martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Holidays are coming

How we are now? It´s dear we are nervous because of the exams, and we don´t how the marks which are going to get. But
we are happy, that´s because every day we think about the we are left. Only,we have to pass a terrible week with 8 exams! What? It´s strange, it´s like the number of the skies, that´s shows to us , isn´t a terrible week it´s the opposite, it´s amazing week because, thanks for this week we are going in 4ºeso, in the next year. we are growing up very quickly, it´s a good thing but we have to work more and more. we are preparing ideas about the things which we are going to do in our holidays. Maybe we are going to the beach, going to Morocco, doing activities, there are many suggestions. But, that depends of the money and also the choice of our parents, though, this holiday will be trotter.
Ok, we return to the terrible amazing week, has got one houndred sixty eight hours, and we are sure, that in this week each moment we are going to think about the marks, and we will regret if we forgot something in the exam, that´s because the third term it´s the most unpleasant period in the year. But though the night is getting dark, then is going to down that means when we work a lot of then, we are going to rest, of course in the holiday!! Always the holiday are wonderful!!

              Made by Rajae, Ana and Sihame

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