lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

As if he had never been away

Last 15th of December, Minnesota Timberwolves played against Dallas Mavericks in an exciting game at Target Center, where Ricky Rubio played for the first time after nine months, when he was injured. Without Kevin Love playing, the Wolves beat the Mavs, who didn't make it easy for Minnesota.

These were Minnesota's initial players:
1. Ridnour
2. Shved
3. Pekovic
4. Cunningham
5. Kirilenko

And these were Dallas' initial players:
1. Jones
2. Mayo
3. Kaman
4. Fisher
5. Marion

In the first quarter, Dallas started leading and got 10 points away in the score. Their strategy was using four "little men" and only a tall player, who was the team reference when attacking. This was effective against the Wolves and the quarter finished 32-22 for the Mavericks.

The second quarter was the other way round: Minnesota players woke up and started playing very well, with good passes and good throws. When there weren't many minutes left, Minnesota's coach decided that Ricky Rubio had to play after being injured for nine months. He was very comfortable while he was playing and he was the playmaker of the team again. Minnesota thrushed Dallas and the quarter finished 45-54.

The third quarter was very matched even though the Wolves played as well as in the 2nd quarter, but Mayo and Fisher appeared to save the quarter and the match, and when the game finished, they had scored 20 points each. The score after that quarter was 70-80 led by Minnesota.

In the last quarter, Pekovic scored many pointsand he finished the match with 21 points, but Dallas played very well scoring 10 points more than Minnesota forcing the overtime. That happened by a miracle, because in the last play, the Timberwolves had three chances to scored, which they missed. The score after the four quarter was a draw 102-102.

The overtime was like the second quarter. Minnesota thrushed Dallas again helped by the huge Russian man, Kirilenko. After this, the final score was 106-114 and Minnesota Timberwolves won. But not only this was a great new, the best one was that Ricky Rubio played a fantastic match scoring 8 points, catching 4 rebounces, assisting 9 times, and stealing the ball 3 times in 18 minutes.

David Pender Villalvilla

Shooter games

The video shots games or shooters are a kind that there include a wide number of subtype that have the common characteristic of allows to control an "avatar" who, for general norm, has a weapon (usually this weapon is a gun or some other long range weapon) that can be shot at will. They belong to the kind of action games.

Characteristics of shooters
There are many criteria to determine the type of shooter. Using the following, it is possible to categorize almost all shooters developed:

  • Perspective

 The player usually views the events from behind the eyes of the character (a first-person shooter) or from a camera that follows the character, usually a few feet behind (a third-person shooter). It is also possible for a game to have a fixed camera, especially shooting gallery games and some 2D overhead shooters such as Robotron 2084
  • Realism
Games that attempt to emulate life like ballistics  and character damage include tactical shooters. But many shooter games involve varying levels of realism, with some verging on complete fantasy.
  • Number of characters

While most shooters are played as solo ventures, several offer the players the opportunity to control a squad of characters, usually directly controlling one, and giving orders to computer-controlled allies. Games which feature non-player characters fighting alongside the player, but which are not directly controllable (either by switching player control, or issuing orders to the character) are not considered squad-based games.
  • Multiplayer

If a shooter game is available online, there are several other sharp divisions it can take. Team games are where players are assigned to one of two (sometimes more, but very infrequently) factions which are competing for some goal. Co-Op games have several players on the same faction playing through either the single player or custom missions against computer-simulated enemies. Individual(often called Deathmatch) has all players competing with each other. Many times a game will offer differing modes which allow players to choose from among these various types.
  • Focus

This is often an optional way to categorize a shooter, but in some cases it's needed to help distinguish it. A game may quite often heavily rely on stealth as opposed to direct action. Others might have large horror elements to them. However, the one thing in common with all shooters is that combat with a gun or similar long range/projectile weapon is the primary focus of gameplay itself.

An example of one of the best shooters is Call of Duty that is one of the most sold in the world. In his last installment they have sold 2 million units.

Manuel Pérez Fernández 



Today we pay tribute to an actor and musician who sit well with most people is that this man brings good vibes as the way to sell your image. It seems to be a guy who does not have the money you have and that could well be your neighbor across the street. A Big Will Smith with great humility and great talent.It is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, with 80 million paper.

He was born on September 25, 1968 in Pensylvannia (USA). Of divorced parents, formed a rap group that made songs for amateur radio commercials, highlighting his humor in these pieces of music. NBC finished protagonizase calling for a series called "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" that catapulted him to fame while filming combine getting his first hit film, Bad Boys. Currently married to Jada Pinkett and has two children.

