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How I met your mother

Nowadays the TV programs like reality shows, serials, news or sports programs, are turning into boring things  and with the same characteristics, so it’s difficult to find out a program which is funny and interesting, but that is not impossible. I am talking about How I met your mother.

How I met your mother is an American situation comedy based in the experiences of Ted Mosby and his group of friends that reports how our protagonist met the mother of his children.

The action is situated in the city of Manhattan and the program is being emitted since September 2005. There are eight seasons and more or less  12 millions of viewers only  in the USA.  The actors and the serial have  won several awards and nominations from the Emmy Awards to  the Best TV Comedy.

The main characters are:

Ted Mosby.   He is teacher of Architecture and the main character of the serial. He is the more reasonable person in the group who has got a lot of cultural interests. Along the seasons, he is telling to his children how he met their mother.

Lily Aldrin. She is a kindergarten teacher and Marshall's wife. She is the group moderator who is always ready  to resolve a conflict and a shoulder to cry on it.

Marshall Eriksen. He is a lawyer and Ted's best friend. He is married to Lily whom  has been in love with since college, and they serve as an inspiration for Ted to find his true love.

 Barney Stinson.  He works in a bank  and he is Ted's "bro" He  is a serial playboy who uses his sex appeal abilities to carry women to bed with, of course,  no intentions of engaging in a relationship.

Robin Scherbatsky.  She is a T.V news reporter and Ted's ex-girlfriend. Robin comes from Canada to get a job in a News Station and  she met Ted in Manhattan. She smokes cigars and drinks scotch, causing Barney to fall in love with her.

Future Ted Mosby (voice only).  Ted's future self telling the story in the year 2030 of how he met their children´s mother. His face is never shown.

Eduardo Espinosa Celdrán.

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  1. The funniest comedy we can see today. Good characters, funny scripts and hilarious situations.