lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Liga ACB : Real Madrid vs Blusens Monbus.

The Real Madrid won Blusens Monbus . The Real Madrid won 87 - 97 wich is the win number twelve in
the Liga ACB . This match played the last sunday in Santiago de Compostela , Galicia . In the first part
of the match , at the halftime the Real Madrid was winning 26 - 29 a difference of three points .

In the first part of the match the players wich scored more points were Rudy Fernandez in the Real Madrid and Alberto Cobacho in the BlusensMonbus . The Real Madrid was winning during all the match , but couldn´t scape on the scoreboard .

The Real Madrid won but had to suffer to win the match . At finally the Real Madrid won the match 87-97 .
In the minute 29 the Real Madrid scored two shoots of three points consecutives . In the minute 34 was
74 - 78 and the Real Madrid scored 19 points in 6 minutes and the Blusens Monbus scored 13 points
is 6 minutes .

The alignment of Blusens Monbus : Andres Rodriguez , Buford , Corbacho , Kendall and Junyent .

The alignment of Real Madrid : Llul , Rudy Fernandez , Suarez , Mirotic and Hettsheimeir .

Fernando Cifuentes Perez

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  1. Real Madrid is a serious candidate to win the Euroleague. Let's see how the season ends