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A group of people, who do not know, pretend to be a family, "Castillo Rey" with the aim to escape from an organization that searches them. The reason is the powers have the majority of the family. Five children under the care of Mario widow father and a mother Jimena has suffered the kidnapping of his daughter Blanca at the hands of the organization that pursues them. The children are:

-Culebra, a rebellious young man with the power of invisibility.
-Sandra, who had fled his home because she hurt his sister to the electric power she has.
-Carlos, son of Mario and dominates the telekinesis.
-Lucia, an orphan who has the ability to read minds.
-Lucas, a teenager who can transform in other people.

This fictitious family moves to “Valle Perdido” where he has to go through a family without arousing suspicions, while investigating the disappearance of Blanca and hide from the organization that are looking for.

Several scenes of Los protegidos are located in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid.  The interior scenes are filmed on the production installations that have Boomerang TV in the locality of Leganes.
The urbanization fictitious "Valle Perdido" is filmed in the street of San Juan de la Cruz de Madrid.

 The main characters:
-Antonio Garrido: Mario Montero/Mario Castillo Cister
-Luis Fernández: Ángel Izquierdo «Culebra»/ «Poli» Castillo Rey
-Ana Fernández: Sandra Olaiz Benedetti/Sandra Castillo Rey
-Daniel Álves: Carlos Montero Hornillos/Carlos «Carlitos» Castillo Rey
       -Piscilla Delgado: Lucía Sánchez Hernández/Lucía Castillo Rey
       -Mario Marzo: Lucas López Gallego/Lucas Castillo López
-Marta Torné: Julia Redondo/Julia Casares
-Angie Cepeda: Jimena García Cabrera/Jimena Rey Pina
-Maxi Iglesias: Víctor Izquierdo/Ángel

Supporting characters:

          -Gracia Olayo: Rosa Ruano
   -Óscar Ladoire: Antonio Ruano
        -Javier Mendo: Borja Ruano
         -Esmeralda Moya: Claudia Ruano
 -Raúl Mérida: Leo Quintana Aroca
  -Manuel Navarro: “Father”
   -Marta Calvó: “Mother”
 -Javier Mora: Martín Jackson
-Natalia Rodríguez: Michelle Jackson
 -Eduardo Espinilla: Hugo Quintana Aroca
 -Alicia González: Ana Aroca Rueda
       -Javier Casamayor: Gregorio Quintana Santos
-Carlitos: Telekinesis. Ability to manipulate and control objects with his mind.
-Ángel “Culebra”: Invisibility. Ability to hide of the normal human eye.
-Lucas: Metamorphosis. Ability to become another person
-Sandra: Electrical person. Sandra can attack with power, but when she gets nervous is incapable of controlling his power and can do hurt another person.
-Lucía: Telepathy. Ability to read the mind of others persons.
- Víctor "Angel" : Ability to be as hard as a rock.
-Leo: Can control the time, go to the past, stop and go to the future.
-Blanca: Premonition. Ability to perceive the future

The last episode of “Los Protegidos” is on Wednesday.

                                                   VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

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