8-10 meters tall and live about 150-200 years. It grows in the area between Tiznit and Essaouira. The trunk is rough thorny. It has small leaves 2-4 cm long., Oval with rounded apex. The flowers are small, with five greenish yellow petals, blooms in April. The fruit is 2-4 cm long and 1.5-3 cm wide, with thick skin and thick shell surrounding the bitter with sweet smell, it encircles the fruits containing 2-3 seeds that are rich in oil. The fruit takes a year to mature until June-July of the following year.


Fruits of this tree, from which is extracted argan oil, they begin to mature with the first heats of June, traditionally collected a very original way: the goats harvested.
When the grass is scarce, goats climb the trees to eat the leaves, young shoots and fruits. At night, and in the fold, the animals begin to ruminate, spit out the bones of the fruit, large as hard as acorns and almonds, the Shepherd collected without being stuck even once. Another method is to pick them up from under the tree when they have fallen mature and let them dry, peel and remove the bone. 

In the Souss area, located in the south-west of Morocco, is mainly used as food in the form of oil, for greasing the bread or prepare tagines. Also highly appreciated cosmetic use, presenting as soaps, creams, lotions, oils, ... given their moisturizing, antiacneicas, for the treatment of psoriasis and tanning, among others.

                                PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS IN COSMETICS

Argan oil is rich in natural ingredients that play a role in the renewal and regeneration celular.En traditional Moroccan pharmacopoeia, argan oil is adopted for body treatments to combat the ravages of age and climate: works perfectly in wrinkles and dry skin, reduces visible marks left by acne pimples, sequelae of chickenpox, and other skin lesions or irritations such striation marks. It is extraordinary in cases of: Burns and cracks, eczema, psoriasis or any alteration that relates to the skin. Also used for scalp care: argan oil hair shine returns again illuminating through its high nutritional and strengthens brittle nails. Finally, argan oil relieves pain in the joints and is very popular for body massages.

The oil obtained from the seeds.


Nintendo's world

Nintendo Company Limited is a multinational Japanese market of video games and electronics consumer industry, based in Kyoto, Japan.It was founded on 23, September 1889 by FusajiroYamauchi, as a manufacturer of Japanese cards and refounded in 1963 by his great-grandson Hiroshi Yamauchi,changing both its name to start a taxi company and the administration of lovehotels,things changed when he noticed that the video game market was a better option.
The first videogame made ​​by Nintendo was an arcade in 1978 called Computer Othello, a long list of similar games appeared in the following years, the most famous was Radar Scope and Donkey Kong.
Late 70’s, after the proliferation of home computers, industry the game went into a major crisis, since players prefer hack or buy the games that were in the recreation area, instead of spending money on them. The solution to the problem was the creation, by firms, of their own home consoles or develop software for them. The most famous of nintendo are:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Virtual Boy
  • N64
  • GameCube
  • Wii
  • Wii U
When the popularity of the games reached extremely high levels, took the opportunity to present the famous Game Boy in 1989.This console would eliminate all its competitors, even being far less powerful than his rivals and lacking color. Nintendo went on to sell 60 million of these consoles. After the handheld console, have been improving up to the current 3DS.
I've been trying some of the nintendo consoles and think that they are one of the best options if you want a good entertainment.

Manuel Pérez Fernández


Along our lifes, a lot of many different things, experiences and situations happen to us; some of them are good ,some of them aren´t. But they have something in common. They teach us how to adapt our life in a different way, or change our daily life.

From my own point of view, a good way to get over a problem is to think about new challenges, trying to test ourself, to know what we are able to do. A challange can be a lot of things, for example learning things that we could not do previusly.

How many times we want to do something but we can not do it because of physical conditions or anothers problems?

There are a lot of people over the world that are in this situation. What is the solution? Very simple:
The people use to say that the real force is in the mind, and, I think that they're right.
If you want, you can”, this is an universal truth.

