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If the novel by Federico Moccia gave the Italian film "Tre metri sopra il cielo 'Was it necessary  to do a remake?
I think "Tres metros bajo tierra" would be a more appropriate title for that.
It is a film primarily for teens, when actors of twenty years or more do papers of adolescents with 18 years with the testosterone by clouds and the notion of the world lost by love .
"Tengo ganas de ti" is a movie that is going to be released on June 22, 2012.
It is like the second part of the movie "Tres metros sobre el cielo". Movie about the love affair of two young lovers. They spend their love like two teenagers, without limits. 
"Tengo ganas de ti" is directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina and starring Mario Casas, Maria Valverde and Clara Lago, as well as three meters above the sky, I think it will cause a large audience and will attract many youngs all cinemas. In this second part is incorporated Gin, the new love of Hache. "Hache", the protagonist of "Tres metros sobre el cielo" returns home after being a season in London, away from the nostalgic memory of that first love with Babi. While trying to reconstruct his life, Gin, a girl of spirit bold, vibrant and vital makes him believe that is possible relive the magic. But sooner or later he will have to meet Babi, and when he finds her, it will be too late. Babi is going to marry with another. It is now that Hache has to choose between GIN or BABI.
But not all things of this film are bad! His music is good. I like it. 




I was browsing youtube. I was listening to classical music when I found a video that intrigued me. I thought that video would be different, and I was right. After listening to him I liked, I liked it so much. It was a group, a group formed by two electric cellos. Since then, I love the music they make. The group "2CELLOS" was born on April 12th of 2011. They climbed to YouTube a video playing the song "Smooth Criminal"  Michael Jackson, and since that time, they were discovered. They triumphed in the net. Now I admire the Croats violoncellists Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic. They give feeling to the music, and also play many different styles, and they are very young. 

                          Luka Sulic            and       Stjepan Hauser

They have a great career as musicians. They have made their first album in 2011, they have participated in major festivals like the "iTunes Festival" in London, they have played "Smooth Criminal"  in the third season of the TV series Glee ...
They focus on the rock when they play, but they say they will not abandon classical music.

Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)

Viva la vida (Coldplay)

Smells like Teen spirit (Nirvana)

María Hernández Galván.

lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

This is football.

Last Thursday, Spain played against Ireland at UEFA Euro 2012. The last match was against Italy and the final score was 1-1. Di Natale scored in the second half and Fabregas did it three minutes later.

The Spanish team needed to improve, but there wasn't a striker in good conditions. Then, Torres appeared. Del Bosque has choosed him, even knowing that he hasn't played very well and he hasn't scored many goals, but he has won the UEFA Champions League and he's still a great player. And he didn't dissapoint Spanish.
He only needed 4 minutes to score. He used the same speed that helped him to score against Germany 4 years ago to get that ball and kick a powerfull shot that Given, the goalkeeper, couldn't stop.

After this, Ireland only had two more chances to score. The colour of rest of the first part was red. Spain played wonderfully and they finished the firts part with the feeling that the score could be at least 3-0.

In the second half, when it looked like Ireland had woken up, Silva got a ball in the small box. Torres told him to shoot, but he didn't. He only pretended to shoot. Then, Xavi told him to shoot, but he didn't. He waited untill he found a way to score. That way was under between the legs of a defender and next to another two. His shoot was weak and the ball went slowly, but the keeper couldn't reach the ball. That is the way to score a magnificent goal.

After this, Spain was clearly the winner of the game. But they didn't stop there. 20 minutes later, Silva passed a great ball to Torres and he scored again kicking the ball near the closer post. Then, the whole team was happy and proud of Torres.

But the match didn't finished there. Fabregas came in for Torres and he wanted to score. So, in a corner, Xavi passed him the ball and shot to the further post, hitting it and also the net. 

Then, the match finished and Fernando Torres was chosen the man of the match.

And now, Spain has won Croatia and it will play against another team in quarter finals.

David Pender Villalvilla. 3ºA.


