miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

The noise

There were two people in the house when a noise was sounded. They were Sofía, who had got 16 years old and Alejandro, who had 17 years.
They were very confused because the noise were sounded a lot of times. It was very uncomfortable to listen
because it was very powerful.
Sofía was called a her mum very worried but her mum not taked the phone.
Sofía and Alejandro were very scared but when the noise was stop a men was entrer by the door and do a lot of knife wound a Sofía in the chest and Alejandro was leaved to request help.
The men was follow to Alejandro and, at the moment, Sofía was die.
The mum of Sofía was arrived to the house and when she was looked a Sofía, she decided to commit suicide.
When Alejandro was knowed that, he changed the house.

                                                             Marina López Manzanera 4ºAX

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