viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Best Friends.

We all are differents but at the time we are similar, and  because of this we are friends. If someone laught, everyone laught, if someone cry, everyone cry, we are as different mother's sisters. But this is not important, the best of all is that we are always there to support us, to get smiles in difficult moments and to enjoy the good moments. It's not necesary that someone says how she feels, because only with a look, a word, a smile.... we know it, and we are there to help her. 

In four years, we have lived a lot of moments together, some bad moment, but mostly goods. Every day which passes, the bond that unites us becomes stronger. We cannot imagine a life in which someone of us isn't here, because a life if we are not together, directly is not a life.Because the friendship is the greatest thing that there is and will always be. Every second that we are together, it is unique, unparalleled. Every moment is an award, because we learn from the other. We learn that although we are different, real friends, will always stay together. We cannot let any nonsense to spoil this friendship in which we all have colaborated. Because when we´re lost and we´re tired, when we´re broken in two, let´s our love take us higher. Because we are the only thing that we got right now, and one day when the sky is falling, we'll be standing right next to you, nothing will ever come between us. We are sure that we are going to stay together for a long time, and in the future all will be as pretty as today. We will be little adults who sharee best smiles like we were young.
Finally, we have to thanks all the moments lived and say that we love you so much. 

                                                                                  Carmen Vera y Patricia López.

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