This is the story of Daniel Molina, a spanish athlete that has an incredible life “thanks” to one of the moments that we were talking about before. When I saw the video, a lot of sensations crossed my body, I experimented an emotion of happiness and superation.


The art in XVIII

The style that predominated was the "Rococó".
This style had its origin in France and after, it expanded in Europe.
Its aesthetic reflected the elegance of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy,this style decorated a lot of palaces.

We can find differents parts:
"Ornamentación and intimismo"
The architecture "rococó" followed the esthetic models of the style Baroque.
The principal subject  was the decoration in the interiors with a profuse ornamentation with curves lines and  the asymmetry.

The sculpture , stood up because of the discovery of the  technique porcelain imported from Orient .This new technique was ideal for the interiors.

The aristocratic painting:
The painting reflected also in the elegance (Buggery and aristocracy). The cheerful colours were changed by other duller colours, gray,light green ... to represent the gallant places.
The use of the colours helped to create a new technique: the pastel.
The subject was different , it depended of the country. In France , the love subjects and the aristocratic celebrations.We can find some artists: J.A. Watteau,François Boucher and J.H. Fragonard.
In Italy, the artists painted urban landscapes(Canaletto) and the theatrical decoration (Tiépolo). 
In England, the countryside  and the portrait of the elegance(Gainsborough,Hogarth and Reynolds)


In the XVIII century, the "Rococó" style , we found it in the interiors of the aristocratic palaces , it followed the french taste and the oriental motives.
The decoration instead of continuing the same way of the rest of Europe, they didn´t substitute the polychrome wood and the religious subjects, in figures and also in the scenes of Holy Week , a good example Salzillo and the masterpieces of Tomé.

 Spanish painting ,"rococó" reflected also the privileged people . (Paret and Alcázar).



SOS 4.8 is a music festival in our region, Murcia, which takes place in the concert hall “Victor Villegas” and in the open area “La Fica”. It offers us different music styles such as independent music, pop, rock and also electronic music, shared out in four stages: Estrella Levante, Jagërmeister, Auditorium and SOS Club. 

It was inaugurated in 2008 and it’s known among the young people as the festival which opens the summer festivals season. The SOS 4.8 isn’t only characterized by his music, but also to be a space for contemporary art and reflection; for that reason it gets some up-to-day scientifics, economists and philosophers together, who make us think about the world where we live. We also count on spaces dedicated to discuss some interest subjects. The festival offers a campsite and the necessary means of transport to arrive there too.

In 2011 it was added a new activity: the savory snack route in some pubs from Murcia, with a discount for people who go to SOS. As a novelty too, a set of free gigs were offered in “Plaza de las Flores” during Saturday and Sunday morning. That year it was also celebrated a “special SOS 4.8” as a benefit concert for Lorca and their victims.

In SOS 4.8 2013 we count on national and foreign groups and artists such as M83, Jero Romero, Citizens!, The XX, AngelPop, Bloc Party, Crystal fighter… Other groups like Lori Meyers, Dorian and Second will also be in this SOS 4.8 edition, even though we also have found them other years. 


Aventures Times

Adventures Time is a TV program created by Pendleton Ward. On March11, 2010, a short was showed in Cartoon Network and the series officially was release on April 5, 2010. The structure of the program is two episodes of eleven minutes.This cartoons are inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.  

The sit-com is about the aventures of two friends (and brothers).
At the beginning of the serie Finn is a teenage with 12 years. He live with his best friend and brother Jake, a dog with a magicals powers.
The two friends  live in the Land of Ooo. Is a place full of strange creatures, animals who can speak.   Where the tecnology and the magic mix to create news gadget. And where the two heroes have aventures, save princess, fight against evil, discover new places and help people who need aid.  

Ooo is a world of fantasy and magic. But the story happens in a post-apocaliptic future.
In the series is mentioned a war « The Mushroom War ». It may be World War III because the mushroom is the form of an atomic explosion. Therefore, the creatures who live in Ooo can be a mutation of the people from the past.

