lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012


Technology has suffered a lot of changes since the last decades,the invention of the steam-machine,internet,etc.But in the last years one of the sector more developped in technology are the videogames which are completly revolutionary on these days.

A new kind of videogames are the indi games, with a simple base and graphics but with hours of gaming.
One of the best examples is Minecraft, a game created by Markus Persson known as Notch which gives you a free world replete of posibilities.

But is in the X-boxLive where this types of games have found their best support raising them to heaven.
One of them includes very colourfull graphics joined to techno music.Isn´t it perfection?

                                                                                                     Miguel Diaz

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  1. The evolution of the video games has been incredible in the last 15 years