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The masque of the Red Death.

     The masque of the Red Death is a story written by Edgar Allan Poe, an American writer who had a terrible life. Her wife and his parents died with the same illness. He got mad and he started to drink. Finally he died in the street because of the alcohol.
We're going to explain the story with a little summary:

     An illness called the Red Death which hadn’t got cure and which was mortal arrives to
 Prince Prospero’s country. He didn’t want to get ill, so he isolated him and his courtiers into his castle, with enough food and drink. He made a masque to forget the illness. The castle had seven rooms, each one with a different colour; the last room was black with a red glass’ window with a clock that sounded every hour. When the clock bell sounded, they stopped dancing and eating. At the twelfth stroke, they saw a strange person. Prince Prospero wanted to kill him, and when he followed the person to the last room, the man looked Prince Prospero and he died. Then, all the people in the masque also died and the Red Death became the ruler of the castle.

Personal comment.

Álvaro Jara: In my opinion, I don't like the story because is so unreal, and finally I don't like the end,it is very short and predictable.

Carmen Vera: I don't like this story because of the end. Because the writer makes the description of the situation too long and then it ends in a short and terrifying way.

Laura Vera: I like and I don't like the story. I like it because it is original, it talks about the dead and the diseases like the others stories, but at the same time Poe expressed it in a different way. And I don't like it because when you read it, there are lots of short sentences in which the author expresses lots of feelings and it makes me feel nervous.


                                                                Álvaro Jara, Carmen Vera y Laura Vera.

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