lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

1554 D. C, South América

A Spanish expedition, were in the amazonic jungle  looking for the legendary city of El Dorado, a place that all is made of gold. The guides of these people warned them that there were some unknown smelly beings who shouted a lot at night . The people of the expedition thought that their guides wanted to take the gold of the treasure before, and to be richer than they. Like all of the  humans beings, anyone wants to be poorer than the others, so they didn’t pay any attention to the guides’ warning.

After that, while the guides were camping  to spend the night, the explorers were talking about this theme.

-I think that’s a lie, our scientists have discovered all the animals and beings in the world and it is impossible that here we can find another unknown thing.

-Yes, I’m sure that  it’s a trick.

-I don’t think so, these people have lived here for many years, they know this place very well. We must  listen to them.

At the middle of the night, two explorers were out of the camp, they were looking for a river to have a bath and take some water to their canteens. Everything was going on well, until they started to hear an strange voice.
-Who’s crying? –Said one of them.    
-Crying? I suppose that someone it’s screaming.


Suddenly,   a unknown shade was slowly  walking to them.  It was moving like a zombie, maybe it was a zombie. The explorers thought that it was someone who was  drunk;  but,  when it started  to scream, the explorers were afraid of it and they ran to the camp.

At that moment, a lot of strange beings  appeared  from the trees.

One of the explorers  fall into the ground, and the other, went on running because he was scared and he didn’t notice what was happening  to his friend.

 Finally, all the expedition and the guides went away, they didn’t want to get the gold. They only  wanted to save their lives.

We don’ t really know anything about the lost explorer, but we have reasons to say that he is a new  “unknown being”.

Eduardo Espinosa 3ºAX

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