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          Marea is a rock band, it was formed by Kutxi Romero (the current singer) in 1997. So to do the project , he needed the help of  Alén Ayerdi ,  Edu Beaumont (El Piñas) , David Díaz (Kolibrí) , although there are some changes with the time. When the band started , it was called "La Patera" but the name changed when they made the first disc and the group started to be called " Marea". Marea started to know others groups that made the same music and this helped at the beginning.

     Now we are going to speak of their discs , success and so on.
They had some problems with the record company and they found other and they started to make the second disc , "Revolcón" .
In 2002 they recorded the third disc "Besos de perro" and  cooperated Robe ( Extremoduro)and Fito ( Platero y tú , Fito&Fitipaldis). 

     After 5 years they were very tired because they were travelling around the world and they decided to do a pause. They finished the tour the 28th of december. So in 2003 they returned and they made a new disc , it was formed by 12 songs  ( 28000 puñaladas) with Kolibrí making the disc. He started in some concerts to sing  and he helped Kutxi , now he sings some songs in occasions.
They made a new tour around  Spain and they returned to make a pause , and they announced that  they left the place of rehearsal. But Marea always returned and in 2007 the band recorded a new disc "Las aceras están llenas de piojos".
The last disc was made in 2011 and it is called " En mi hambre mando yo".

This is a summary of the history , there are more changes , in my opinion Marea is the best group and I like so much the music that they make. This type of music is different that the music of Kutxi like and for me is strange because you make the music that you want to hear .

I only go to a concert of Marea and I think that the best concerts are all relate with this type of music . In others concert you are still .

This song is very known...


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  1. One of my favourite Spanish bands. See you in the next concert!!