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Are dogs man's best friends? A broken myth.

Good night everyone, or what remains of them haha. Today, in Our Magazine, we count on Pauline, my foreign correspondent from St Bauzille (between Montpeiller and Nîmes), who will come to “El Palmar” next year.

-María: Hi Pauline, I know that you love animals, tell us, what’s your favourite animal?
-Pauline: Hi María, my favourites animals are horses and cats.
-María: That’s great, horses are amazing and lovely, and cats are so cute. Do you have any animals?
-Pauline: Yes, I have a horse and four cats.
-María: Oh, I’m so jealous! And I’m sure my mum too, she loves horses, for her, they are the most beautiful animals; in the “Spring Holidays”, concretely in the “Bando de la Huerta”, during the procession, she looked its and she was stunned. Well, back to the interview, what are your animal’s names?
-Pauline: The horse is called Blacky, and the cats are Windy, Rachtou, Noinou and Bidule.
-María: They are very original. I don’t know if in France it’s the same, but in Spain all the animals are called “Luna”, “Blanca”, “Misifú”... and that’s boring! Maybe a horse it’s not called like that because here it’s not usual to have a horse so, how long have you been riding a horse?
-Pauline: I’ve ridden a horse for 8 or 9 years more or less.
-María: That so great, once and for all, I envy you! How long do you normally spend with Blacky?
-Pauline: It depends of the day. On Monday, Tuesday and Friday I spend 1h, on Wednesday and Thursday 4h, and at the weekend 6h.
-María: Wow, many hours! Why do you like so much riding a horse?
-Pauline: Well, because I love to be in contact with the animals and to be close to nature. I feel much freer.
-María: That’s very deep. Emotional and personally, what does a horse mean for you?
-Pauline: For me, it’s an animal with which you can have a magical bond despite its size and weight.
-María: Really admirable. But I suppose you have others hobbies, what do you like doing in your free time?
-Pauline: I like meeting my friends, but the horse takes me a long time so I can’t do other great things.
-María: It’s a pity, or not. Maybe the horse takes a lot of time but I think it’s a good way to spend it. And friends are also a very good way, why do you like hanging out with your friends?
-Pauline: Because I love my friends :P
-María: True, everybody loves his friends. For me, they are one of the most important things in my life, but for you, what are the most important thing in your life?
-Pauline: My family, my friends and my animals.
-María: And why?
-Pauline: Because they lean me in everything I do and they are always by my side.
-María: Strongly agree. Nothing compared to a good company! Talking about good companies and back to your animals, I have seen some videos in Youtube about you, and I really like them. You have a fantastic camera!
-Pauline: Thanks, I like so much my camera.
-María: And finally, can you give us the link?
-Pauline: Of course.

-María: All of them are fantastic! But my favourite are these:

So, thank you Pauline for this interview. Bye.
-Pauline: Bye (:

Pauline and Blacky, Blacky and Pauline, two different living beings, two different hearts, but that beat as only one. It's amazing, they can't talk together and they don't speak the same language, but they can understand one to each other just looking in the eyes. An excellent example of good friendship. 

María Cabezas González
Note: I have done the interview by email, I ask her in French and she answers me in French too, then I translate it into English. I have Pauline's permission to publish the interview and the videos.

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