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                            MAROCCAN WEDDING
There are three days of the wedding: 
First day (Moroccan bathroom) devoted to the bathroom where accompanied by her friends and bridesmaid blocks family.
كامل العرس المغربي بالصور

Second day(henna) it allocates hennas bride, then drawing henna Moroccan wedding kits, considering abandoning the habit in popular belief bad omen for the bride for her marriage. Then the hennas source of optimism for life bride, for girls who are present in that day, every one of them anxious to henna pattern "omen" any optimism with the arrival of the groom on doors.
  Same time the groom and his family met Peggy bride accompanied by gift (gift = a traditional clothing gifts are akswarat and go and go and sweets ... In particular, dishes accompanied by a difference in folklore Moroccan) .
(Wedding night) Considered one of the most important Moroccan wedding days, since the bride to her husband are delivered, but before that a woman is getting dressed and decorations the bride shall claim in the Marocaine vernacular "balnkafah" wear bride at each appearance (tala) have to attend different attire traditionally representing some regions of Morocco as a dress: White wedding gown and wedding and severed Gateau les dragés this video is distributed in a brief robertag for wedding night
CHAHIDA HADINI  العرس المغربي’’ بالرغم من تنوع عادات وتقاليد الزواج بالمغرب واختلافها من منطقة إلى أخرى فإنه يجمع بينها وحدة ما على الأقل في خطواتها العامة

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