Band from Murcia, first began making small concerts in Murcia and continued with actions in Salamanca, where Jorge moved to continue her studies in speech theraphy, the first concerts there were surprising success.
After passing a time playing concerts in small halls, the multinational Universal Music is interested in the and published in October 2003, their debut “Cuarto creciente” Jorge Ruiz explained the group´s name: “Nerea is the name we give to the music and the adjective “damn” is the difficulty to live for she and with it”
In 2007, after the first album Jorge Ruiz decides that his second work will be self published. Their second album, “El secreto de las Tortugas” makes them famous outside Murcia, and Salamanca.
On May 2009, published “Es un secreto…no se lo digas a nadie” This is a compilation CD of the second album and a DVD of the band's trajectory and popular success.
In 2010, comes one of their biggest hits, "Cosas que suenan a triste” won first No. 1 on the music lists for the group. Furthermore, it was his first two big concerts in a sports center: the Sport Center in Madrid in October 2010, and the Sant Jordi Club in December 2010.
On December 2010 ended their tour at Sport Center  in Murcia, I went to the concert was great, there were about 8000 persons.
In 2011 they released their new project,”Fácil”. Fácil contains ten new pop songs, bright sound and letters with an objective, "smile”.
Words from group, "with the tortoise we learned to enjoy the benefits of slowly, with Fácil we will do the remoteness of the complicated".


Jorge Ruiz: singer and composer
Luis A. Gomez: guitar
Jordi Armengol: guitar
Peter A. Carrillo: bass
Tato Latorre: guitar
Serginho Moreira: drums

Prizes 40 Principales: 

Artista revelación en 40 principales.
Best group.
"Cosas que suenan a triste”  best song.
"Fácil" best álbum.

In September there is another concert here in Murcia, I hope to go.

                                        VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.


The depression is a disorder of the state of mind and his habitual symptom is a condition of discouragement and unhappiness that can be transitory or permanent.
There are different types of depression, we are going to talk about five of them:
  • Severe Depression is manifested by a combination of symptoms that interfere with the ability to work, study, sleep, eat, etc..
  • In Double Depression symptoms worsen over time and patients experience an episode of major depressive disorder, chronic depression hidden behind.
  • Bipolar Disorder is an alteration of the mechanisms that regulate mood, the mood changes can be dramatic and rapid, but more often they are gradual. This disorder isn't as frequent as the other disorder.
  • Atypical depression: those who suffer from this disorder often eat and sleep excessively, have a general sense of heaviness, and a strong feeling of rejection.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder is characterized by the change of emotional state in seasons like winter and autumn. Other symptoms include fatigue, tendency to eat too much, sleep a lot, ...
To display this disease, we made this movie: 

With this we want people to see it know a little bit like the disease, what are its symptoms and some of its possible origins, so you can prevent it.
                                                ALVARO JARA AND CARMEN VERA. 

domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Only a game?

If you think football it’s the only sport that the Spanish people can play very well, you’re wrong. There is another unknown sport that we are one of the best countries in the world, the ankswer is : Waterpolo.

The Waterpolo’s National Team has got a place in the London 2012 Olimpics Games. Apart from Spain, there are important teams like Hungary, EEUU or Italy that also have a lot of options to win the olimpic medal.

The playing team consists of six field players and one goalkeeper. The winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals, the players are passing the ball while they’re defended by opponents, and they score by throwing the ball into a net defended by a goalkeeper.

The game is divided into four periods; the length depends on the level of play, but in general, it consists in four periods of eight minutes, the game clock is stopped when the ball is not 'in play', as a result, the average quarter lasts around 12 minutes 'real time'.

There are a possesion time too!  A team may not have possession of the ball for longer than 30 seconds without shooting, after 30 seconds, possession passes to the other team, but there are exceptions like if a player shoots and regain the ball because he doesn’t score, him team has another 30 seconds of possesion.

In waterpolo not everything is beautiful; we can find many situations of underwater violence because there are specific players who have to win the position to receive a pass and try to score, normaly, these players are stronger and bigger ones.

This sport is a mix of the chess strategy, the endurance of a race, the violence of the rugby and the emotion of the football. 

Eduardo Espinosa Celdrán 3ºAX

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is a company created by Mark Zuckerberg and  founded by Eduardo SaverinChris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and is a  social network. Originally was a social network that only couldn use the students of Havard University
but now is open to anyone with a e-mail account. Users can participate in one or more social networks in relation to their academic status, place of work or geographical region. Facebook has received much attention in the blogosphere and the media to become a platform on which people can develop applications and do business from the network.
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (White Plains, USA, May 14, 1984), better known as Mark Zuckerberg, is a programmer and American businessman known as the creator of Facebook. To develop the network, Zuckerberg had the support of his Harvard classmates, the coordinator of Computer Science and Eduardo Saverin roommates, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Now is the youngest character that appears in the annual list of billionaires by Forbes magazine with a fortune valued at more than 17,500 million dollars. He was named the Person of the Year in 2010 by the American publication Time Magazine.
Now, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and will remain.