Music: Until his latest album Lost And Found Will Smith refused to leave his role as rapper and produced his own albums and soundtracks of some of the films he has been acting. Their music really had that something that you stay on the head and forces you to repeat it ... and it never gets old.  

                                                           NEREA GIL ALCÁZAR .

Liga ACB : Real Madrid vs Blusens Monbus.

The Real Madrid won Blusens Monbus . The Real Madrid won 87 - 97 wich is the win number twelve in
the Liga ACB . This match played the last sunday in Santiago de Compostela , Galicia . In the first part
of the match , at the halftime the Real Madrid was winning 26 - 29 a difference of three points .

In the first part of the match the players wich scored more points were Rudy Fernandez in the Real Madrid and Alberto Cobacho in the BlusensMonbus . The Real Madrid was winning during all the match , but couldn´t scape on the scoreboard .

The Real Madrid won but had to suffer to win the match . At finally the Real Madrid won the match 87-97 .
In the minute 29 the Real Madrid scored two shoots of three points consecutives . In the minute 34 was
74 - 78 and the Real Madrid scored 19 points in 6 minutes and the Blusens Monbus scored 13 points
is 6 minutes .

The alignment of Blusens Monbus : Andres Rodriguez , Buford , Corbacho , Kendall and Junyent .

The alignment of Real Madrid : Llul , Rudy Fernandez , Suarez , Mirotic and Hettsheimeir .

Fernando Cifuentes Perez


                     CALVIN HARRIS .
Calvin Harris , a scottish man , he was born in 1984.
His carreer started when he felt an attraction for the electronic music. When he was a teenager he recorded in his bedroom. A few months later he went to an interview with News of the World. He was 21 and he launched the first success.

 The first album.
Calvin Harris published the first album in 2007 and to spread the disco he did a tour around England.
The first launch was "Vegas", it was limited and it was made of vinyl.The disco was recorded in honour of the 80´s music.The songs and the album , became the  5th and 10th position in the UK SINGLES CHART.

 The fourth publication of the album was MAarrymaking at My Place , it became the 43th position in  UK Single Chart.His song Colours appeared in the advert Kia Motors to present the new Kia Soul.
In 2012 , the album had sold more than 250.000 CD´S in the UK , according to The Official UK Charts Company and more than 18.000 CD´S  in the United States , it was the album , the most sold in this market.

In 2007 , Harris recorded with Kylie Minogue whose attention was excited in the Harris´ productions. The work according to Harris was very funny .
Harris worked also with the pop singer Sophie Ellis Bextor , Harris helped him in his new album.
In 2008 he cooperated with Dizzee Rascal an english rapper in the song "Dance with me" . They was done an acustic version for  the BBC , for the opening of Glastonbury in 2008 (a festival). The song became the first position in the United Kingdom. 
In 2009 , he recorded other song for Dizzee Rascal , it was called "Holiday". 
In an interview with the BBC Radio 1 , Harris told that he didn´t want to  work with Lady Gaga in 2008 but he also told that he was a good singer.

The first single , I´m not Alone was recorded in Sydney , in the new year. It became the first position in the UK SINGLES CHART. The second that followed I´m not alone was Ready for the Weekend and became the third position in the Uk Singles Chart.
Harris did a tour in the UK , Ireland , France , Netherlands and the United States.
Ready for the Weekend had the cooperation of the singer Mary Pearce. Others included matters : Worst Day with Izza Kizza and Yeah yeah yeah La La La using the advert of Coca-Cola. In 2009 . NME , Holiday and Ready for the Weekend was the most listened and parts of "I´m not alone" were used in a remix for Frozen of Madonna and also this parts were used in the British Touring.
In 2012 Ready for the Weekend had sold 16000 CD´S  in the United States.
In the year 2010 Harris played in the Big Day Out that is in Australia and in New Zealand.
In 2011 , Harris told us that  he was recording a new album , it was called Bounce  and it included the cooperation of Kelis. In april , the BBC RADIO 1 showed the new song . Once more his album was in the highest position of the United Kingdom but in this case the song Changed the Way You Kiss Me of the rapper Example was before this.
Harris other time showed us a new song  Feel so close , he had sold a million of downloads in the United States .
Finally , Harris was known by the song "The girls" and also by the tours that he did in Australia  , Ireland , United Kingdom...                                  


Real Madrid vs Espanyol.

