martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

It was a winter night. Snow was everywhere. I was in a party, with my old friend, Paul. The richest woman in the town had invited us and other many neighbours to have dinner in her mansion.

Her name was Karen. She was an old and friendly lady. She never mentioned the amount of money she had, but everybody knew that she was very rich. Karen lived with her new husband, Brian Green. But there was a strange legend related to Karen.

Twenty-five years ago, she had a beautiful daughter, her name was Miranda. Her hair was blond and brighter than the sun and her eyes were green, like the leaves of the healthiest tree. She was the happiest and prettiest girl in the town. Everyone liked her. But suddenly, two years ago, she completely disappeared. Karen was extremely sad and she panicked several times. So every single person in the town started to look for her for days and for weeks, but they never found her.

The dining room was enormous, just like the table in it. It was extremely long and there was only one chair at each end. Karen sat at one of those ends and I sat at the other one. The table was so long that I could not see her properly. There was a great window behind her. The time passed and a blizzard started to cover the garden with snow.

The time passed and people began to leave. But I did not leave. Paul asked me to wait for him while he was going to the toilet. I waited and waited. The time passed slowly, but it passed. Everybody, including servants, left the mansion. but I did not. I had to wait for Paul. While I was waiting I fell asleep on an armchair.

 More or less ten minutes later Paul woke me up. "I am sorry. I got lost. This mansion is enormous! I could not find the toilet, and then, I could not find the way back!" He said. "There is something more I have to tell you. Doors and windows on the ground floor are blocked. But do not worry, Karen says we can sleep here for this night." And then we went to sleep.

At three o'clock in the morning Paul woke me up and he took me to the Greens' bedroom. "This is a great opportunity for us," he said. "Why?" I asked. I was very confused and a little afraid. There were not any lamps in the corridor and I could hardly see anything. It was also quiet. I could hear my own heartbeat. But he ignored me.

He opened the door very very slowly. Then, he quickly took a knife from his pocket and killed Karen and Brian Green. I was shocked. Meanwhile, in the garden, a hand came out of the snow.

"What have you done!?" I said - another hand came out of the snow. "Are you serious?" He said - a very pale face came out - "Now,  we are going to be rich," - and now, the whole body came out.

Paul started to search in the wardrobes and cupboards in the bedroom. A door on the ground floor opened - while he was putting some jewelry in a bag, I stood looking at him. I could not move - the body went upstairs.

"Do I really know you?" I said - it crossed the corridor. He answered "What are you looking at? Have you seen a ghost?'' He started laughing, but his laugh did not last too long. He dropped the bag and the knife. He opened his eyes and his mouth. Just at that moment lightning lit the room. I turned round and I saw her.

Her hair was blond and brighter than the sun and  her eyes were green, like the leaves of the healthiest tree. It was Miranda! But now she was not smiling. Her body was cold. It was as white as snow. But her eyes were like fire.

Paul immediately knew what Miranda wanted to do. She wanted to kill him. Pretending to escape, he opened a window and jumped out. When I looked out of the window he was not moving. There was a spot of blood near him. He was dead.

I turned round and I saw Miranda looking at me. The blizzard became even stronger. The lightning sounded louder. The whistle of the wing was painful and so strong that it could break the windows. I could see anger in her eyes. I could smell my own fear. I was so afraid that I could not move. Terror paralyzed me.

Then, she turned round. She left the room. She crossed the corridor. She went downstairs. She opened the door. She left the mansion and disappeared in the snow. Then, Paul was dead. Then, revenge was served and Miranda could rest in peace. Then, there was silence.

David Pender Villalvilla.

The masque of the Red Death.