BY: Francisco Miguel Calatrava Nicolás.


Nirvana was an American group , from Aberdeen, washington. Nirvana thus became one of the best bands with his single ``Smells like a teen spirit´´ from the albun Nevermind ( 1991 ). Nirvana climbed to the music list of the world and began to do somes single that the style was punk underground and rock alternative.
Kurt cobain, the leader of the band , he was the star of the season and the media talked a lot of about his life  public and private.
A little time of his discovered , Nirvana  drew his third albun , called In Utero.
Nivana´s short career ended with Cobain death in 1994 , but his popularity grew a lot of. Eight year after  cobain death , "You Know You're Right", never finished a demo the band had recorded two months before Cobain's death, climbing the radio charts and music from around the world. In 2004 they were ranked at  27 in the list of 100 greatest artists of all time by Rolling Stone and ranked # 14 according to the magazine VH1. Since its debut, the band has sold over 50 million albums worldwide, including 10 million copies of Nevermind in the U.S. and 25 million worldwide. Your music continues to be broadcast by radio stations worldwide.
Smells like a teen spirit.

BY: Francisco Miguel Calatrava Nicolás

The year is finished.

How we know on Monday the year is finished , but  we don´t worry because in 3 months a new year starts.This year has been the best of all because we have cried , we have laughed , we have studied , we have enjoyed , we have done ... others things. All my partners and me have known for 7 years or more because we have gone to school together and I think that they are fantastic , in 2 years we won´t go together because we will choose differents intineraries and I will miss you.For example a class where Encarna isn´t it is not a class , her comments , her actions...
A class when Marina say some things when she is in class .
A class without the laughs of Carmen and Alvaro.
A class without the comments of Fran , that we don´t know how can think so fast.
A class without the observations of Fernando , Edu and Álvaro.
A class when Raul looks the wall or others things and I don´t know where he looks or when I speak him and he answers me when I repeat his name 2 times.
A class without Miguel , obviously it isn´t a class.
A class without Nerea and Lorena that some times say anything.
A class when Romero makes angry when we laugh of the things that he says but he thinks that we laugh of him.
Manu , Victor and Fran some times say something but they don´t speak so much.
Maria H , Cristina , Vanessa ,Patri are a girls fantastics and very nice
Maria C , I have known for 9 years and I think that she is a fantastic girl
Siham , Rajae, Ana and Chahida don´t speak so much but are always here . Siham and Rajae always correcting us when we say some words bad in french.
Always , Pedro is saying some comments
Reyes , I will hope that the next year she is with us all depend of him.
Natalia that is also a fantastic girl .

After speak of the partners we also speak about the teacher. I think that they do the things of the best form for us .
Carlos the engligh´s teacher is one of the best teacher that we have had , it can be because we learn with him , we also can speak with him about we want,thing that with others teacher we can´t because we don´t have this confidence. The shame is that the next year he won´t be with us I hope that he will be good in his new high school and we will miss him so much but this is like that , this isn´t the school and the teachers go and come...
The conclusion is that we have been very good with him and we hope see him more times.
Other teacher that has marked in us ...Pedro J , we haven´t never seen a teacher like that but we have learnt so much with him , in his class we have cried , we have laughed ... and also I want see his exams other time they are special.



jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

I'm a legend.

I'm a legend:

This is a film about a woman who discovers the cure for cancer. This cure is good because people who use this vaccine gets better and cancer dissappears. After some time people who have had this madicine catch a strage illness, this illness propages by the air or touching another infected person.
this new illnes made people become into vampires or a kind of monster, who only went out at wight because hight burned them.
There monster or vampires ate humans being.
Will Smith (the main character)is in New York alone and sent messager on the radio saying: The persom that how was sobrevived came to the harbour at 2p.m.
The main character tries to find the cure for that illness.
A day the main character catches an infecting woman and tried to cure whit this woman. After some days more  a woman and his a child look for him.
Finally the monster find Will's hause, so he gives this cure to the woman and the child to be able to cure the humanity, but he dies to save them.