The Real Madrid of Mourinho couldn´t win although Cristiano and Coentrao scored two goals .
The Espanyol of Aguirre obtained a tie with wich improve a one point in the last match in the Santiago
Bernabeu . The Espanyol didn´t play a very good match , but a player of the Espanyol named
Sergio Garcia that provoked much danger . This player scored one goal of the two goals of the Espanyol.

In the first part of the match the best player for me was Modric . The first goal of the match was of the
Espanyol . Sergio Garcia was the first player that scored the goal in the minute 30 . The Real Madrid
tied with a goal of Cristiano in the minute 46 . At halftime the match was 1-1 .

In the second part of the match , the Real Madrid scored an other goal . Coentrao scored the second
goal of the Real Madrid in the minute 47 . The Real Madrid couldn´t close the match because all the players
shooted and shooted but the goalkeeper of Espanyol keeped all the shoots of the Real Madrid and in the
minute 88 Albin a payer of the Espanyol scored the last goal to put finish the match that finished in a tie.

The alignment of Madrid :  Casillas ,  Pepe ,  Ramos ,  Arbeloa ,  Coentrao ,  Khedira ,
 Xabi Alonso ,  Callejon ,  Ozil ,  Modric and  Cristiano.

The alignment of Espanyol : Kiko Casilla , Hector Moreno , Colotto , Victor Alvarez , Javi Lopez , 
Forlin , Verdu , Simao , Wakaso and Sergio Garcia.

Fernando Cifuentes Perez


Terry Pratchett is a British writer famous by their novels about the fantastic world he created by his self;the Discworld wich have been adaptated to almos every kind of media from radio to television and videogames.

Terry Pratchett do as many of the writers of all times:criticize the society using the satire and the parody.

Between the books he has written my 
favourite is Small gods in which a monk 
travels aroun the Discworld sent by his 
supperior.In his journey he discovers the 
badness of the religion he has always 
supported and his world changes completly.

                                                                                                                                            Miguel Diaz


     José María Ruiz Molina, better know as Chema is a comedian who was born in Murcia in 1984. He is one of the best mucianos comedians, he has acted in more than 500 times including 4 times in Paramount Comedy, in the tour of the Paramount Comedy nights. He does monologues since 2005, on of them is this:

- "Fui un pardillo", Chema Ruiz

Chema collaborated in different programs like 7 región de murcia and Cope Radio. Now, he has faunded his own weekly show on Comedy Club Murcia magic, music and improvisations. This take is in different places of Murcia. Chema was taught by Jorge Rueda and Paul Pundik. Recently he made ​​a video parody of the famous song Gangnam Style called Murcianico style:

- "Murcianico style"

Chema currently work on Tuenti.
Pedro Martínez Muñoz


Álvaro Arbeloa Coca, is an spanish player, that plays in Real Madrid in the First Division, and he also plays in the Spanish national team. His place in the football field is in the right part of the defense. He had win two Eurocups and an International cup with the Spanish national team. He was born in 1983, in Salamanca. When he was four, he moved to Zaragoza, where he grow up and he started playing football. With 12 years old he started to play in lowers categories of Real Zaragoza. But in 2001, he started to play in lowers categories in Real Madrid, that played as a central defense. He played two official match with the first team of Real Madrid, and then he moved to Deportivo de la Coruña, that payed for him 1,3 millions of euros.

At the middle of the league, he moved to Liverpool to play in the Premier League. He was signed up by Liverpool Football Club, in 2007, for 4 millions of euros. He played his first match in that team the 10th of February against Newcastle. With Liverpool, he played 98 matches and he scored 2 goals, after his return to Spain, to play again in Real Madrid, but this time, in the first team. The operation was closed paying 4 millions of euros. The 13th of February scored his first goal in that team against Xerez CD, and his second goal, against Atlético de Madrid. In the year 2011, he win the Cup of the King in Mestalla Stadium, against FC Barcelona 0-1, the goal was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo.

He played his first match in Spanish national team in 2008, against Italy, that was replaced in minute 75. Since then, is a player that plays all the matches of Spanish national team, that played the Eurocup in 2008, the International cup in 2010 and again in a Eurocup in 2012. He has win all of these competitions, but in the competition that he has played more, was in the Eurocup in 2012. In 2009, he got married with Carlota Ruiz.
He has get a degree of journalism in the University Camilo José Cela.
Raúl Iniesta Serrano


Technology has suffered a lot of changes since the last decades,the invention of the steam-machine,internet,etc.But in the last years one of the sector more developped in technology are the videogames which are completly revolutionary on these days.