     The masque of the Red Death is a story written by Edgar Allan Poe, an American writer who had a terrible life. Her wife and his parents died with the same illness. He got mad and he started to drink. Finally he died in the street because of the alcohol.
We're going to explain the story with a little summary:

     An illness called the Red Death which hadn’t got cure and which was mortal arrives to
 Prince Prospero’s country. He didn’t want to get ill, so he isolated him and his courtiers into his castle, with enough food and drink. He made a masque to forget the illness. The castle had seven rooms, each one with a different colour; the last room was black with a red glass’ window with a clock that sounded every hour. When the clock bell sounded, they stopped dancing and eating. At the twelfth stroke, they saw a strange person. Prince Prospero wanted to kill him, and when he followed the person to the last room, the man looked Prince Prospero and he died. Then, all the people in the masque also died and the Red Death became the ruler of the castle.

Personal comment.

Álvaro Jara: In my opinion, I don't like the story because is so unreal, and finally I don't like the end,it is very short and predictable.

Carmen Vera: I don't like this story because of the end. Because the writer makes the description of the situation too long and then it ends in a short and terrifying way.

Laura Vera: I like and I don't like the story. I like it because it is original, it talks about the dead and the diseases like the others stories, but at the same time Poe expressed it in a different way. And I don't like it because when you read it, there are lots of short sentences in which the author expresses lots of feelings and it makes me feel nervous.


                                                                Álvaro Jara, Carmen Vera y Laura Vera.

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012


     We want to do Michael's Jackson biography  because it is absent little for the anniversary of his death.
     Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958-June 25,2009) was a american singer known as the "The King of pop". He danced,sang and was very trendy.
     MJ was the seventh child of the Jackson family , he debuted on the proffessional music scene along with his brothers as a member of "The jackson 5" in 1964. The band was formed by Michael with his brother Marlon and with their brothers:Jackie,Tito and  Jermaine. When Michael was eight, he shared the lead vocal with his brother Jermaine,and the group became very famous
     The Jackson 5 recorded several songs, "BIG BOY"for the local "Steeltown" in 1967. THE JACKSON 5 recorded 4 singles: I want you back, abc,The love you save and I´ll be there.
     In 1980s,Michael became famous with his music videos for his songs: BEAT IT, BILLIE JEAN and THRILLER.
Finally Michael filmed the film "This is it" From 2006 to 2009.
After his dead he realesed the movie" This is it" in 2009.

Here it is a video trailer of the movie
We hope you like it 
Ana saw the film and she really like it. 
Rajae,Chahida, Ana and Sihame

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Mortadelo and Filemón

     Mortadelo and Filemon are two characters of a team called T.I.A (Technical Research Aeroterráquea). The director is The Super, with an especial doctor, Bacterio.
It is a humorous cartoon series created by the spanish author Francisco Ibáñez in 1958. He was inspired by the stories of detectives.

     Filemon is a choleric person and Mortadelo is a tall hairless man with an ability to dress up very well. His humor is based on the slapstick. The characters are hit with heavy items, deposit boxes, pianos, or falls.

     At first the stories were an one page in black and white, and following a simple structure :  Someone contracted the services of the agency, but when trying to accomplish the mission, it is produced a mistake and the mision failed. At last Mortadelo and Filemon were persecuted.

     Then the stories were longer than the others.They enter in the T.I.A. and have an influence of Superagent 86, stupid spy, hide entry, and shoesphones. Also incorporates other characters, El Súper, Miss Ofelia and the doctor Bacterio.

Finally, the theme of the stories are events today, resulting albums as :

The implementation of driving license by points : ” El carnet al punto”
The Tv program Triumph Operation:  “Misión Triunfo”
The encephalopathy bovine: “Las vacas chaladas”

There are resources very common as:
Mortadelo y Filemon always assigned the most dangerous missions, so they try to escape.
The T.I.A. has secret entry in the most unusual places.
When Bacterio testing an invention with someone always is produced an escape, a fight, or a death. 