There are the tipe of monster.                          And he is the "king" of the monster

By: Víctor Manuel Gómez Ros

The lucky one:

The lucky one:

This film is abaut a men Sarpean for the American Army, comes back home. After his thard mision in Irak with the only thing that has kept him a live, the photography of  a woman who he dosen't know.
He finds outher name, who is Beth and where she lives, he decides go to her hauseand introduce in himself. He starts working this girl,who has a dog hause.They fall in love, but there is a exhusban and a lovel son. In the  beginning ther are some problems, but they have a hapilly end.

By: Víctor Manuel Gómez Ros

miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012


"LA QUE SE AVECINA" is a spanish series that tells the adventure of a residential neighborhood called  Mirador de Montepinar. At the moment only it has got 5 seasons divide in 12 or 13 chapters.

There are many types of characters in this series for example there are a fishmonger, a concierge, a psychologist, a councilor...


The main characters are:

 He is the president of the residential neigborhood and the fishmonger of the Marisco Recio. His name is Antonio Recio.

 He is the concierge and the gardener. He steals the wife of Antonio Recio called Berta. His name is Koke.

He is Enrique Pastor councilman youth and leisure.n He is the boyfriend of the psychologist called Judith Becker.

 He is Amador Rivas "Capitan Salami" he has three children and a wife Maite Figueroa "Cuqui". He like the motos and the convertible cars.

  She is Judith Becker the psychologist and the girldfriend of Enrique Pastor. Judith is called by Antonio Recio "guarilla pelirroja".

 She is Maite Figueroa the wife of Amador Rivas. She like the money and the good clothing.

I like this series because is a spanish series and comedy series.

                                                                                                            Álvaro Rubio 3º A

martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Holidays are coming

How we are now? It´s dear we are nervous because of the exams, and we don´t how the marks which are going to get. But
we are happy, that´s because every day we think about the we are left. Only,we have to pass a terrible week with 8 exams! What? It´s strange, it´s like the number of the skies, that´s shows to us , isn´t a terrible week it´s the opposite, it´s amazing week because, thanks for this week we are going in 4ºeso, in the next year. we are growing up very quickly, it´s a good thing but we have to work more and more. we are preparing ideas about the things which we are going to do in our holidays. Maybe we are going to the beach, going to Morocco, doing activities, there are many suggestions. But, that depends of the money and also the choice of our parents, though, this holiday will be trotter.
Ok, we return to the terrible amazing week, has got one houndred sixty eight hours, and we are sure, that in this week each moment we are going to think about the marks, and we will regret if we forgot something in the exam, that´s because the third term it´s the most unpleasant period in the year. But though the night is getting dark, then is going to down that means when we work a lot of then, we are going to rest, of course in the holiday!! Always the holiday are wonderful!!

              Made by Rajae, Ana and Sihame

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

1554 D. C, South América

A Spanish expedition, were in the amazonic jungle  looking for the legendary city of El Dorado, a place that all is made of gold. The guides of these people warned them that there were some unknown smelly beings who shouted a lot at night . The people of the expedition thought that their guides wanted to take the gold of the treasure before, and to be richer than they. Like all of the  humans beings, anyone wants to be poorer than the others, so they didn’t pay any attention to the guides’ warning.

After that, while the guides were camping  to spend the night, the explorers were talking about this theme.

-I think that’s a lie, our scientists have discovered all the animals and beings in the world and it is impossible that here we can find another unknown thing.

-Yes, I’m sure that  it’s a trick.

-I don’t think so, these people have lived here for many years, they know this place very well. We must  listen to them.

At the middle of the night, two explorers were out of the camp, they were looking for a river to have a bath and take some water to their canteens. Everything was going on well, until they started to hear an strange voice.
-Who’s crying? –Said one of them.    
-Crying? I suppose that someone it’s screaming.


Suddenly,   a unknown shade was slowly  walking to them.  It was moving like a zombie, maybe it was a zombie. The explorers thought that it was someone who was  drunk;  but,  when it started  to scream, the explorers were afraid of it and they ran to the camp.

At that moment, a lot of strange beings  appeared  from the trees.

One of the explorers  fall into the ground, and the other, went on running because he was scared and he didn’t notice what was happening  to his friend.

 Finally, all the expedition and the guides went away, they didn’t want to get the gold. They only  wanted to save their lives.

We don’ t really know anything about the lost explorer, but we have reasons to say that he is a new  “unknown being”.

