domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

The year is finished.

How we know on Monday the year is finished , but  we don´t worry because in 3 months a new year starts.This year has been the best of all because we have cried , we have laughed , we have studied , we have enjoyed , we have done ... others things. All my partners and me have known for 7 years or more because we have gone to school together and I think that they are fantastic , in 2 years we won´t go together because we will choose differents intineraries and I will miss you.For example a class where Encarna isn´t it is not a class , her comments , her actions...
A class when Marina say some things when she is in class .
A class without the laughs of Carmen and Alvaro.
A class without the comments of Fran , that we don´t know how can think so fast.
A class without the observations of Fernando , Edu and Álvaro.
A class when Raul looks the wall or others things and I don´t know where he looks or when I speak him and he answers me when I repeat his name 2 times.
A class without Miguel , obviously it isn´t a class.
A class without Nerea and Lorena that some times say anything.
A class when Romero makes angry when we laugh of the things that he says but he thinks that we laugh of him.
Manu , Victor and Fran some times say something but they don´t speak so much.
Maria H , Cristina , Vanessa ,Patri are a girls fantastics and very nice
Maria C , I have known for 9 years and I think that she is a fantastic girl
Siham , Rajae, Ana and Chahida don´t speak so much but are always here . Siham and Rajae always correcting us when we say some words bad in french.
Always , Pedro is saying some comments
Reyes , I will hope that the next year she is with us all depend of him.
Natalia that is also a fantastic girl .

After speak of the partners we also speak about the teacher. I think that they do the things of the best form for us .
Carlos the engligh´s teacher is one of the best teacher that we have had , it can be because we learn with him , we also can speak with him about we want,thing that with others teacher we can´t because we don´t have this confidence. The shame is that the next year he won´t be with us I hope that he will be good in his new high school and we will miss him so much but this is like that , this isn´t the school and the teachers go and come...
The conclusion is that we have been very good with him and we hope see him more times.
Other teacher that has marked in us ...Pedro J , we haven´t never seen a teacher like that but we have learnt so much with him , in his class we have cried , we have laughed ... and also I want see his exams other time they are special.



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  1. You have been a present. I will miss you a lot. I have to recognise I almost cried when reading it, but not for the mistakes.

    Good luck and thank you!!