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The Trojan War was a military conflict in which they faced a coalition of Achaean hosts against the city Trojan, situated in Asia Minor, and their allies.
The Iliad describes an episode of this war, and the Odyssey tells the journey back home of Odysseus, one of the Greek leaders. Other parts of the history and different versions were developed by Greek and later Roman poets.
Zeus becomes king of the gods after dethroning his father Cronus, Cronus in turn had dethroned his father Uranus. Zeus heard a prophecy that he will turn dethroned by one of his sons. Another prophecy says that a son of the nymph Thetis would be greater than his father. Possibly some of these reasons, Thetis married in order of Zeus with a mortal, King Peleus.
Peleus and Thetis had a son called Achilles who, according to another prophecy, he would die young at Trojan. Hoping to protect him when he was a child his mother bathed him in the River Styx, making him invulnerable except the heel, where it held.
All the gods were invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, except Eris. It suddenly appeared at the wedding and put down a golden apple on which was inscribed the word Kallisti ('for the most beautiful'). The apple was reclaimed by Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.
Zeus resolved the issue by appointing referee to Paris, a prince Trojan, according to which would be the cause of the fall of Trojan.
Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite because Aphrodite offered the most beautiful woman in the world , and returned to Trojan.


Helena was the most beautiful woman in the world and his mother Leda and Tyndareus decided that she should choose her husband and she chose Menelaus and founded the city of Sparta.
But one day when Paris went to Sparta fell in love with Paris and Helena seduced and abducted with the help of Aphrodite.
This caused a war between Paris (Trojans) and Menelaus (Greek).

The war caused the death of Achilles and the Greeks with the strategy of the Trojan horse got into the city and win.
The Greeks won Helen and Menelaus recovered.

Here I leave a summary of the Trojan War, I hope you liked it, for me it is a very interesting story and I love it!


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  1. Keep on reading and studying the ancient world. It is full of interesting facts like this.