lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

This is football.

Last Thursday, Spain played against Ireland at UEFA Euro 2012. The last match was against Italy and the final score was 1-1. Di Natale scored in the second half and Fabregas did it three minutes later.

The Spanish team needed to improve, but there wasn't a striker in good conditions. Then, Torres appeared. Del Bosque has choosed him, even knowing that he hasn't played very well and he hasn't scored many goals, but he has won the UEFA Champions League and he's still a great player. And he didn't dissapoint Spanish.
He only needed 4 minutes to score. He used the same speed that helped him to score against Germany 4 years ago to get that ball and kick a powerfull shot that Given, the goalkeeper, couldn't stop.

After this, Ireland only had two more chances to score. The colour of rest of the first part was red. Spain played wonderfully and they finished the firts part with the feeling that the score could be at least 3-0.

In the second half, when it looked like Ireland had woken up, Silva got a ball in the small box. Torres told him to shoot, but he didn't. He only pretended to shoot. Then, Xavi told him to shoot, but he didn't. He waited untill he found a way to score. That way was under between the legs of a defender and next to another two. His shoot was weak and the ball went slowly, but the keeper couldn't reach the ball. That is the way to score a magnificent goal.

After this, Spain was clearly the winner of the game. But they didn't stop there. 20 minutes later, Silva passed a great ball to Torres and he scored again kicking the ball near the closer post. Then, the whole team was happy and proud of Torres.

But the match didn't finished there. Fabregas came in for Torres and he wanted to score. So, in a corner, Xavi passed him the ball and shot to the further post, hitting it and also the net. 

Then, the match finished and Fernando Torres was chosen the man of the match.

And now, Spain has won Croatia and it will play against another team in quarter finals.

David Pender Villalvilla. 3ºA.

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