A new kind of videogames are the indi games, with a simple base and graphics but with hours of gaming.
One of the best examples is Minecraft, a game created by Markus Persson known as Notch which gives you a free world replete of posibilities.

But is in the X-boxLive where this types of games have found their best support raising them to heaven.
One of them includes very colourfull graphics joined to techno music.Isn´t it perfection?

                                                                                                     Miguel Diaz


Mario Orlando Hardy Hamlet Brenno Benedetti Farrugia was a writer and a poet from Uruguay.He was considered one of the most important writers in 20th century. He was born in 1920 and he belongs to the generation of 45, like Carlos Maggi or Ángel Rama. He lived in Paso de los Toros with his family the first years of his life, but many years later he goes to Tacuarembó, beacause of buisness.Then, he goes to Montevideo.When he was four, he began his studies in "Colegio Alemán de Montevideo".He did his secondary studies in 1935 in "Liceo Miranda".He started to write in seminary "Marcha", from 1945 to 1974.

In 1946, get married with Luz López Alegre,and in 1950 is member of "Número" one of the most important magazines in that time.In the same year he won the Price of the Ministry of Public Instruction.In 1964 he works in the theatre and is one of the directors of the semanal literay page.

With the putsch in Uruguay of 1973, he renounce his charge in the university and beacuse of his political ideology he must go away from Uruguay, he goes to Buenos Aire, in Argentina. More time later he goes to Perú, where he was arrested, and he need to install in Cuba, in 1976. He returns to Uruguay in 1983.
In 1985, Joan Manuel Serrat do some songs about the poetry of Benedetti. In 1986, he recibe the price Jristo Botev of Bulgaria, beacause of his work.

His wife died in 2006, that was a critical hit to Benedetti. In 2007 Benedetti recives the price ALBA, of Venezuela.

Here are some tales and poetry of this fantastic author:

-Esta mañana y otros cuentos (1949)
-El último viaje y otros cuentos (1951)
-Montevideanos (Booket, 1959)
-Datos para el viudo (1967)
-La muerte y otras sorpresas (1968)
-Con y sin nostalgia (1977)
-La casa y el ladrillo (compilación de versos y cuentos, 1977)
-La vecina orilla (1977)
-La víspera indeleble (1945)
-Sólo mientras tanto  (1950)
-Te quiero (1956)
-Poemas de la oficina (1956)
-Poemas del hoyporhoy (1961)
 Raúl Iniesta Serrano


Medusa is the only mortal Gorgona, with lovely long hair, she liked it, but now he curses her beauty that has led to its current condition.
Some people say that Athena punished Medusa by pretend compete in beauty with her. But it was not, Medusa has never challenged.
All happened because Poseidon desired intensely to Medusa, he did not respect the temple of Athena, and he raped her with terrible violence.

Medusa begged to the goddess, but her statue, offended by having to witness the act her most dislike for being a virgin goddess, turned the Égida and covered the face´s Medusa.
And Athenea could not punish a god as powerful as Poseidon, and an offense against a goddess can not go unpunished,so she punished Medusa by transforming it into a horrible Gorgona.

Her hair became a tangle repugnant reptilians, teeth grew to protrude from her lips , her hands became bronze and grew gold wings, nothing comparable to the power that had its Gorgona´s look, who crosses his look with Medusa´s eyes is immediately transformed to stone.

Therefore the Gorgonas are condemned to the largest loneliness. How contact with someone without running the danger of petrifying? It's like being dead on that island, which is very close to Hades.

Medusa was filled of hope when she heard to Perseus, and pretended to sleep as her sisters, for a moment thought how wonderful it would be talk to him.
She trusted and did not feared any problem,because, How could he dodge her gaze?

Perseus by the advice of the goddess, had burnished his shield until became into a mirror and he looking at the image of Medusa reflected on it, he did his blow.
It was a clean cut, almost painless, and his soul went to Hades, but first she saw how by her neck sectioned her two sons were born: Pegasus and Chrysaor.


                                                                                         VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.


ADAM LANZA is the young murder of the slaughter in Stamford (Connecticut), in the United States. That occured the last friday, 14th december.
First, the young man of 20 years put on a mask, a flak jacket, dark clothes and went to school Sandy Hook, the school where his mother was giving classes. He was armed of at least four pistols. Then he killed his mother there. After that, armed with a rifle too, killed 20 children and 6 other adults. These children were from 3 to 10 years, they were students of preschool and primary of Nancy. Finally, he took off his own life in which is one of the worst school shooting in U.S. history.

