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Álvaro Arbeloa Coca, is an spanish player, that plays in Real Madrid in the First Division, and he also plays in the Spanish national team. His place in the football field is in the right part of the defense. He had win two Eurocups and an International cup with the Spanish national team. He was born in 1983, in Salamanca. When he was four, he moved to Zaragoza, where he grow up and he started playing football. With 12 years old he started to play in lowers categories of Real Zaragoza. But in 2001, he started to play in lowers categories in Real Madrid, that played as a central defense. He played two official match with the first team of Real Madrid, and then he moved to Deportivo de la Coruña, that payed for him 1,3 millions of euros.

At the middle of the league, he moved to Liverpool to play in the Premier League. He was signed up by Liverpool Football Club, in 2007, for 4 millions of euros. He played his first match in that team the 10th of February against Newcastle. With Liverpool, he played 98 matches and he scored 2 goals, after his return to Spain, to play again in Real Madrid, but this time, in the first team. The operation was closed paying 4 millions of euros. The 13th of February scored his first goal in that team against Xerez CD, and his second goal, against Atlético de Madrid. In the year 2011, he win the Cup of the King in Mestalla Stadium, against FC Barcelona 0-1, the goal was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo.

He played his first match in Spanish national team in 2008, against Italy, that was replaced in minute 75. Since then, is a player that plays all the matches of Spanish national team, that played the Eurocup in 2008, the International cup in 2010 and again in a Eurocup in 2012. He has win all of these competitions, but in the competition that he has played more, was in the Eurocup in 2012. In 2009, he got married with Carlota Ruiz.
He has get a degree of journalism in the University Camilo José Cela.
Raúl Iniesta Serrano

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  1. A great player. He is a hard-working and discrete person and he has succeeded as a football player without making noise