Finn : He is a young teenage with a great spirit of adventure and exploration of the Land of Ooo
Jake : Is the brother and the best friend of Finn. Jake is a magic dog who has elastic powers.
Ice King : Is the antagonist of the story. He like catch princess to make them their wives.
Marceline : She is 1003 years old but she feingn 21 years old.Marceline is the queen of vampires because she kill the master vampire. 

                                                                                                                        Álvaro Romero


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins known as Adele, was born in 1988. He is a singer British that has won nine prizes Grammy, four American Music Awards, a Globe of gold, a Prize Oscar, four Awards and a heap of prizes more.
With his qualified album "début" new artist received the prize to The Best in the Prizes Grammy of 2009. His second album "21" was most sold in 2011 and in 2012 occupying the position 37 of the álbumes most sold of the whole history. 
Adele has been the first artist who has managed to have three albumes consecutive in top10 of the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time, and the first feminine artist in two have álbumes in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200. Adele is one of the most important artists worldwide at present.
In 2012 the magazine Forbes chose the singer Adele as " more influential of the world " and number 1 of 2012 was chosen by The Associated Press and Billboard as the Artist.
Adele turns into the first European woman of all the times in Nielsen SoundScan obtains 10 million sales in USA and the diamond recognition of his disc for the company.
Adele was the great winner of the Prizes Grammy of 2012, taking 6 awards to him: 2 for his album 21, 3 for his simple one " Rolling in the Deep " and 1 for " Someone Like You " .
In 2013 it obtains his ninth Grammy in the category " Alone Best Pop Performance " with " Set Fire to the Rain "
Cristina Rodríguez González.

The noise

There were two people in the house when a noise was sounded. They were Sofía, who had got 16 years old and Alejandro, who had 17 years.
They were very confused because the noise were sounded a lot of times. It was very uncomfortable to listen
because it was very powerful.
Sofía was called a her mum very worried but her mum not taked the phone.
Sofía and Alejandro were very scared but when the noise was stop a men was entrer by the door and do a lot of knife wound a Sofía in the chest and Alejandro was leaved to request help.
The men was follow to Alejandro and, at the moment, Sofía was die.
The mum of Sofía was arrived to the house and when she was looked a Sofía, she decided to commit suicide.
When Alejandro was knowed that, he changed the house.

                                                             Marina López Manzanera 4ºAX


Today, the english is one of the most important languages used in the world, but... Is it an objective language? Is it a language to translate literally? Although some do it, no, it isn´t.
The "False friends" are words which lead to confusion. They are pronounced or written similarly in different languages ​​but they have different meanings. This words usually derived from Latin, so they have a similar root, but they don´t mean the same. I think that some of this words are big curiosities.
For example:

  • "Constipated" usually give much play. We may think that it means someone has a cold., but really that´s not true. "Constipated" describes the person suffering from constipation and not one who suffers from runny nose, cough, headache or cold symptoms.
  • "Recluse" is a person who chooses to live alone and avoids contact with their partners and not a prisoner, or a prisoner in jail as many think.
  • "Squalid" is an adjective that refers to something extremely dirty and it´s used more to describe locations than people. If we label someone "squalid",his problem is solved with a hot bath and not swelling to eat.
  • "Travesty" can raises laughs and an extensive discussion, very common in class, but the meaning trick. The first thing all students suggest is, of course, refers to a person who likes to dress as a woman or man, but the English word of that is "transvestite". Our false friend is an injustice. It can be used in a context of social and political criticism.
  • And we can not forget about "Vicious". A word that is used with enormous freedom every time. When someone doesn´t know how to express that someone has a bad habit such as nail biting or smoking a lot. In English, the use of "vicious" means someone violent or with strong character, and not the previously mentioned meaning.
Knowing all these little details, we make the english a more rich language, culturally and linguistically.

Don´t forget to have caution with false friends.

María Hernández Galván.