Created by: Álvaro Romero

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012


          Marea is a rock band, it was formed by Kutxi Romero (the current singer) in 1997. So to do the project , he needed the help of  Alén Ayerdi ,  Edu Beaumont (El Piñas) , David Díaz (Kolibrí) , although there are some changes with the time. When the band started , it was called "La Patera" but the name changed when they made the first disc and the group started to be called " Marea". Marea started to know others groups that made the same music and this helped at the beginning.

     Now we are going to speak of their discs , success and so on.
They had some problems with the record company and they found other and they started to make the second disc , "Revolcón" .
In 2002 they recorded the third disc "Besos de perro" and  cooperated Robe ( Extremoduro)and Fito ( Platero y tú , Fito&Fitipaldis). 

     After 5 years they were very tired because they were travelling around the world and they decided to do a pause. They finished the tour the 28th of december. So in 2003 they returned and they made a new disc , it was formed by 12 songs  ( 28000 puñaladas) with Kolibrí making the disc. He started in some concerts to sing  and he helped Kutxi , now he sings some songs in occasions.
They made a new tour around  Spain and they returned to make a pause , and they announced that  they left the place of rehearsal. But Marea always returned and in 2007 the band recorded a new disc "Las aceras están llenas de piojos".
The last disc was made in 2011 and it is called " En mi hambre mando yo".

This is a summary of the history , there are more changes , in my opinion Marea is the best group and I like so much the music that they make. This type of music is different that the music of Kutxi like and for me is strange because you make the music that you want to hear .

I only go to a concert of Marea and I think that the best concerts are all relate with this type of music . In others concert you are still .

This song is very known...


Javier Ibarra- Kase O

     Kase O is the a.k.a (rappers name) of Javier Ibarra, an Spanish MC, born in the area of La Jota, in Zaragoza. He sings in the rap band Violadores del verso, with Lirico, Sho-Hai and R de Rumba. He  sings rap  since he was 13. He stands out on the microphone with his hard lyrics. He makes some types of rap, in which he sings hardcore, or he criticizes the society, or he sings poetry. Kase O can sing all types of rap! Sometimes, when someone is talking about rap, he is talking about a music full of insults and noise, but, it´s the opposite!
     Most of the rap songs are poetry! And Kase O shows it in his songs.Javier is also a producer. With Violadores del Verso, he has done a lot of concerts around Spain and he has also participated with other artists:

-SFDK "Seguimos en línea"
-Hazhe "Nadie lo Haze como yo" (Con el micrófono en la mano, 2000)
-Frank T "Línea D 4" (90 Kilos, 2001)
-Hablando en Plata "La rebelión de las máquinas" (A sangre fría, 2001)
-Chulito Camacho "Pasa la vida" (Las heridas del corazón, 2003)
-VVAA "Fe" (Zaragoza realidad, 2004)
-Laboratorio Hip Hop "Inédito del laboratorio con Supernafamacho)"
-Xhelazz "Sólo importa el rap" (El soñador elegido, 2007)
-Elphomega "Fuego camina conmigo" (El testimonio libra, 2007)
-Soziedad Alkoholika "Política del miedo" (Mala Sangre, 2008)
-El Chojin "Rap vs racismo" (El ataque de los que observaban, 2011)
-SFDK "'Espacio vital"' (Lista de invitados, 2011)

Raúl Iniesta Serrano

sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

The tobacco

     Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana. It can be consumed, used as a pesticide and used in some medicines. It is most commonly used as a drug.In consumption, it most commonly appears in the forms of smokingchewingsnuffing, or dipping tobacco.

     Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.

     Tobacco smoking is the practice where tobacco is burned and the resulting smoke  is inhaled. Tobacco is the most common smoked substance .Smoking is practiced by approximately 1.22 billion people. In most communities men are more likely to smoke than are women.

     The analyses made seem to controvert the old theory that the injurious effects of tobacco-smoking are due directly to the presence of nicotine in the smoke.  Tobacco diseases come in many forms, from lung cancer and oral cancer to gangrene. 

- And finally, I leave a video about the tobacco:

                                                    Realised by: Encarna Collados.