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Band from Murcia, first began making small concerts in Murcia and continued with actions in Salamanca, where Jorge moved to continue her studies in speech theraphy, the first concerts there were surprising success.
After passing a time playing concerts in small halls, the multinational Universal Music is interested in the and published in October 2003, their debut “Cuarto creciente” Jorge Ruiz explained the group´s name: “Nerea is the name we give to the music and the adjective “damn” is the difficulty to live for she and with it”
In 2007, after the first album Jorge Ruiz decides that his second work will be self published. Their second album, “El secreto de las Tortugas” makes them famous outside Murcia, and Salamanca.
On May 2009, published “Es un secreto…no se lo digas a nadie” This is a compilation CD of the second album and a DVD of the band's trajectory and popular success.
In 2010, comes one of their biggest hits, "Cosas que suenan a triste” won first No. 1 on the music lists for the group. Furthermore, it was his first two big concerts in a sports center: the Sport Center in Madrid in October 2010, and the Sant Jordi Club in December 2010.
On December 2010 ended their tour at Sport Center  in Murcia, I went to the concert was great, there were about 8000 persons.
In 2011 they released their new project,”Fácil”. Fácil contains ten new pop songs, bright sound and letters with an objective, "smile”.
Words from group, "with the tortoise we learned to enjoy the benefits of slowly, with Fácil we will do the remoteness of the complicated".


Jorge Ruiz: singer and composer
Luis A. Gomez: guitar
Jordi Armengol: guitar
Peter A. Carrillo: bass
Tato Latorre: guitar
Serginho Moreira: drums

Prizes 40 Principales: 

Artista revelación en 40 principales.
Best group.
"Cosas que suenan a triste”  best song.
"Fácil" best álbum.

In September there is another concert here in Murcia, I hope to go.

                                        VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

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