Eduardo Espinosa 3ºAX

Smosh is a comedy duo formed by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Anthony was the first to make videos. After, Ian joined. They are famous for their silly humor. In 2005, they becames the most visited channel and in 2008, more than three million people was signed in their channel of youtubeAnthony is the of Smosh creator and invited Ian to join. Unlike Ian, does not usually play several characters in one chapter.
Ian is stupid, ignorant and childish. Consistently demonstrates his lack of knowledge of the real world. Anthony and Ian started to do playback with the Power Ranger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song and uploaded on Youtube. But the most important video and the most visited was Pokemon Theme song with 24.7 million views. They also did playback. After that the videos began be of other genres, small humorous sketch or comedy. In Jamuary 2010, Smosh Pit was created, a blog collected popular culture news and other video or pictures curious.In November, Anthony and Ian join in the film Agents of  Secret Stuff. In this year began a channel call Lunchtime with Smosh, Anthony and Ian ask Fast food, the same time they do challenges. In 2012 Smosh important, and in YouTube have 4.000.000 followers. But in YouTube, you can´t watch the bloopers, deleted scenes. If you want to see this videos you have to go their website. They created a site place where you can see videos of Smosh in spanish, with a Mexican accent very funny.

Created by: Álvaro Romero. 

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

A group of people, who do not know, pretend to be a family, "Castillo Rey" with the aim to escape from an organization that searches them. The reason is the powers have the majority of the family. Five children under the care of Mario widow father and a mother Jimena has suffered the kidnapping of his daughter Blanca at the hands of the organization that pursues them. The children are:

-Culebra, a rebellious young man with the power of invisibility.
-Sandra, who had fled his home because she hurt his sister to the electric power she has.
-Carlos, son of Mario and dominates the telekinesis.
-Lucia, an orphan who has the ability to read minds.
-Lucas, a teenager who can transform in other people.

This fictitious family moves to “Valle Perdido” where he has to go through a family without arousing suspicions, while investigating the disappearance of Blanca and hide from the organization that are looking for.

Several scenes of Los protegidos are located in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid.  The interior scenes are filmed on the production installations that have Boomerang TV in the locality of Leganes.
The urbanization fictitious "Valle Perdido" is filmed in the street of San Juan de la Cruz de Madrid.

 The main characters:
-Antonio Garrido: Mario Montero/Mario Castillo Cister
-Luis Fernández: Ángel Izquierdo «Culebra»/ «Poli» Castillo Rey
-Ana Fernández: Sandra Olaiz Benedetti/Sandra Castillo Rey
-Daniel Álves: Carlos Montero Hornillos/Carlos «Carlitos» Castillo Rey
       -Piscilla Delgado: Lucía Sánchez Hernández/Lucía Castillo Rey
       -Mario Marzo: Lucas López Gallego/Lucas Castillo López
-Marta Torné: Julia Redondo/Julia Casares
-Angie Cepeda: Jimena García Cabrera/Jimena Rey Pina
-Maxi Iglesias: Víctor Izquierdo/Ángel

Supporting characters:

          -Gracia Olayo: Rosa Ruano
   -Óscar Ladoire: Antonio Ruano
        -Javier Mendo: Borja Ruano
         -Esmeralda Moya: Claudia Ruano
 -Raúl Mérida: Leo Quintana Aroca
  -Manuel Navarro: “Father”
   -Marta Calvó: “Mother”
 -Javier Mora: Martín Jackson
-Natalia Rodríguez: Michelle Jackson
 -Eduardo Espinilla: Hugo Quintana Aroca
 -Alicia González: Ana Aroca Rueda
       -Javier Casamayor: Gregorio Quintana Santos
-Carlitos: Telekinesis. Ability to manipulate and control objects with his mind.
-Ángel “Culebra”: Invisibility. Ability to hide of the normal human eye.
-Lucas: Metamorphosis. Ability to become another person
-Sandra: Electrical person. Sandra can attack with power, but when she gets nervous is incapable of controlling his power and can do hurt another person.
-Lucía: Telepathy. Ability to read the mind of others persons.
- Víctor "Angel" : Ability to be as hard as a rock.
-Leo: Can control the time, go to the past, stop and go to the future.
-Blanca: Premonition. Ability to perceive the future

The last episode of “Los Protegidos” is on Wednesday.

                                                   VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

Are dogs man's best friends? A broken myth.

