jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

I'm a legend.

I'm a legend:

This is a film about a woman who discovers the cure for cancer. This cure is good because people who use this vaccine gets better and cancer dissappears. After some time people who have had this madicine catch a strage illness, this illness propages by the air or touching another infected person.
this new illnes made people become into vampires or a kind of monster, who only went out at wight because hight burned them.
There monster or vampires ate humans being.
Will Smith (the main character)is in New York alone and sent messager on the radio saying: The persom that how was sobrevived came to the harbour at 2p.m.
The main character tries to find the cure for that illness.
A day the main character catches an infecting woman and tried to cure whit this woman. After some days more  a woman and his a child look for him.
Finally the monster find Will's hause, so he gives this cure to the woman and the child to be able to cure the humanity, but he dies to save them.

There are the tipe of monster.                          And he is the "king" of the monster

By: Víctor Manuel Gómez Ros

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