domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Mortadelo and Filemón

     Mortadelo and Filemon are two characters of a team called T.I.A (Technical Research Aeroterráquea). The director is The Super, with an especial doctor, Bacterio.
It is a humorous cartoon series created by the spanish author Francisco Ibáñez in 1958. He was inspired by the stories of detectives.

     Filemon is a choleric person and Mortadelo is a tall hairless man with an ability to dress up very well. His humor is based on the slapstick. The characters are hit with heavy items, deposit boxes, pianos, or falls.

     At first the stories were an one page in black and white, and following a simple structure :  Someone contracted the services of the agency, but when trying to accomplish the mission, it is produced a mistake and the mision failed. At last Mortadelo and Filemon were persecuted.

     Then the stories were longer than the others.They enter in the T.I.A. and have an influence of Superagent 86, stupid spy, hide entry, and shoesphones. Also incorporates other characters, El Súper, Miss Ofelia and the doctor Bacterio.

Finally, the theme of the stories are events today, resulting albums as :

The implementation of driving license by points : ” El carnet al punto”
The Tv program Triumph Operation:  “Misión Triunfo”
The encephalopathy bovine: “Las vacas chaladas”

There are resources very common as:
Mortadelo y Filemon always assigned the most dangerous missions, so they try to escape.
The T.I.A. has secret entry in the most unusual places.
When Bacterio testing an invention with someone always is produced an escape, a fight, or a death. 

Created by: Álvaro Romero

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  1. They were my favourite ones. I am very happy to know young people also read these great comics.