lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012


ADAM LANZA is the young murder of the slaughter in Stamford (Connecticut), in the United States. That occured the last friday, 14th december.
First, the young man of 20 years put on a mask, a flak jacket, dark clothes and went to school Sandy Hook, the school where his mother was giving classes. He was armed of at least four pistols. Then he killed his mother there. After that, armed with a rifle too, killed 20 children and 6 other adults. These children were from 3 to 10 years, they were students of preschool and primary of Nancy. Finally, he took off his own life in which is one of the worst school shooting in U.S. history.

Adam's father, Peter, was not living with them. He had separated from Nancy and was married to another woman again. Those who know him say he was a young "quiet, shy and educated", very intelligent but "very antisocial" and preferred to stay home alone. 

Holmes, friend for years Lanza's mother, Nancy, tells us that she had two sons. One very successful, living abroad, and another described as "something freaky". Holmes also tells us that remembers how he was surprised when Nancy, a teacher of the school where the tragedy occurred, told him she was going to go on holiday to New Orleans with her ​​oldest son, Ryan, but not with Adam, who "preferred to stay home alone."
Efe, another friend of the mother, tell us that she said in one occasion she was "increasingly worried" about the situation of his youngest son, Adam.
Tim Dalton, a former partner of Adam, said that he had been very freaky since 5 years and in the social net of twitter, according to the New York Daily News newspaper, published "Despite this horrible sucess, I can not say I'm surprised "

This young murder had Asperger syndrome. He was "a little autistic." He suffered a personality disorder.



I think is impressive, as in a head of someone apparently so normal, can pass such a quantity of horrible things... to can make such disaster.

Moreover, the weapons were bought legally. The right to possession of arms is included in the U.S. Constitution. Fortunately, after this tragedy, the United States has reconsidered this right. United States has experienced an increased number of shootings this year. Agree with this information, I do not understand how there may be more than 300 million firearms there, and they continue to be manufactured. There is no control at state level, and also 73% of the population is against the illegalisation!

It is a shocking case, scary and horrible, but I hope at least something that serves the restructuring that Obama has to do in the law, to prohibit these terrorifics objects.


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