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Medusa is the only mortal Gorgona, with lovely long hair, she liked it, but now he curses her beauty that has led to its current condition.
Some people say that Athena punished Medusa by pretend compete in beauty with her. But it was not, Medusa has never challenged.
All happened because Poseidon desired intensely to Medusa, he did not respect the temple of Athena, and he raped her with terrible violence.

Medusa begged to the goddess, but her statue, offended by having to witness the act her most dislike for being a virgin goddess, turned the Égida and covered the face´s Medusa.
And Athenea could not punish a god as powerful as Poseidon, and an offense against a goddess can not go unpunished,so she punished Medusa by transforming it into a horrible Gorgona.

Her hair became a tangle repugnant reptilians, teeth grew to protrude from her lips , her hands became bronze and grew gold wings, nothing comparable to the power that had its Gorgona´s look, who crosses his look with Medusa´s eyes is immediately transformed to stone.

Therefore the Gorgonas are condemned to the largest loneliness. How contact with someone without running the danger of petrifying? It's like being dead on that island, which is very close to Hades.

Medusa was filled of hope when she heard to Perseus, and pretended to sleep as her sisters, for a moment thought how wonderful it would be talk to him.
She trusted and did not feared any problem,because, How could he dodge her gaze?

Perseus by the advice of the goddess, had burnished his shield until became into a mirror and he looking at the image of Medusa reflected on it, he did his blow.
It was a clean cut, almost painless, and his soul went to Hades, but first she saw how by her neck sectioned her two sons were born: Pegasus and Chrysaor.


                                                                                         VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

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  1. Great story. Very interesting. Continue writing about mithology!!