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The MTV Europe Music Awards 2012

The MTV Europe Music Awards, also known as EMA’S, are prizes given every year, from 1994, by the channel MTV to the most popular musical videos in Europe. The viewers choose the winners.
The MTV EMA’S have always been realized in a different city in Europe. This year it took  place in Frankfurt, the last  11/ 11/ 12.
It was a great festival with a very variety of performances that triumphed between the public.
A lot of amazing artist sang and acted there. The nominated artist Push Rita, Fun and Carly Rae Jepsen opened the show with their most popular songs. Carly, finally won two prizes( for the Best  Perform and for de Best Song, ‘Call Me Maybe’).
Throughout  the night, many artists like One Direction, Lana del Rey and Psy were award-winning, and the favorite for the public were Linkin Park and Justin Bieber.
With Heidi Klum and Ludacris, that were the presenters of the event, the Festhalle of Frankfurt turned into a subrealist circus full of acrobats, contorsionists and more pyrotechnic acts than in any other previous EMA.
But not only the efects were incredible, the fans felt the energy of the actuations of Alicia Keys (who performed ‘Girl on Fire’ with a pyrotechnic show), Muse, The Killers, No Doubt and Pitbull. But when the people got really crazy was when they listened the ‘Gangnam Style’ of Psy, and also the last performance: ‘We are never getting back together’ of Taylor Swift.

Finally the winners of the prizes were:
·          One direction ( the biggest number of fans and the revelation artist) :   

·          Taylor Swift 
( the best  feminin artist, the best live performance and the best ‘look’)

 ·          Carly Rae Jepsen ( the best song and the best ‘Push’ ):                        

·          Justin Bieber (  the best pop artist and the best ‘World Stage):              

·          Nicki Minaj ( the best hip-hop music artist):                                                   

·          David Guetta ( the best electronic music artist):                                    

·          Hang Geng ( the best global artist):                                                            

·          Lana del Rey ( the best alterntive artist):                                                       

·        Psy ( the best video):                                                                                        

·     Linkin Park ( the best rock music artist)                                            


                                                                         Natalia Valera Iniesta

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