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"LA QUE SE AVECINA" is a spanish series that tells the adventure of a residential neighborhood called  Mirador de Montepinar. At the moment only it has got 5 seasons divide in 12 or 13 chapters.

There are many types of characters in this series for example there are a fishmonger, a concierge, a psychologist, a councilor...


The main characters are:

 He is the president of the residential neigborhood and the fishmonger of the Marisco Recio. His name is Antonio Recio.

 He is the concierge and the gardener. He steals the wife of Antonio Recio called Berta. His name is Koke.

He is Enrique Pastor councilman youth and leisure.n He is the boyfriend of the psychologist called Judith Becker.

 He is Amador Rivas "Capitan Salami" he has three children and a wife Maite Figueroa "Cuqui". He like the motos and the convertible cars.

  She is Judith Becker the psychologist and the girldfriend of Enrique Pastor. Judith is called by Antonio Recio "guarilla pelirroja".

 She is Maite Figueroa the wife of Amador Rivas. She like the money and the good clothing.

I like this series because is a spanish series and comedy series.

                                                                                                            Álvaro Rubio 3º A

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