viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012


Steve Frayne borned 17 December of 1982 in Bradford, England whose neighbourhood was dangerous. When he was a child, his class’ patners launghed at him also he had the aid of Chron. With seven years his granddad proposed Steve to use the magic to get rid of bullies. Steve got remove the force of the patners. This was the first trick and today he continue doing.
In the playground, word spread and Steve borned Dynamo.  
He started to excercise with cards and he develop his effects to shuffle.
Dynamo need more and he introduce the Hip Hop in his live.

In 2000, with his friend Dan, they began to record his tricks in the street. Also he comed in parties to surprise celebrities and then uploaded the videos on social networks Facebook, MySpace y Twitter. The only way to became famous.  
The superstar who he will like surprise is Justin Bieber and make it disappear… « I don’t think he liked his fans (and Patricia) » say Dynamo on one occasion.

Actually Dynamo is in London, creating and news trick and doing his TV programm where he obtain walk on the river Thames. Because the magician think:  is more difficult to believe in times of crisis. « But that's me ».

Álvaro Romero Martínez.

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