Adam's father, Peter, was not living with them. He had separated from Nancy and was married to another woman again. Those who know him say he was a young "quiet, shy and educated", very intelligent but "very antisocial" and preferred to stay home alone. 

Holmes, friend for years Lanza's mother, Nancy, tells us that she had two sons. One very successful, living abroad, and another described as "something freaky". Holmes also tells us that remembers how he was surprised when Nancy, a teacher of the school where the tragedy occurred, told him she was going to go on holiday to New Orleans with her ​​oldest son, Ryan, but not with Adam, who "preferred to stay home alone."
Efe, another friend of the mother, tell us that she said in one occasion she was "increasingly worried" about the situation of his youngest son, Adam.
Tim Dalton, a former partner of Adam, said that he had been very freaky since 5 years and in the social net of twitter, according to the New York Daily News newspaper, published "Despite this horrible sucess, I can not say I'm surprised "

This young murder had Asperger syndrome. He was "a little autistic." He suffered a personality disorder.



I think is impressive, as in a head of someone apparently so normal, can pass such a quantity of horrible things... to can make such disaster.

Moreover, the weapons were bought legally. The right to possession of arms is included in the U.S. Constitution. Fortunately, after this tragedy, the United States has reconsidered this right. United States has experienced an increased number of shootings this year. Agree with this information, I do not understand how there may be more than 300 million firearms there, and they continue to be manufactured. There is no control at state level, and also 73% of the population is against the illegalisation!

It is a shocking case, scary and horrible, but I hope at least something that serves the restructuring that Obama has to do in the law, to prohibit these terrorifics objects.


domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012


     This weekend in the match Real Mucia-Guadalajara has been a scary fact, an hour before the match the gardener of the stadium "Nueva Condomina" suffered a heard attack that ended his life. Both teams thought to postpone the match,  but eventually the game was played with 20 minutes late. The Real Murcia and the Guadalajara held a minute of silence, and finally the Guadalajara won 1-0. Whole wardrobe of Real Murcia was very touched beacuse Pepe Gálvez was a friend for all the team. Pepe, a terrible loss for Murcia. 
Pedro Martínez Muñoz

Not without my daughter.

Betty Mahmoody, an American woman, was married with an Iranian doctor, Moody. They had got a four years old daughter called Mahtob. One day a Moody’s cousin arrived at their home to stay there for a month. Mammal, the cousin, proposed them to travel to Iran. At first, Betty didn’t want because she was scared, but finally she accepted. She thought this would protect Mahtob to not return to Iran. Her family and friends warned her because they thought that Moody will kidnap them in Iran, but she didn’t hear, she knew how Moody was and she couldn’t accept this idea, Moody was the perfect husband and father.
When they arrived to the airport all the Moody’s family was there. Betty wasn’t comfortable; the air, the smells, the clothes she had to wear… They had to stay at Ameh Bozorg´s house. Ameh was the Moody’s sister, who brought up him when their parents died. The house was extremely dirty and the smell was horrible. The first days, Moody ignored Betty and Mahtob. Betty was confused, she didn’t know what was happening to Moody, she didn’t recognize him, and she didn’t know where its sweet husband was. Both, mother and daughter were counting the days to return to America. The last day they were excited because they will leave Iran, but when Moody entered in the bedroom their hopes disappeared. Moody told them that they will stay in Iran. Betty didn’t believe it, her suspicions come true. That day started their nightmare. No one supported her, no one understood her. Escape was difficult because in those countries women are treated like animals, but she found people that help her.
Not without my daughter is the biography of Betty Mahmoody, it tells how she got over all the obstacles of the way. Her only incentive was safe Mahtob from her father and his family. The novel is situated in the Iran of the 80’s. It denounces the women’s situation on the Islamic countries and the few resources to denounce something if you don’t have power in the society.
I like so much the book because I knew that those countries were very racists with women but I didn’t know that the situation was so extreme. It makes me reconsider because not only the women that born there are condemned to life in this conditions also women that get married with Islamic men. Maybe the majority of the men are good persons and they wouldn’t do anything that could damage their wives, but some others hust and kidnap their wives.

                                                                                                    Laura Vera Costa.


Currently, the musicians are not important in society,of the XXI century.
Playing an instrument is very difficult and  It is a continuing work of 14 years.First you have to finish those 14 years and them find work, that it´s very difficult because there are millions of musicians in the world and you have to be the best to get it.

I don't understand the people who say that it is easy . Here, if you don´t go to university, you are an idiot and and that thought is very sad. In my case, I study two hours a day and I  haven´t got time to watch TV or study other things.

