viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012


The Voice,is to choose from a group of contestants who excel in their vocal qualities without his image´s influence the jury's decision, made by famous artists who later will direct.

The aim of this format is to try to find the best voice of our country.
Moreover, the jury of four professionals from the music,will hear the candidates back, hearing only your voice. If they like, they will turn to their seats.

When more than two jurors fight for a contestant,the contestant it shall be the judge who decides how to stay. Finally, the public will decide the winner on the live galas.

On Wednesday was the first gala broadcast live.

David Bisbal's team was the first team live gala. The first to sing was Lola, after Paco Arrojo and finally Yanela. After the performances, the audience decided to save Paco with their votes and David prefered to stay with Yanela, leaving Lola outside the program.

Melendi's team was second to act. The first to sing was Paula, after Claritzel and finally Maika. The audience decided to save Maika with their votes and Melendi decided to save Paula, leaving Claritzel outside the program.

Rosario´s team was third to act. The first to sing was Anabella,after Monica and finally Jorge.First, the audience saved Jorge. Rosario, soon after, Anabella. Monica was therefore the first ejected Rosario´s team.

Malú´s team was the last team live gala. The first contestant was Hector, followed by Nuria and Pique Pau. The three artists were able to excite the public and put it up on several occasions, but only two of them could continue. The public, with their votes, decided to save Pau, while Malu, after much thought, decided that Nuria should continue in the program, leaving Hector outside the program.

Personally I prefer to Melendi.

Of the contestants I like Paula.

                                                        VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

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