lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Real Madrid vs Espanyol.

The Real Madrid of Mourinho couldn´t win although Cristiano and Coentrao scored two goals .
The Espanyol of Aguirre obtained a tie with wich improve a one point in the last match in the Santiago
Bernabeu . The Espanyol didn´t play a very good match , but a player of the Espanyol named
Sergio Garcia that provoked much danger . This player scored one goal of the two goals of the Espanyol.

In the first part of the match the best player for me was Modric . The first goal of the match was of the
Espanyol . Sergio Garcia was the first player that scored the goal in the minute 30 . The Real Madrid
tied with a goal of Cristiano in the minute 46 . At halftime the match was 1-1 .

In the second part of the match , the Real Madrid scored an other goal . Coentrao scored the second
goal of the Real Madrid in the minute 47 . The Real Madrid couldn´t close the match because all the players
shooted and shooted but the goalkeeper of Espanyol keeped all the shoots of the Real Madrid and in the
minute 88 Albin a payer of the Espanyol scored the last goal to put finish the match that finished in a tie.

The alignment of Madrid :  Casillas ,  Pepe ,  Ramos ,  Arbeloa ,  Coentrao ,  Khedira ,
 Xabi Alonso ,  Callejon ,  Ozil ,  Modric and  Cristiano.

The alignment of Espanyol : Kiko Casilla , Hector Moreno , Colotto , Victor Alvarez , Javi Lopez , 
Forlin , Verdu , Simao , Wakaso and Sergio Garcia.

Fernando Cifuentes Perez

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  1. The league doesn't exist this year. Just only concentrate on the Champions' league.