I am very fun and cheerful but lately I have got a lot of stress, this year, my piano teacher is crazy and he produced stress in me. I have got a lot of concerts that they are always in line with the exams in the High School. I know what happens with all the musicians but is the "horror".

I love playing the piano and is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

I love Joplin and Chopin, they are my favourites composers, I love play his works.My favourite song of Joplin is The Entertainer´ and my favourites songs of Chopin is Nocturne Nº1 and Nº2 Op. 9.

Quiche, a classic French dish

The quiche is a type of salty tart derived from the French kitchen. It is elaborated principally by a mixture of eggs and cream of fresh milk or cream, mixed with vegetables and/ or meat, with which a mold of broken mass is refilled, It’s cooked to the oven and is very delicious.


To make the quiche you will need:
  • A thin piece of broken mass
  • 150 gr. of Parma ham
  • 200 gr. of emmental (cheese)
  • 200 gr. of cream
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Nutmeg

How to do it:

While you prepare the filling, to heat up the oven to 220º. To stretch out the broken mass and cover a mold.
In a bowl, mix the eggs, the Parma ham cut into pieces, the emmental cheese, grated, and the cream. To season and add a pinch of nutmeg. Pour the mixture in the mold.
To heat up in the oven approximately 20 minutes, leave to rest and serve.

I like much, and I think that is one of my favorite dish.

Manuel Pérez Fernández
                             Migas flour recipe.


  • ½ Kg of cornmeal
  • Water.
  • 300 gr. of pork sausage.
  • 300 gr. of pork sausage.
  • 300 gr.of fresh bacon.
  • 2 bunches of spring onions.
  • 1 bag of baby broad.
  • Four cloves of garlic.
  • 2 peppers.
  • Oil.
  • Sal.

How to do it step by step:

Fry in oil the peppers and keep. In the same oil fry the vegetables and then the sausages  separately and keep.
 On one side is put flour, water and salt in a bowl large enough to allow us to knead until a compact paste. 
In a large skillet fry the garlic cloves.Then add the flour paste. With a metal spoon started to mix  and finally go breaking the paste until they are loose
.After the migas are loose add the  peppers, vegetables and sausages. Finally everything is mixed.

By: Francisco Miguel Calatrava Nicolás.

Cake of carrot


100 grams of hazelnuts
250 grams of sugar
3 bases of sponge cake
12 hopeful cherries
200 grams of grated Coconut
100 ccs of mounted Scum
2 kilos of carrot

How to prepare the cake of carrot:

  1. First it is necessary to cook the carrots and grate them. There are mixed the carrots, the coconut and the sugar. It is necessary to prepare a mold and put the bases of sponge cake in the bottom opened, up to covering the surface of the mold.
  2. To spill the mixture formed by the carrots, the coconut and the sugar and to cover with the rest of the bases of sponge cake                                                                                                                         
  3. It is necessary to oppress the tart with a flat surface inside the mold and her leave in the icebox a minimum of 18h before consuming it
  4. To decorate of it him can throw grated coconut and hazelnuts

Cristina Rodríguez González.

The movie " The fourth kind "

The fourth kind is a 2009 film directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and starring Milla Jovovich, Charlotte Milchard, Elias Koteas, Will Patton, and Mia McKenna Bruce. The film is set in Nome, Alaska, and is the subject of alien abductions. Its title comes from the classification of close encounters with aliens designed by ufologist J. Allen Hynek, wherein the fourth type is abduction.
This film is based on real events. In the movie, the town has been a disproportionate amount of alien abductions during the past forty years.
Milla Jovovich plays psychotherapist Abigail Tyler, who videotaped interviews with abductees. 

While alternating between drama and real documentation, the film shows how patients with sleep problems receiving visits from alien beings they describe as the owls. They speak in the ancient Sumerian language, on the other hand, relates to statues or sphinxes of rockets and space helmets back thousands of years.

Before sleeping, they all claimed to have seen a white owl watching them from outside the window. And woke up completely paralyzed, hearing horrific noises just before an unknown attacker will take out of the room. As was investigating the phenomenon, the doctor discovered that the disappearance of people and strange events in the region dating back to the '60s. "
On the other hand, the film shows how the government ignores the thousands of complaints, all of a similar nature.

When a UFO is sighted is considered the first phase. If discovered evidence, speaking of a second phase. If contact with extraterrestrials, it is the third phase. The next level, abduction, is the fourth phase called.