miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012

One way to travel abroad.

The exchanges are a way to travel cheaply. But that isn't the best, the main thing is learn other languages easily. Because, when you learn a language in your country with a teacher you only learn the base of the language, the grammar and vocabulary most correct. And if you learn the language in other country, you learn the coloquial and formal form to speak, to express you,... and when you will want express in this language with other person will be easier. Other good thing is that you know a lot of people and make many friends. Although these friends don't see them regularly, you can always stay in touch and then return to meet with them.
Exanges consist in change your home with a foreigner for a time. You go to his house, know a little his culture, his way of life and his language while he does the same in your house. 
This year, the french teacher has organized a exange with a french high school. We are all very interested, because it is a new experience and a great opportunity to master the languaje. We are already talking a year with our correspondents through email to know them better and gain a little confidence, and now comes the best part of the exchange. Now is when we have to travel and know his country. The exchange is programmed in such way that both correspondents and we are in the same conditions.
Our exchange begins in April, which is when the correspondents come to Spain, they will spend a week in which they will enjoy some trips by the area and know a little our customs. And it ends when we go to France the following month. Like them, we will spend a week there and we will go to visit some of the landmarks in his area. Let us know his language in a new and funny way, and I think that is the important thing: learn and enjoy!

                                                        Carmen Vera Torres.

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  1. Interesting way to travel abroad. I am sure you will enjoy the experience