domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2012

World Day of the AIDS

The World Day of the Fight against the AIDS or World Day of the Response to the AIDS is commemorated on 1 December every year, and devotes itself to announce the advances against the pandemic of HIV / AIDS caused by the extension of the infection of the HIV. 
The AIDS has killed more than 25 million people in the whole planet. The AIDS is the most destructive epidemics registered in the history.
For many years there has been improved the anti-retroviral treatment and the medical care in many regions of the world, the epidemic of AIDS cost approximately 3,1 million but he treats it for this disease does not finish with her, only it is allowed that the virus should not spread. 
The idea of dedicating one day to the fight against the AIDS in the world arose in the World Summit of Departments of the Health in 1988, inside the programs for the prevention of the AIDS. Since then, the initiative has been followed by governments, international organizations and charities of the whole planet.
The AIDS is a disease zoonotica that affects the people who have been infected by the virus of the human immunodeficiency. It is said that someone suffers from AIDS when his organism, due to the immunodeficiency provoked by the HIV, is not capable of offering an immune response adapted against the infections.
At present, the most common way in which the HIV is transmitte is across sexual unprotected activity and on having shared needles between users of injectable drugs. The virus also can be transmitted from a mother embarrassed to his son (vertical transmission). In the past also the AIDS was transmitted across transfusions of blood and the use of products derived from this one for the treatment of the haemophilia or for the shared use of medical material without sterilizing, Even though, nowadays this happens very strange, except the last thing in poor regions, due to the controls realized on these products. 
International symbol of the AIDS

The AIDS is a disease that has killed many people, thanks to medical advances today we have priests who avoid his extension in the organism, but we all have to take precautions to finish this way with this terrible disease and to fight for those persons who nowadays still suffer it in many places of the world.                                                     

Lorena Fernández Sánchez                           

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