Good night everyone, or what remains of them haha. Today, in Our Magazine, we count on Pauline, my foreign correspondent from St Bauzille (between Montpeiller and Nîmes), who will come to “El Palmar” next year.

-María: Hi Pauline, I know that you love animals, tell us, what’s your favourite animal?
-Pauline: Hi María, my favourites animals are horses and cats.
-María: That’s great, horses are amazing and lovely, and cats are so cute. Do you have any animals?
-Pauline: Yes, I have a horse and four cats.
-María: Oh, I’m so jealous! And I’m sure my mum too, she loves horses, for her, they are the most beautiful animals; in the “Spring Holidays”, concretely in the “Bando de la Huerta”, during the procession, she looked its and she was stunned. Well, back to the interview, what are your animal’s names?
-Pauline: The horse is called Blacky, and the cats are Windy, Rachtou, Noinou and Bidule.
-María: They are very original. I don’t know if in France it’s the same, but in Spain all the animals are called “Luna”, “Blanca”, “Misifú”... and that’s boring! Maybe a horse it’s not called like that because here it’s not usual to have a horse so, how long have you been riding a horse?
-Pauline: I’ve ridden a horse for 8 or 9 years more or less.
-María: That so great, once and for all, I envy you! How long do you normally spend with Blacky?
-Pauline: It depends of the day. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday I spend 1h, on Wednesday and Thursday 4h, and at the weekend 6h.
-María: Wow, many hours! Why do you like so much riding a horse?
-Pauline: Well, because I love to be in contact with the animals and to be close to nature. I feel much freer.
-María: That’s very deep. Emotional and personally, what does a horse mean for you?
-Pauline: For me, it’s an animal with which you can have a magical bond despite its size and weight.
-María: Really admirable. But I suppose you have others hobbies, what do you like doing in your free time?
-Pauline: I like meeting my friends, but the horse takes me a long time so I can’t do other great things.
-María: It’s a pity, or not. Maybe the horse takes a lot of time but I think it’s a good way to spend it. And friends are also a very good way, why do you like hanging out with your friends?
-Pauline: Because I love my friends :P
-María: True, everybody loves his friends. For me, they are one of the most important things in my life, but for you, what are the most important thing in your life?
-Pauline: My family, my friends and my animals.
-María: And why?
-Pauline: Because they lean me in everything I do and they are always by my side.
-María: Strongly agree. Nothing compared to a good company! Talking about good companies and back to your animals, I have seen some videos in Youtube about you, and I really like them. You have a fantastic camera!
-Pauline: Thanks, I like so much my camera.
-María: And finally, can you give us the link?
-Pauline: Of course.

-María: All of them are fantastic! But my favourite are these:

So, thank you Pauline for this interview. Bye.
-Pauline: Bye (:

Pauline and Blacky, Blacky and Pauline, two different living beings, two different hearts, but that beat as only one. It's amazing, they can't talk together and they don't speak the same language, but they can understand one to each other just looking in the eyes. An excellent example of good friendship. 

María Cabezas González
Note: I have done the interview by email, I ask her in French and she answers me in French too, then I translate it into English. I have Pauline's permission to publish the interview and the videos.

miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Immortals, the movie

Immortals is a film of action and  fantasy in 3D directed by Tarsem Singh and starring by Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto y Mickey Rourke. The movie is also starring by 
Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz, Joseph Morgan, Stephen Dorff, Alan Van Sprang, Isabel Lucas and John Hurt.
 The movie was going to be called Dawn of War and War of the Gods but in the end it was immortals.

The movie is about Greek mythology of Theseus and the Minotaur and the Titanomachy.

The argument of this story is:
A new danger threatens the Earth. King Hyperion has declared war to the crazed men by the power.
After meeting a bloodthirsty army consisting of disfigured soldiers, Hyperion burning Greece in search of a weapon of unimaginable power, the legendary arch Epirus, by Ares in Olympus. Who owns will release the Titans, locked behind the walls of monte Tartarus from the beginning of time crying vengeance. In the hands of the King, the arc would mean the destruction of both the men and the gods. A law prohibits latter intrude into human conflict. Nothing can stop Hyperion, until a farmer called Theseus returns them hope.

In my opinion, is a pretty good movie. I like very much because it's the war, conflicts between greed and especially because speaks of mythology and I think that it is a very interesting topic, now all the movies I've seen on gods, mythological beings and that all sorts of things have been very good, and immortals is not very far behind.

Lorena Fernández Sánchez