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Mario Orlando Hardy Hamlet Brenno Benedetti Farrugia was a writer and a poet from Uruguay.He was considered one of the most important writers in 20th century. He was born in 1920 and he belongs to the generation of 45, like Carlos Maggi or Ángel Rama. He lived in Paso de los Toros with his family the first years of his life, but many years later he goes to Tacuarembó, beacause of buisness.Then, he goes to Montevideo.When he was four, he began his studies in "Colegio Alemán de Montevideo".He did his secondary studies in 1935 in "Liceo Miranda".He started to write in seminary "Marcha", from 1945 to 1974.

In 1946, get married with Luz López Alegre,and in 1950 is member of "Número" one of the most important magazines in that time.In the same year he won the Price of the Ministry of Public Instruction.In 1964 he works in the theatre and is one of the directors of the semanal literay page.

With the putsch in Uruguay of 1973, he renounce his charge in the university and beacuse of his political ideology he must go away from Uruguay, he goes to Buenos Aire, in Argentina. More time later he goes to Perú, where he was arrested, and he need to install in Cuba, in 1976. He returns to Uruguay in 1983.
In 1985, Joan Manuel Serrat do some songs about the poetry of Benedetti. In 1986, he recibe the price Jristo Botev of Bulgaria, beacause of his work.

His wife died in 2006, that was a critical hit to Benedetti. In 2007 Benedetti recives the price ALBA, of Venezuela.

Here are some tales and poetry of this fantastic author:

-Esta mañana y otros cuentos (1949)
-El último viaje y otros cuentos (1951)
-Montevideanos (Booket, 1959)
-Datos para el viudo (1967)
-La muerte y otras sorpresas (1968)
-Con y sin nostalgia (1977)
-La casa y el ladrillo (compilación de versos y cuentos, 1977)
-La vecina orilla (1977)
-La víspera indeleble (1945)
-Sólo mientras tanto  (1950)
-Te quiero (1956)
-Poemas de la oficina (1956)
-Poemas del hoyporhoy (1961)
 Raúl Iniesta Serrano

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